Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Waiving Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Waving Child Support

There are many common questions divorce lawyer Edmonton gets. Particularly about child support payments. And one of them, is from parents wanting to know. Can they waive child support payments.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Sometimes is because. They understand that the other parent. Is going through financial difficulty. And they do not want to add to their financial distress. And in other cases, it is more selfish.

Such as a parent. That no longer wants to be involved. In their child’s life, and believe. That if they do not see their child. They do not have to pay child support. This is not true. Because it is considered their obligation.

To the life that they created says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That they financially support this life. As long as the life is requiring things like. Food, clothing and shelter. Many people believe that they are done paying child support.

When the child is eighteen years of age. And this is not true. While many parents do finish paying. When their child reaches the age of majority. And in Alberta, that is eighteen years of age.

However, parents may still be required. To pay child support if the child is enrolled. In postsecondary education. As well, if the child continues to require support. After they are eighteen years of age. Due to a physical or mental necessity.

Therefore, parents should not make the assumption. That they will be done paying child support. At eighteen years of age. The best thing, would be to consult with their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

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And ensure they are not only up-to-date with child support payments. But the courts have all their most current information. And the courts will let parents know. When child support no longer is required.

Another question that people have. Is wondering if they must pay child support. For extracurricular activities. Some parents think that the parent that pays child support. Is responsible for half of the extracurricular activities.

And some parents believe. That if they do not agree. The child should be in those activities. They do not have to pay. However, the answer is somewhere in the middle according to the laws.

Extracurricular activities are considered section 7 expenses. Where both parents must pay. But they will pay a percentage of their income. A stone what they can afford. If they can demonstrate that they are unable.

To pay anything additional. Or, if what they can pay additionally is a small amount. Then they will either pay that small amount or not at all. Therefore, the parent that is enrolling the child. Must make up the remaining amount.

And if both parents cannot afford the extracurricular activities together. Then that child just simply cannot be placed in that activity. What is also considered extracurricular activities. Is daycare, and day home expenses.

For any other questions, parents should contact e Law alliance. Not only will they get their first consultation for free. But it can help them figure out. What steps they must take.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Can You Waive Child Support Payments

It is very important says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That both parents understand child support payments. So that they can do what is legally required of them. The first thing that both parents need to understand.

Is that paying child support is a right that their child has. And it is an obligation that both parents have that child. That they will support them because they created life together.

Some parents believe that they can avoid paying child support. By not seeing the child. However, whether they decide not to. Or have no choice in the matter. They still are required to pay child support.

And in some sad circumstances says divorce lawyer Edmonton. A parent will try to avoid. Making child support payments, by fleeing the country. Whether they go to the states, or another country farther away.

They might believe that they do not have to pay child support. If they are in another country. With different laws. However, Canada has an agreement called a reciprocating jurisdiction. With hundreds of different countries, worldwide.

What a reciprocating jurisdiction is, is that both countries. Will uphold certain legal agreements, such as child support payments. And if a person flees the country, thinking that they will it out of having to pay.

They will discover that not only will the country that they move to. Will enforce that legal agreements. But if they fail to uphold that legal agreement. The country may punish them, at the fullest extent that there laws allow.

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Therefore, failure to pay child support. If someone flees to another country. Could result in a harsher punishment. Then if they simply stopped paying in Canada. Among some of the many countries. That have a reciprocating jurisdiction with Canada.

These countries include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia. As well as many different European countries. Such as Poland, Switzerland and Austria. Norway, Germany and other places.

Like various African countries, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Fiji and Singapore just to name a few. And many people may be wondering. What the penalties are. For failure to pay child for it in Canada.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says that falls under the jurisdiction. Of the maintenance program. Which is an agency in Alberta. Whose sole purpose is simply enforcing. Various child support orders.

They have a lot of authority to ensure they can enforce these orders. By being able to suspend drivers licenses, confiscate passports. In addition to garnishing wages, and seizing assets.

These things can be confiscated. Until a person pays child support. Or, they may never get their items back. The best thing to do says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is to not miss payments. And if they are in financial trouble.

Use their lawyer to apply to the courts. To permanently or even temporarily. Reduce or remove child support payments. Until their finances are in a much more stable position.

Therefore, people should understand. That paying child support is not an option. And they will be expected to pay. No matter where they go, or what they might do. To avoid having to take responsibility.