Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Vital Child Welfare Laws

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Vital Child Welfare Laws

Child welfare laws are there to protect the children says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And parents, or guardians who are being investigated. On child welfare accusations, should hire a great lawyer to represent them.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

There are many different ways that a child is considered legally to be in danger. Such as they become lost, they have run away. They have been temporarily or permanently abandoned by a parent or guardian.

Or, their parent or guardian might have died, leaving them with. No immediate parent or guardian, and requiring help in figuring out. Who the next person will be to care for the child.

However, a child who is in danger, might also be abused. Either sexually, physically or emotionally. They might be abused by a parent or guardian. Or, not protected from that abuse by their parent or guardian for any number of reasons.

It also covers children who are being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. And any citizen in Alberta. Who suspects that a child might be in danger. Is legally obligated to report it.

There are many places to report a child in danger. Such as to the city police, a local RCMP detachment. Or, directly to child and family services themselves. They work under the Alberta law, called the child youth family and enhancement act.

It covers not only all of the ways that a child may need help. But the best way to get the child that help, and the channels in which to do it. As well, child and family services are empowered by a great authority.

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To investigate these claims, through many different methods. Including entering a home unannounced, to see the state of the home. And the living area that the child is in. Interview the child in private.

Talk to the parents and guardians. As well as talk to any pertinent third parties. Including the child’s siblings, relatives. Teacher, babysitter and neighbours for example. After they have exhausted all of their options.

To investigate the claim. If they determine that they believe that yes, a child is in danger. And needs an intervention, they have many methods at their disposal to help that child.

Typically, they will try handling it out of court first. Because going to court can take a year. And in that time, if a child remains with the parents. They might continue to be abused says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Or, the child will be in provincial custody. Such as in a foster home, and separated. From their loved ones, for an extended period of time. Child and family services are mandated to try and do what is in the child’s best interest.

Rectifying the situation quickly. Is at the top of that list, however before parent signs any of the agreements. They should get independent legal advice. Such as from a divorce lawyer Edmonton, who is well-versed.

Not only in the family Law act of Alberta. But child welfare laws, including the child youth family and enhancement act. Once they have retained a great divorce lawyer Edmonton, parents or guardians can respond to the investigation. And do its best for the child, but also in their own best interest as well.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Vital Child Welfare Laws To Know

Parents who are under a child welfare investigation, needs to know a great divorce lawyer Edmonton. Such as the experts at the law alliance, in Edmonton.

The reason why, is because divorce lawyers are extremely knowledgeable in child welfare laws. Especially because divorces that involve children. Need to consider the rights of the child.

As well as the parental obligations to the life that they created together. Therefore, they are an extremely valuable resource. And can help parents navigate the legal world, after a child welfare investigation.

There are many ways that a child might be considered in danger. And if child and family services investigates, and deems that yes. The child does need an intervention, there are many tools of their disposal.

To get the child the help that they need, to no longer be in danger. The best way according to the child and family services. Is to ask the parent or guardian to sign an agreement.

That is essentially a roadmap on how to address the concerns. That are putting the child in danger. It will usually have a list of changes. That they request the parents or guardians to make. In order to minimize or eliminate the danger altogether.

There are varying degrees of severity in the agreements that they can present to the parents according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, before they sign anything. They should get independent legal advice.

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Simply because child and family services work for the government. And are not going to tell the parents. What is in their own best interest. But rather, will act on the best interest of the province.

As well, divorce lawyer Edmonton wants parents to know well in advance. That signing these documents are supposed to be voluntary. And, parents should not be bullied, pressured or coerced into signing them by any means.

There are custody agreements, that will remove the children from the parent or guardian custody. Until they live up to all of the expectations. Outlined in the agreement.

Family enhancement agreements, where parents can keep custody. While they make all of the changes that are requested by child and family services. This document usually contains requirements.

Such as family counselling, addiction therapy. And individual therapy, as well as parenting classes. Again, there will be repercussions. If the parent or guardian does not completely’s on a set timeline.

And finally, there is the permanent Guardian agreement. Removing the child, permanently from the parents or guardians custody. Regardless of which agreement parents have been given.

Finding a divorce lawyer Edmonton to represent them, and advise the situation. Can be invaluable, they can find out if they should be signing them. Or, if they will see child and family services in court, in order to have a judge decide ultimately.

If parents are looking for great legal help, they can contact the Law alliance, located in Edmonton. And receive a free hour consultation. In order to find out the best way to move forward.