Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Vital Child Welfare Laws


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Vital Child Welfare Laws

When child and family services, the police or RCMP get a complaint of a child in need says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They have the option of pursuing the matter outside the court, or within it.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Regardless of which way they decide to pursue the matter. A parent, at the heart of this investigation, or guardian. Should get legal advice from a trusted source. Such as a divorce lawyer Edmonton, because of their expertise.

In family law, that includes child welfare. According to the family Law act of Alberta. As well as the child youth family and enhancement act. Because they are incredibly knowledgeable about what the law says about the rights of children.

They will be able to help parents and guardians. Navigate the sometimes confusing legal system. In order to help correct the situation. All without damaging their family, and in fact making it stronger in the long run.

However, the first thing that parents and guardians need to understand. Is that what it means, when a child is considered to be in need of intervention. It means, that a child needs to be taken out of the dangerous situation.

Specific descriptions can be found within the child youth family and enhancement act, available to read for free online. From the CANLII library, however while parents and guardians can read up on this.

They may not be able to completely understand all of the legal speak used, which is the value. In hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton, such as the experts. At the law alliance, in Edmonton.

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Child in need of intervention, is one that a person will have reasonable or probable grounds. To believe that the safety, the security, and or the development of the child. Is endangered in any way, shape or form.

The act also specifies ways that a child may be in need of intervention. Such as being abandoned or lost, a parent or guardian who is deceased. And there is no other parent or guardian to take custody of the child at the moment.

Or, if a parent or guardian is unable, or unwilling to protect the child from physical injury, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse. Or if they themselves are the perpetrators of said abuse.

Once child and family services investigates. Using significant and broad authority. If they determine that a child is in need of intervention. They can intervene in two different ways, within the court system, and outside of it.

Acting outside the court is often preferable for this organization. Because they will be able to get results quickly. Without waiting for the often bogged down court system. Which often has a wait list of over a year just to get a trial.

They will propose an agreement in writing, that outlines all of the ways. That they would like the parent to rectify the situation. A parent is not legally obligated to sign this. And, upon discussing it with their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Can make that decision themselves. Or, feel it is in their best interest. To decline signing, and go to court. Parents who need help, can contact the experts, at the Law alliance today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Vital Child Welfare Laws To Know

While parents do not want to think of their child in need of intervention according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Children need help all the time in this province. Each is why there are robust child welfare laws.

And who better to help people navigate this sometimes confusing situation. Then a divorce lawyer, who is very familiar with child welfare laws. As they help parents navigate divorces and separations.

While maintaining their obligations to the child that they brought into the world. Divorce lawyer not only knows the family Law act of Alberta very well. But they also know the child youth family and enhancement act.

If a parent has been given a written agreement to sign. Of different ways that they can correct the situation. If their child has been found to be endangered. They should first review it with their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Will tell them first and foremost, that they are under no obligation. To sign the agreement at all. They will discuss whether it is in the parents best interest to sign. Usually based on what kind of agreement they been presented with.

There are family enhancement agreements, where the parent will maintain custody. Of the child, as they work through the requirements. That may include such things such as taking parenting courses.

Undergoing psychological counselling, or family therapy. Getting help with their addiction, domestic violence support and help. As well as submitting themselves to assessments, such as parenting assessments.

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But also psychological assessments or neurological assessments. They will have a timeline in which all of the requirements must be completed. And if they do not, there will be repercussions.

It is the least serious of all applications they can receive. The second one is called the custody agreement, which has the same type of requirements. However, the child will be in custody of Child and family services.

While the parent goes through the requirements. It is important says divorce lawyer Edmonton to note. That there is only a set number of days. That a child can remain in custody of the province.

Before that custody remains permanent, which means if a parent does not make it through all of the requirements. Then a set period of time, they will likely lose custody of their child.

And finally, they have the permanent Guardian agreement. Which essentially terminates the parental rights to their child. And denies them access on an ongoing basis.

Therefore, it is very important that parents understand thoroughly what the agreements are saying. And what the ramifications will be, if they decide to sign. Or, if they decide not to sign and try their luck in court.

Parents who are looking for an expert divorce lawyer Edmonton to help them should look no further than eLaw alliance. Who has a wide variety of expert lawyers, who will give great advice.

And help parents at every step of the process. Call today to book a consultation. To find out your rights, obligations and get representation today.