Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Vital Child Support Details

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Vital Child Support Details

Child support is highly misunderstood says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Which is often why hiring a great lawyer can be helpful. Can help parents understand why it must be paid. And how to do it properly.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

So that both parents can avoid legal problems. From misconceptions, that prevent them from paying it the way it should be paid. One of the first things that both parents need to understand.

Is that child support is mandatory. It is not something that the courts can change. It is the right of the life that they created. And brought into the world together, to continue to. Financially care for that life as long as it is required.

Because it is the right of another human being. No parent can decide. Or negotiate a way that right. Therefore, parents can avoid ending up in trouble. By understanding that it must always get paid, and on time.

Where the child lives is one of the first considerations. In child support payments. Typically, the parent who has access to the child. The lesser amount of time will be the one. Who pays child support.

However, it is more and more common. For both parents to share access of the children equally. In this case, it is written under section 9, called set off child support payments.

This calculation is slightly different. And many parents actually believe says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That they do not need to pay child support. If they both have equal access to the children from the relationship.

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This is incorrect says divorce were Edmonton. The higher income earner in this case. Will be the one that pays child support. The difference in income between the two parents. Will have a percentage applied to it, for each child.

And that and result will be the amount of child support. That the parent pays to the lower income earner. The reason why child support is mandatory, even when both parents share access equally.

Is because it is simply the legal mechanism. In which both parents will pay for. The life that they created, and say legally. That they are contributing to the necessities of life. Such as their food, their clothing and shelter.

Under no circumstances can apparent withhold child support. Or decide to stop paying it. Whether a parent has withheld access. Or a parent does not feel it is needed anymore says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

A common example of this is parents who believe. That child support stops when the child is eighteen years of age. A child who is enrolled in postsecondary education. Whether it is a trade school, a university or college. Can be entitled to receive child support payments.

Even after they become eighteen, and well into their mid-to-late twenties. As well, if a child is economically or otherwise dependent on one parent. They may in fact be entitled to child support payments indefinitely.

By understanding child support and child support laws. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents can avoid problems. That can ending up costing them significantly in the long run.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Vital Child Support Details For Parents To Know

While most parents have no problem with paying child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Many parents have many misconceptions about this legal mechanism. And they might end up in trouble, without realizing it.

One of the most important things. That both parents need to understand is that child support. Must always be paid. It is not something that parents can agree to stop paying. Or, withhold in order to penalize the other one.

Therefore, under no circumstances. Can child support stop, unless the court grants that right. Even parents who are on social assistance. Will still be entitled to receive child support payments.

However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says how child support is paid. Does change when one parent is on social assistance. The parent who pays, will give the money. To a government agency instead.

Until the other parent is no longer on social assistance. Another child support misconception is that it is only for the necessities of life. And things like daycare, or extracurricular activities are not covered under child support.

This is untrue, and in fact. Under section 7 of the divorce act. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. Specifies that child support will be paid. For these things, as long as both parents can afford it.

The parent will utilize their divorce lawyer to go to court. And request that the other parent contributes financially. Towards the extracurricular activities or the daycare for example.

And the judge will look at both parents finances and calculate. How much both parents should contribute to these additional expenses. If one parent cannot afford it for any reason. Then, they do not have to pay.

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It is also very important that parents understand. That if child support stops for any reason. It is likely going to trigger what is known as. The maintenance enforcement program.

Which is an agency in the province of Alberta, whose entire existence. Is for enforcing the link went to child support orders. They have significant authority. To enforce it by being able to suspend people’s drivers licenses.

Confiscate their passports, garnish their wages and even sees assets just to name a few things. If parents are unable to pay child support. They can utilize their divorce lawyer Edmonton to go to court. And let them know.

Of their financial hardship. And the judge may, or may not grant the right to reduce. Or temporarily stop child support payments. However, if a parent simply stops paying because they are no longer able to.

They will have a visit from the maintenance enforcement program. To avoid this, parents should be as communicative is possible with the court. With the help of their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

If parents would like help navigating the court system. Or have questions about child support, or anything else relating to divorce or separation. They can contact the experts at the Law alliance.

Not only is the first consultation absolutely free. That parents can retain a lawyer straight from that meeting. So that they do not have to navigate the legal system alone.