Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Using the Law to Protect Children

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Using the Law to Protect Children

The act that governs protecting children in the province of Alberta is called the child and youth family and enhancement act says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

And if anyone has any questions about this act, it can actually be found for free online. Where anyone can research, and find answers to questions that they might have. Regarding the welfare of children.

Because this is a very complex law, that covers a wide variety of government agencies. That are tasked with handling child welfare matters. It is often in a person’s best interest to hire a lawyer if they have questions.

Or, contacting many of the agencies across Alberta. That will have people getting free legal advice from different lawyers.

And if they are experiencing a situation where their child has been found to be needing intervention. It is very important that parents or guardians get independent legal advice.

However, what this child the youth family and enhancement act can also specify. Is what a child that is in need of intervention looks like. Or what it means.

Ultimately, the act specifies that if there is reasonable grounds to believe that the safety, security, or development of a child is compromised in any way. This is a child that is in need of intervention.

However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says many people are not sure what that intervention is. And that is something that is up to the child and family services to investigate and decide.

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If the government agency receives a complaint that someone believes the child needs intervention. It will launch an investigation. Where child and family services will investigate these complaints.

Despite what many people might think, this government agency has a lot of power when it comes to being able to investigate child welfare.

It will allow them to go into the child’s home, speak to the parents and guardians and the child as well. And it will also allow them to talk to any third-party person that they think might have information.

These people can include teachers, babysitters, and neighbours says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And the investigation can be as thorough as they need to come to the conclusion on whether that child needs intervention or not.

If the child does not need intervention, the investigation will conclude, and nothing will need to be done. However, if the child is in danger, or has their safety compromised. The intervention that is needed. Will be up to child a family services to decide.

They either can believe that it is serious enough, that they need to take custody of the child immediately, and force the issue to go to trial.

Or, more commonly. They can create an agreement called family enhancement agreement. That will specify what ways a parent or guardian needs to change or fix the situation. To restore the safety, security and development of that child once more.

Parents can either sign this document which then becomes legally binding. And completes those conditions in the time specified. In order to fix the solution and close the case.

Or, with the help of the lawyer, they can make amendments to the agreement. That will make them more comfortable signing the document.

Because of how serious the issue of child welfare is. Parents or guardians who are being investigated by child and family services. May want to get independent legal advice. Know what their rights are in this situation.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Using the Law to Protect Kids

Children are some of the most vulnerable people in society says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Each is why child welfare laws are so lengthy. So that the government has a lot of authority to protect these vulnerable people.

Children are unable to speak up or protect themselves sometimes. And this is why the child youth family and enhancement act in Alberta has specified.

That people who witness children in need of help. Not only should speak up. But are actually legally obligated to report the situation to the authorities.

When this happens, it will trigger an investigation by child and family services. That will allow them to discover if the child is in danger, and needs intervention or not.

If this is the case says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They must decide how serious the situation is. And if they should create an agreement that can help guide the parents to make the right decisions that will protect their children.

Or, if they think that a parent or guardian is unable or unwilling to comply with the agreement. It can automatically go to trial. Without any agreement at all.

In fact, if children are in enough danger. Child and family services can apply through the courts for an apprehension order.


This will be granted by a judge, after seeing the evidence that a child is in danger. And guardians and parents will not get notification that their child is being apprehended.

After authorities come in and take the child away, they will receive the documentation proving why this was necessary. I what their next steps are.

And while the child welfare case will go to court. There will be a trial first of all, to determine if that child was in fact in that much danger. And who should have custody of the child while awaiting trial.

Since trial can take several months to a year. This can be extremely important to decide. And they can either go to trial in order to decide who gets custody. Whether it is child and family services. Or the parents are going to argue that they should have custody of the child.

However, if parents simply agree that child and family services can have custody of their child all waiting trial says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They can skip the trial to figure out who has initial custody. And simply go to waiting for their trial dates.

When the issue of the child welfare case goes to trial. Parents and guardians will be able to present evidence and argue their case in front of the judge.

And while child and family services will be doing the same. The recommendation from their independent legal advice. Will be to ask parents and guardians to be complying with what child and family services want from them.

As what is outlined in their supervision order or temporary guardianship order. So that by the time it gets to trial. Parents can prove that they are willing to comply. Because they already have.

While child welfare trials are extremely serious. Often, parents can end up doing the right thing to protect their children. And ultimately, protecting the children is what the child and family services agency is for.