Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Urgent Child Welfare Laws

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Urgent Child Welfare Laws

The government takes the safety of children very seriously according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. And divorce lawyers would know this, especially because as parents divorce or get separated.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

They have to deal with child welfare issues. In fact, that is the entire reason behind child support, and child access laws. To ensure both parents are financially contributing. To the life that they created together.

Which, by law is the right of the child. Child support is simply the mechanism. To ensure the rights of the child are upheld, therefore divorce lawyer Edmonton is well-versed not only in the family Law act of Alberta.

But also in the child youth family and enhancement act. When child and family services receives a complaint. From someone who believes a child is in danger.

They must take it seriously, and investigate it to the fullest capacity at their disposal. This can include entering into the home. Unannounced, in order to investigate. The claims of a child in danger.

Looking at the living conditions, the bedroom. And all of the other rooms, as well as the state of the house. They also have the authority to interview the parents, guardians. As well as the child, in privacy.

And all pertinent third parties, like the siblings of the child. Their extended family, like grandparents, aunts and uncles. As well as people who may be witnesses, such as neighbours, teachers and friends.

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If after their extensive investigation, child and family services determines. That yes, child was in danger. They have two courses of action that they can take. To correct the situation.

The most favourable situation, is to propose a written agreement, which are voluntary to sign says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, when a parent has received one from this agency, they should immediately contact their lawyer.

So that they can first understand the content of the agreement. As well as understand the ramifications that it holds. Sometimes, even though they are not allowed to. Child and family services may tell the parents that they have to sign it.

Bullying parents, or coerce them in any other ways. However, parents can say no. If they do say no, then the case will go to court. Where a judge will make the decision. And if child and family services determines.

That the child is in enough danger. They may file an apprehension order. Which is to take custody of the child, in advance of the trial. There lawyer can also help them with this. Arguing in front of the judge.

That the child should remain in the parents custody. And if the judge agrees to take the children away. Divorce lawyer Edmonton can help the parents appeal that decision. Ideally, in the several months up to a year.

Of waiting for the trial. The parent can correct the issues outlined in the agreement. So that when the judge finally sees the case. There will be nothing to decide, and the case can be dismissed.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Urgent Child Welfare Laws To Know

Nobody wants to hear about a child who is in need of intervention according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, there are significant laws in Alberta. To protect children in many different capacities.

In fact, one of the best types of lawyers. That can help parents, any child welfare case. Is a divorce lawyer Edmonton, as they are use do. Upholding the rights of the child. And holding parents to the obligation of.

Caring for the life that they created with their ex spouse. In the form of visitation, access and child support payments. Not only will the lawyer be well-versed in the family Law act of Alberta.

But they will also be well-versed in the child youth family and enhancement act. Both have overlapping laws, dealing with various aspects of child welfare. Including, but not limited to descriptions of children who will need intervention.

For example, a child who is in need of intervention, will have reasonable or probable grounds to believe. That the safety, the security and or the development of that child. Is endangered in any way at all.

Therefore, anyone who witnesses a child. That they suspect may need help. They are obligated by the child youth family and enhancement act. To report it, either to the RCMP, the police. Or two one of the many agencies that make up the child and family services organization.

However, while that is a very broad description of a child that needs help. There also some very specific ways lined in the law according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. That a child will need help.

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Such as if they have been abandoned temporarily. For example, the parent will leave them at home unattended. When they are too young to care for themselves, while they go out to the bar, casino.

Or leave town for the weekend, or longer. The child might even be lost, for example, taking the wrong Street home. And now they do not know where they are. And need help getting home.

They also might need help, such as intervention. If they put away from home. Or if one of their parents or guardians has died. And they do not have another parent or guardian to take custody of them at the moment.

If a child is neglected by parent or guardian, if there is danger of physical abuse, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse. Even if the parent or guardian is not the one who is abusing them. But they are unwilling, or unable to help them.

Be protected from this abuse. And finally, cruel and unusual punishment makes up the last specificity of abuse. That a child may need intervention from. If parents are at the centre of a child and family services investigation.

They should contact divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to help them understand. The actions against them, and how they can proceed. Ultimately, everyone’s goal is to get the child out of danger.

So that they can live a happy life, with their parent or guardian. Parents would like help with this, should contact the Law alliance, in Edmonton for free consultation today.