Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Urgent Child Support Details

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Urgent Child Support Details

Child support is often confusing, which is why hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Can be one of the best things that a parent does. Parents do not even need to be divorcing. Simply separating, and it can be a great investment.Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Child support is the legal mechanism. To ensure that both parents are positively contributing. To the financial well-being of the child. Each is considered, legally at least. To be the right of the child.

Child support is broken down into three different sections. Section 3, or expenses that cover. Food, clothing and shelter. If the parents are not sharing equal access to the children.

How this child support is calculated. Is by looking at which parent has access lasts. The parent that has the least amount of access. Will be the one that pays child support. To offset the expense.

Of providing the food, clothing and shelter. On a greater amount of time. However, if any of this changes. Such as the income level of apparent. Or who has access what percentage of time.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents can simply petition the court. To change the child support amount owed. Based on the changes. Section 7 expenses. Are the child support expenses.

That are going to go towards things that are not immediate necessities. Such as food, clothing and shelter. They will pay for things such as extracurricular activities.

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A sports team, a music or dance lesson. Just to name a few things. Section 7 expenses says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Will also go towards. Child care expenses, such as daycare, or a day home.

Finally, the third and last child support section. Are called section 9 expenses. Also called set off child support. This is the child support that is calculated. If parents share access equally.

Child support is calculated slightly different. Rather than a percentage of the income. Of the person who has access lasts. Since they share access. It is the difference between both parents income.

And a percentage of that amount. Again, divorce lawyer Edmonton says they cannot stress this enough. That any time anything changes. Whether it is where the children are living. Who has access more or less.

And if the income changes. Then they will have to inform the court. In order to change the child support orders. Child support is not considered by the court to be punitive in nature.

Instead, it just a way that parents can ensure they are caring for the child. Because it is not punitive, if changes are needed. The court system is more than happy to oblige. As long as everyone is kept in the communication loop.

Even if parents have a financial hardship. For a temporary time. They are going to be able to inform the court. And often get a break. And how much child support. And when they have to pay for a small amount of time.

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Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Urgent Child Support Details For You

It’s very important, according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. That parents who are unfortunately going through either. A divorce or a separation with children. That they find out the laws they must adhere to.

The reason is because that while yes. Individuals who are divorcing or separating have rights that must be upheld and obligations to each other. The most important reason is quite simple. They also have obligations to the children in the relationship.

In fact, it is the right of children to have both parents. Positively contribute to their life, at least financially. When both parents are together, and live with their children. This is assumed both parents are doing just that.

However, when parents separate, it’s less clear. And child support, says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is the legal mechanism the court system in Alberta uses. To ensure both parents are contributing financially to their children’s lives.

It’s also worth noting, according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. That it is also the child’s right to have. As much access to both parents as much as possible. Therefore, parents must be very cognizant of these facts.

And avoid interfering with the child’s inalienable rights. To have that financial support and access. It is also the reason why child support must always be paid. And parents cannot enter into an agreement with each other.

Where they will agree not to pay or collect child support. Because it is the right of the child. Another thing parents should keep in mind with child support. Is that even if one parent does not see the child, of their own choice or not.

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They are still legally obligated to pay child support. Even if a parent unfortunately decides to walk away from the child’s life. And gives up their parental rights legally, that will not get them. Out of paying child support in any way, shape or form.

Therefore, if a parent withholds access, this does not give. The other parent the right to withhold child support. And the opposite is also true, according to the divorce lawyer Edmonton at eLaw Alliance.

If a parent withholds access or child support. The other parent should contact the court to take legal action. Instead of acting punitively themselves. This is the case of two wrongs not making a right.

If parents would like help navigating the legal world. They should seek legal representation so that they know their rights. But also their obligations. They can also have someone who is willing to represent them in the court system.

Whether they are getting a divorce. And therefore need to appear within the Court of Queen’s Bench. Or if they are separating or only dealing with issues of child access and child support, and will only appear in provincial court.

In fact, the laws surrounding both child support and access. Are identical whether the couple has been legally married. Common law, or were never legally a couple at all. By understanding this, parents can navigate these legal issues sensitively.

The sooner parents get professional legal help on their side, the better. Hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton from eLaw Alliance. They can offer you a free initial consultation to get started today.