Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding the Family Law Act


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding the Family Law Act

The family Law act is the set of laws governing parents who are separating and there are children involved says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because even though there is not a legal marriage.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

It still means that the rights of the child must be upheld. Which is why there are so many laws surrounding this. And it is very important that both parents understand what those laws are.

And while the family Law act is available to read for free online. Nothing truly can help a person who is not a lawyer understand laws. Therefore, finding a lawyer to represent them. Can help ensure that they know what their obligations are.

They are going to have a lot of very important decisions to make in a very short amount of time. Including custody, parenting time, and things like child support payments.

And it is very important that parents both understand what all of these terms are referring to. So that they can make important decisions carefully, thoughtfully and legally.

While many parents assume that custody refers to who has the child living with them. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says this is actually not true. Custody only refers to the decision-making authority.

Therefore, joint custody refers to both parents deciding on behalf of the child. And sole custody refers to one parent making the decision. And the decisions that they are going to be making when they have custody.

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Include large decisions about the child’s upbringing. Such as where they will live, where they will go to school. Even who they will associate with, and what their cultural or religious upbringing will be.

The next term that parents should get familiar with. Is what parenting time refers to. This is the amount of time that each parent will spend with the child. Whether they live together with the child.

Or if one parent’s parenting time is simply evening visits for example. Understanding parenting time is important. Because who has more parenting time than the other. Will dictate who pays child support.

And this is where parents should learn what the child support is. This is considered by law. The right of the child. That both parents that created that child. Continue to financially contribute to that child’s life.

Even if they do not see the child, either because they do not want to. Or because they are not allowed access. They still are obligated to financially contribute to that life they created.

And so the parent that has less parenting time. Is going to be the parent that pays child support. Because the parent that has the child more often. Is it bearing a larger financial burden.

So the other parent will pay a percentage of their income. In order to financially contribute to the life that they brought into this world says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

If either parent stops paying child support that they owe their child. They can end up in a lot of trouble legally. Because the courts will take the child’s rights seriously, and more important than the rights of the parents.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding The Albertan Family Law Act

It can be very difficult when parents decide to end their relationship says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And while there are large decisions that they need to make together. About the life of their child.

This can already be hard, because there are so many hurt feelings. Which is the reason why they are separating in the first place. This is often why they should hire a lawyer independently.

Is because the lawyer is going to help them not only understand their rights and legal obligations. But the lawyer is going to help them communicate to the other party. In a way that removes emotion.

So that the communication can be civil, and even cooperative. Ultimately, the goal of the court will be to have what ever is in the best interest of the child. And they consider what is in the best interest of the child.

To be as much contact with both parents as possible. And if parents cannot reach an agreement together. The decisions that they need to make will go before a judge.

Which will end up with the judge making a decision that they think is in the best interest of the child. But may not be. Because only the parents truly know what is in the best interest of their child.

Therefore, to ensure that they are coming to a decision that they know is better than a decision a stranger can make. They need to learn how to cooperate and make decisions together.

In fact, divorce lawyer Edmonton says when they have a child. They are going to have to communicate and cooperate with each other for the rest of the life of their child.

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Especially if they have joint custody, which refers to both parents making the decisions about their child together. And when there is child support payments involved.

It is going to be much easier if parents are communicating and cooperating with each other. So for the sake of the child. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they should practice being civil to each other during their separation.

They will need to make joint decisions together. Such as who is going to take the child on a vacation. And if they leave the province, or even the country.

They will need to get express written permission from the other parent. However, if one parent wants to leave the province permanently. Such as they have gotten a new job in a different place.

If the other parent that has joint custody refuses to allow that child to leave. There is very little that the parent can do to convince the other one to let them leave.

A parent can apply to the courts in order to allow a judge to let them move. And when judges decide on these mobility applications as they are called. They are going to make their decision based on what is in the best interest of the child.

Which typically is maximum contact on the half of the child’s to both parents. But also, considering the connection between both parents and the child.

It can be very hard when a relationship ends. But when there are children involved. Parents need to act responsibly. To ensure they are meeting the rights of their children.