Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding the Divorce Act

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding the Divorce Act

One of the first things that parents who are divorcing should do, is contact to their own divorce lawyer Edmonton. So that they can ensure that they are acting within the law.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The reason why, is because the law is going to be very specific. When it comes to the rights of the child. And that if they do not uphold these rights and obligations. They can end up in a significant amount of legal trouble.

One of the first things that they are going to have to figure out together. Is who is going to have custody of the child. They can either have joint custody, or sole custody.

And while the courts will want to see both parents being as involved in the child’s life as possible. There may be specific reasons where a parent will want to have sole custody of their child.

And before parents start arguing about this. They need to understand the difference between custody and parenting. Custody of the child refers to decision making authority.

Whereas parenting refers to the time spent with the child. The parent who has more parenting time with the child is not the one that is considered to have more custody than the other.

The reason why this is the first decision. Is because if one parent has sole custody. They alone will decide where the child lives. And whether they have input from the other parent or not, is not required.

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The parents that has custody will decide where their children go to school, where they will live. As well as who they will associate with, what religious or cultural upbringing they will have.

Therefore, if both parents share joint custody. That means they must decide together the answers to these questions. Including who will have the child on a day-to-day basis. And who will have them the rest of the time.

While it is very common for parents to split up the parenting of their children. Between who has the children during the week. And then who has the children on the weekend.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says it is now more common for parents to break up parenting time with their children differently. Including two weeks at one house and two weeks at the other.

However, the parent that has more parenting time. Will have the child support payments paid to them. And in a situation where one parent does not have any more parenting time.

They still need to figure out with their divorce lawyer. Which parent will pay child support. And often, the parent that earns the most money will pay child support.

Understanding the complexities of divorce law is very difficult. Which is why both parties will need to have their own divorce lawyer Edmonton. That they can ensure that not only are they acting within the rights of the law. But they are meeting their own obligations that they are required by the very same laws.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding The Alberta Divorce Act

It is very important that parents understand what the divorce act is says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because these are going to be the laws that they follow if they and up divorcing.

However, if parents are not legally married. And they are deciding to end the relationship. It is the family Law act in Alberta that they need to be aware of.

Both of these acts are available to read for free online. So that parents can start to be informed. If they are talking about ending their relationship together.

Although it can be very difficult to read laws online. And understand what they mean unless people are lawyers. Which is why it is important to retain their own divorce lawyer.

Because they will be able to help people understand not only what their rights are by law. But what their obligations are by law as well. And when there are children involved.

The rights of the children will come first in the eyes of the court. Therefore, both parents need to act accordingly. To avoid ending up in trouble legally.

It may be very difficult for parents to communicate with each other when they are divorcing or separating. Which is why hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton can be helpful.

Because they can communicate with the other lawyer. So that even when emotions are running high. They do not end up saying things that they do not mean, or could put their case in jeopardy.

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One of the most important rights of the child that is going to be outlined in both the family Law act of Alberta. As well as the divorce act of Alberta is child support.

The court considers child support as the right of the child. And that both parents must financially contribute to the life that they both created together. Whether or not they have anything to do with that child any longer.

This is why if a parent says they do not want to see their child at all. They still have to pay child support by law. And the way they figure out who pays child support and how much.

Is by who has the parenting time with the children for a longer period of time. Is going to get the child support payments. Because they are already bearing a larger financial burden. By having the child live with them.

Therefore, the parent that has less parenting time. Will pay a percentage of their income to their ex-spouse every single month. If they are unable to pay for any reason. They should not only contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

But also contact the court. So they can inform the legal authorities of what is going on. So that they do not end up getting into trouble with the courts because they are not meeting the obligations to their child.

There are many things that parents need to keep in mind when they are separating or divorcing and there are children involved. But knowing the laws are going to be how they ensure they follow them correctly.