Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Laws About Child Welfare


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Laws About Child Welfare

Most parents or guardians are never going to need to deal with the child and family services says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, this agency exists. Because children across the province need help.

There is in fact a rather large grouping of laws. That actually cover child welfare in this province. And collectively, these laws are called the child youth family and enhancement act.

The laws within this act, specify that any child. Who is in need of intervention. Must have their case brought to the attention. Of the child and family services organization.

While there are many different branches of the government. Throughout the different municipalities in Alberta. Whether they share the same name or not. They are collectively known as a group. As child and family services.

And anyone who has a complaint. Or a concern about the child. Who is in need of intervention. And the child and family services organization. Is then legally obligated. To investigate the claim. To the fullest extent of their capabilities.

However, some people may not know. What a child in need of intervention looks like, says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Essentially, a child that is being abused by a parent or guardian.

Or, if that child is being abused. By somebody other than their parent or guardian. But their parent or guardian is unable. Or, for other reasons. Unwilling to stop the abuse. Such as they are being abused themselves.

This child would be considered, in need of intervention. The types of abuse as outlined in. The child youth family and enhancement act includes. Physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse.

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Also, cruel and unusual punishments. And, situations where the child is abandoned. Or somehow separated from their parents. Such as they ran away from home. Or even if they got lost by accident.

As well, the law covers scenarios. Where the parents or guardians have passed away. And the child needs help. Getting into another home. Whether it is staying with relatives. Or the solution is.

The child will stay in foster homes for example. In fact, Alberta takes child welfare so seriously. That the child youth family and enhancement act specifies. That any child who is in need of intervention.

Failure to bring them to the attention of the authorities. Will result in charges being brought. Against the adults who knew something. Or suspected something was going on. And did not say anything.

Once there is a complaint. And child and family services is investigating it. If the investigation turns up any concerns. The organization can deal with it in courts. Or outside of court, with written agreements.

Ultimately, divorce lawyer Edmonton suggests. That any parent or guardian. Currently being investigated. By child and family services. Or who has an agreement. From child and family services.

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Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Welfare Laws For Children

The laws in Alberta that are designed to protect children, says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Are extremely robust, and written in a way. To ensure the most vulnerable people in our society, our children. Are always taken care of.

The laws governing child welfare in Alberta. Is the child youth family and enhancement act. Can be found for free online. At nonprofit organization CANLEE website. Not only can people read the law for free.

But uncannily, there are ways. Also, to get advice from lawyers for free. Anyone who is facing a child welfare issue. Should perhaps read up on the laws. Or at the very least. Get a consultation about the situation.

Ultimately, child and family services have two ways. That they can deal with child welfare issue. If they suspect that the parents or guardians. Want to make things right. And they have the ability to.

However, child and family services can write up. And agreement, that may be called a custody agreement. Also, a family enhancement agreement. Or something called a permanent Guardian agreement.

Again, these agreements must be voluntarily signed. However, once signed. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says the contents within them. Become legally binding. As well as the terms of all of the agreements.

The agreements can ultimately contain parenting courses. The parents or guardians must unquestionably take. As well as necessary counselling child and family services believe. Is the most beneficial to the situation.

Furthermore, such as psychological counselling, addictions counselling. Or counselling for domestic violence. They can specify a parent or guardian needs to get help. For their addiction issue.

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However, a parent can refuse to sign an agreement. Or child and family services may simply. Believe that the situation is to far gone. And the next best step. Would be taking people to court.

Once a court date is triggered, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. Also, that child and family services must file. An apprehension order, if they believe. Finally, that the child should not stay.

Also, in the parents or guardians custody. While waiting for the court date happened. Finally, this can be very significant says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Simply because the court date may take weeks, months worry a year.

However, once they file the apprehension order. Both parties will be able opportunity. To argue their side in courts. Where the judge will issue a ruling. Of what they think is best for the child.

It should also be noted, that people should understand. That if the child is ultimately over twelve years of age. The judge definitely will want to hear. Directly from the child. In addition to the parent or guardian testimony. And secondly the testimony. Of all important witnesses. Again, the children over 12. Will definitely have their own legal counsel.

Additionally, once the apprehension order is dealt with. The next step is child and family services deciding. What substantial application they are going to make. Which means what action they are asking the judge.

Finally, rule on, in the court date. Once the substantial application is filed. The parents or guardians get notified. And must wait until the court date. Even if it is weeks. Or mopnths away.