Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Child Welfare

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Child Welfare

No one wants an investigation says divorce lawyer Edmonton. By child and protective services. Unfortunately, it is a very real possibility. For parents and guardians throughout the province of Alberta.Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Child and family services refers to. The government branch. Ultimately responsible to investigate. And correct any situations. That involve child welfare concerns. In addition to allegations of child abuse.

Once a complaint is made. Child and family services is obligated to investigate. To the fullest extent of their capabilities. They have broad powers investigate thoroughly.

Once they have completed their investigation. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says their option. Is to ultimately go to court. In order to correct the situation. This is usually reserved for very serious cases.

Or, they can propose changes. Written up in a custody agreement. Alternatively called a family enhancement agreement. Or thirdly, a permanent guardian agreement.

While child and family services. Present this agreement. As a potential solution to the problem. Child and family services are also not able. To threaten, coerce of otherwise force. A parent or guardian to sign this

Therefore, they may ultimately refuse. To sign the document. Or to even propose changes. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents. Need independent legal advice. Before ultimately signing anything. From this government agency

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However, while this is sometimes ultimately easy. To deal with, it’s not always the case. It’s necessary for parents and guardians. To fully understand the situation. The ramifications within the agreement.

And indeed to understand their rights. In addition to their obligations. To their children and child and family services. Finally, to the Alberta government. Failure to accomplish tasks outlined.

However the agreement. May trigger court dates. In addition to an apprehension order. Moreover, a permanent guardianship order. Which ultimately strips a parents rights. Away from them permanently. This is why fully understanding the document is. Without a doubt necessary.

With the help of a lawyer. Who will look over it. Is of paramount importance. When people are given a custody agreement to sign. And clearly need help. There are hundreds of different lawyers across Alberta.

Who are ready and able to provide legal advice for free. As well as legal aid Society, and can leave. An online organization. That gives legal advice for free. Once parents completely understand the agreement.

Either with or without their lawyer. They can either agree to sign it. Which upholds the agreement. Alternatively they can propose changes. Or they can refused to sign it completely. If they refused to sign it.

The next step, is that a court date. Is automatically triggered. However, if the case is severe. Of the child welfare issue. Lawyers say that child and family services. Will file an apprehension order.

This can only be granted by a judge. And it legally allows. Child and family services to apprehend a child. Out of the home, in preparation of the court date. Before the child is seized. The parents will get notice. That an apprehension order is filed. So that they can prepare their legal defense. Before the judge ultimately decides.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Welfare For Kids

Child welfare issues are serious says divorce lawyer Edmonton. The government agrees. And the government agency. Tasked to protect children. Is child welfare in Alberta. Is called child and family services.

Indeed, there are actually. Dozens of different organizations. Throughout many different Alberta municipalities. However, there are too many to mention in an article. They are collectively known. As child and family services.

They importantly do the same function. No matter what municipality they are in. In addition to the specific name they use. They are designed says divorce lawyer Edmonton. To investigate, and confront.

Concerns of child welfare issues. In the province of Alberta. If a person suspects. That a child is clearly abused. First physically, secondly emotionally, or subsequently sexually. It is their responsibility to say something.

And importantly whenever a concern. In addition to a complaint is lodged. About a child welfare issue, child and family services. Automatically addresses the situation. By conducting a full investigation.

Therefore, once there investigation is concluded. And the conclusion is that a child needs intervention. They can either handle it through an agreement. That a parent or guardian can sign on the spot.

That typically deals with the many different issues. For example that put the child at risk. However, if child and family services believe. The issue is serious enough. That parents will not be likely.

To absolutely change on their own. As also outlined in an agreement. They pursue the issue. In a court of law. Where parents and family law agents. Ultimately argue their sides says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

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And ultimately have a judge. Will rule definitively. On what eventually happens with the parents. Especially what indeed happens to the child. If a parent refuses to sign an agreement. Or if the child and family services leave.

Without a doubt, if the situation is dire enough. They may obviously go to court. However the first step is. Definitely child and family services applying. For an apprehension order. They will also ask a judge to decide.

On where the children can live. While the child welfare issue must wait. To ultimately be heard. In a court of law. In addition, the child and family services worker. And the parent may. Plead their case before a judge.

And the judge will make the decision. On where the child shall live. Before the court date happens. Based on the judge’s opinion. To believe what is best for the child. Such as staying with other family members. Or stay in a foster care home or facility.

Firstly, once the apprehension order. Is therefore obtained, or not. Secondly, the next step. Is from child and family services. Toi ultimately figure out. What substantive application to make. Which is essentially, deciding.

What they ultimately want the judge to rule on. They ultimately have three options. Firstly, a supervision order. Which allows the parents. To indeed make their changes. While keeping the child at home.

But ultimately, a temporary guardianship order. Or alternatively, a permanent guardianship order. If any parents or guardians deal with. Child welfare issues, they should contact. Their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Immediately for a free consultation.