Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Child Support Laws

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Child Support Laws

Child support laws can be confusing admits divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, that does not excuse any parent. From paying this extremely important amount. It is not a payment to the other parent.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Like many people assume. They often do not want to pay child support. Because they do not want to give. The person that they are ending a relationship with. Any money, no matter why they are required to give it.

And often, people make the assumption. That child support is a payment. To the spouse to help them financially. But this is not the truth at all. According to divorce lawyer Edmonton, and the two Law act’s.

In Alberta that deal with child support. The divorce act, and the family Law act. Outlines that child support. Is in fact a right of the child. That both parents financially support them for their formative years.

Therefore, they should think of it less. As financially supporting their ex-spouse. And more like financially supporting the life they created. There are many different types of child support. From child support for parents.

Who have access to the children less often. Then the other parent. For example, one parent who has the children. During the week, while the other. Has children on the weekend.

Child support is calculated here. By percentage of the income. Of the parent who has access less. They will pay a percentage of their total income. To the other parent, in order to even the amount of money.

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That both parents are supporting the child for. The parent who has more access to the child. Is considered to have a higher financial burden to bear. Which is why the parent who has them less.

Must pay child support. A common misconception says divorce lawyer Edmonton. With this particular type of child support. Is that if the parent who has more access. Makes more money, then child support does not need to be paid.

This is incorrect. And regardless of who makes more money. The person who has the child less time. Will pay a percentage of their overall income. This is to ensure both parents. Our contributing financially to their child.

Another misconception is that parents. Who share equal access. Do not have to pay child support. This is again not true. And if they have equal access. Child support will be calculated. As per section 9 in the Law act’s.

That specifies the difference between the two parents income. Will be calculated, and then a percentage. Of that difference, while be the child support. That the person who makes more money.

Will pay, to offset the expense. Of raising the child. While this might be confusing. Divorce lawyer Edmonton is going to be more than happy. To help parents understand. All they have to do is set up an appointment.

At the law alliance, consultations are free. And can help parents either understand what they need to do. Or, they can retain a lawyer from there. So they have proper representation.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Child Support Laws In Alberta

Child support laws in Alberta are straightforward says divorce lawyer Edmonton. The only reason there are common misconceptions. Is that people have not got the correct information. From the correct sources initially.

A common misconception. Is that parents can avoid child support. By leaving the country. This is in fact, more common. Then many people realize. And if a parent is not originally from Canada.

Or, if they are from Canada. But they work outside of the country. They may believe. That they can simply leave Canada. And avoid paying child support. Fortunately, parents who leave the country.

Can still be held legally responsible. To pay the child support that they are required to. This is because Canada has what scald. A reciprocating jurisdiction. With many other countries in the world.

What a reciprocating jurisdiction is according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that with these countries, Canada and the other country. Will uphold certain legal agreements for each other. Such as child support for example.

Therefore, if a person leaves the country. The country with the reciprocating jurisdiction with Canada. Will uphold those legal agreements. And hold them legally responsible. To uphold them in the country.

Countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom. Australia, Barbados, Czech Republic. Even faraway places like Fiji, South Africa, Singapore and Poland.

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Even European countries like Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Germany. And even small countries like New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. Are all reciprocating jurisdictions with Canada.

If they leave Canada. While there is an active child support act. That they must pay, those countries will make sure. That the parent will pay child support. And if not, they will succumb. To the legal punishment in that country.

Another misconception with child support. Is that it can financially apparent. If they lose their job. Or have to get a new job. Or they are paying less money. This is not true at all.

And can be one of the reasons. Why people are so afraid to pay child support. It is not considered a punishment for parents. Therefore, it is very easy. To reduce the amount of child support. That a parent pays.

When their circumstances change. They can hire divorce lawyer Edmonton. And go to court to inform the judge. That their circumstances, and income has changed. So that they can get their child support amount reduced.

And in the cases of apparent. Who makes a lot of commission. Or, commission and or tips. Makeup most of their income. They can actually have a child support agreement. Where they pay, based on their fluctuating income.

If parents want more information about this. All they have to do is call the Law alliance for their free consultation. By talking to a lawyer. They can find out exactly what they need to know.

And ensure that they are paying for the life that they helped create. The sooner they know the facts. The sooner they can move on with the rest of their life.