Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Chambers Dates

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Understanding Chambers Dates

Nobody gets married, thinking they will get a divorce according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, half of all Canadian marriages. And up this way, and therefore. Divorces need to happen.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Most of the time, people have never been through the situation before. And end up thinking. That they need to hire a lawyer. And a lot of the time, that is a good option. However, not always necessary.

As well, it is not always necessary. For people to hire a lawyer. To start the process. Especially if both parties. Are in agreement of the terms. If there are no children involved. Or, no property either.

People can simply go to court. With their and get there documents filed. Serve the other party, and show up in court. Telling the justice that they agree to the terms. However most times.

Both people are unhappy. And they are not able. To agree to any terms. Especially when it comes to property and children. Therefore, they want a divorce. But are not in agreement of the terms.

They do not need to have come to an agreement. Before filing says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, it can help speed things along. Even if people are in agreement of what should happen.

It still going to take several court dates. And waiting weeks, or longer. For their court date, and a resolution. From the justice, however. If people are not in agreement it will take longer.

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Once someone has filed, and served the other party. They will have a court date triggered. In this first court date is called a chambers dates. It is a time for each person to appear. Before the judge and explain.

What decision they want and why. However, it is not going to be a long, or in-depth process. Because they are going to be thirty, to forty other people. Waiting to get before the judge. People should expect.

About five, or ten minutes total for their case. Therefore, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. People should be very well versed in their situation. And be prepared to say very concisely what they want.

As well as why. They should also bring their documents. Including a copy for the justice. Because despite the fact. That people will have filed this information with the court.

The judge, or justice will not have that copy. Because the have thirty or forty other people. That might have documents as well. When people bring their own documents, they can hand a copy to the justice.

Who can refer to any important parts. They should then ensure that they have both documents, clearly labelled and organized. So that they can concisely say their piece. In five minutes or less.

So that the justice can assess. And figure out the best place for people to go next. In order to escalate their situation. And hopefully, help them get the divorce that they are looking for.

There are several stages that they can escalate to. So that they can hopefully. Come to an agreement. Before it gets to a trial.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Comprehending Chambers Dates

It takes several tries to have a day in court says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Even though when people file their court documents. And have served the other party. They think that they are going to be appearing in court.

To argue in front of the judge. Which way they should be ruling. But this is not what is going to happen at all. What will happen, is a quick five minute chat. In order to figure out where the parties should go.

In order to figure out the situation. Since most people who are getting a divorce. Have a hard time communicating. And an even harder time agreeing. Some of the options on where the justice asks them to go.

Is designed to help them come to. An agreement with each other, about the terms of their divorce. It is even more contentious. If people have property. And even more contentious when children are involved.

However, divorce lawyer Edmonton cautions people. To ensure that they understand. That no matter how much they are upset with their former partner. That swallowing their pride and compromising.

Is going to end up with a better outcome. Then asking a judge to decide in most cases. Simply because a judge is a stranger to the situation. And a stranger to their family, and no matter how fair they try to be.

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Or if they are acting in the child’s best interest. Nobody knows that child the way their parents do. And they are in the best position. To be able to say what is best for their children.

As well, people need to understand. That if they cannot come to an agreement together. And the justice makes a decision. That decision is legally binding. And even if they do not like it. And would have preferred a different compromise.

They are powerless to compromise at this point. Since the justices decision. Will become immediately active. And legally binding. Therefore, before it gets to trial. They will exhaust all of their options.

Trying to come to an agreement. Each step, more serious than the last. Trying to encourage. Both parties to come up with a compromise. That they can both agree to. The first step is called an EICC.

Which stands for an early intervention case conference. This allows both parties to sit down. With the justice for an hour and a conference room. Where they will hopefully, be able to better explain.

What decision they want, and why. The justice will try to resolve the matter. And now court orders will be made. From this conference, unless both parties. Consent to the agreement being made.

This is just the first step. In escalating matters to hopefully. Get both parties to agree upon. The terms of their divorce. Once both parties agree, then they can avoid a trial.

Which is significantly more time-consuming. Costly, if they hire their own lawyers. And stressful, without the guarantee. Of ending up with a solution they are happy with says divorce lawyer Edmonton.