Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | There Is A Disagreement


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | There Is A Disagreement

Divorce lawyer Edmonton teaches a lot of parent. That have separated themselves from the marriage. About two separate and individual. Pieces of legislation in Alberta.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

That are going to be the judge. The jury, and the executioner. In terms of family law decisions. These pieces of legislation are going to. Be decided upon for both the.

Child or children, the mother and the father. The first piece of legislation is the divorce act. Then, the second piece of legislation. That Alberta has drawn up is titled.

Says divorce lawyer Edmonton, the family law act. There are indeed some differences. Between the two separate and individual acts. However, there is indeed a lot of.

Similarities within the two acts. For example, these two acts are going to. Have dictations and decisions on. Child support, on custody, and in deed on parenting.

The divorce act, different than the family law act. Is for married people. If you are legally married, says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Then those people are going to be.

Finding answers in the divorce act. Consequently, if you are not married. Legally, in the eyes of the court. Then you are going to fall under. The legislation guided by the family.

Law act, that will see that. Most of the decisions will be based. On the child or children’s best interests. For example, joint custody and sole custody. Indeed have their differences.

As well, you cannot be confusing custody with decision-making. For your children in the eyes of the court. Or on behalf of your kids. Sole custody gives the entire decision-making.

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And the process they are in to the one parent. That the court has awarded that custody to. Joint custody, often sought after by. Families and the courts equally.

Gives the decision-making for the children. To both of the parents. In a specific percentage and of shared custody. Indeed, decision-making authorities are going to include.

But may not necessarily be specific to where the children go to school. Where the children live. Who they are going to live with it and who they associate with.

Furthermore, there are often a lot of parents. That, when they visit their family lawyer. Are going to find much confusion with. Many of the terms or words. That they may.

Here during the custody process. If you consider, that custody is going to equal decision-making authority. And then the difference with parenting.

Is that parenting is going to equal time or specific. Time that they spend with their children. The kids can indeed spend more than 50% of the time.

With that individual parent, also known as. The primary caregiver for those children. Furthermore, you can think that. “Reasonable and generous access. Is also another.

Different term or type of parenting time. That can be accessed according to. What the judge is going to decree. Assuming that the decision-making. Cannot be rendered by.

Two individual and separate parents. Be careful, as if you’re X relationship. Will not allow for you. To see your children at all. It must be for no good reason.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | There Is A Huge Disagreement

Be careful, says divorce lawyer Edmonton. As sometimes during a separation agreement. The tension escalates to the point. Where one parent will not let.

There children see the other parent at all. If, in a court of law, that happens. For absolutely no good reason. Says divorce lawyer, then you can take it to court.

For a judge to render a possible. Outcome, though it can be detrimental. For one specific parent altogether. This, because of the fact that the judge. May decide in.

The way of one person and parent. And not necessarily the other. Furthermore, if you are going to. Have any specific concerns. That there is a very serious case.

Of either, abandonment, or maybe even neglect and abuse within the other home. Then that is a definite different factor. That you, as a caring and loving parent.

Should definitely bring before the courts. However, you must indeed need. To be represented by a lawyer. Furthermore, if you’re children do need a lawyer.

It is not going to be the same. Lawyer that either your ex-spouse, or yourself. Are going to have, for fear. Of a conflict of interest, states divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Furthermore, in a few significant situations. There can certainly be represented. Under the legal aid situation. Where you may be able to find a very, says divorce lawyer.

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Cost-effective way in order to pay. A lot of yours or your children’s legal bills. Ideally, what a judge wants to see. Is that both sides have. Made a very concerted effort.

To try and resolve and keep. The separation out of the decision. Of the courts and the judges hands. They want to make sure that you. Have exasperated all specific.

Opportunities to solve the issue before. It is brought before a court of law. And a judge is going to make the decision on everyone’s behalf. Otherwise, there is no other way.

But to have a judge preside over your case. They will then be the be-all and the end-all. For any child support and parenting considerations. However, by virtue of the fact.

That everybody is trying to stay out of the courts. There are two specific and very helpful. Pieces of hearings. That you can access. In order for you to get advice.

On how you see your case unfolding. The first, is the judicial dispute resolution. Otherwise known as the J DR. This is an informal meeting. Where a judge will be present.

And they will render an informal verdict. And you will get a good opinion. As well as an idea on. Whether you are going to win the case. Or which we the presiding judge may.

Decide, on behalf of everybody involved. The second, says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is the early intervention case conference. This is also another specific hearing.

That will be heard by a judge. In a very informal situation, where they. Will not make any specific decisions. But, again, the judge will render their own. Experienced and specific opinion.