Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | The Truth About Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | The Truth About Child Support

It is often a very painful process to get divorced agrees divorce lawyer Edmonton. And it can be even more painful and complex when children are involved.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Anytime there are children involved when a couple begins a divorce. Or in any case where the parents are deciding to break up. There needs to be the issue of child support discussed.

One of the first things that both parents need to take into consideration. Is that the child support is less about supporting their ex-spouse. And more about supporting the life that they helped create.

Therefore, because of that, child support is the human right of their child. Which means there are very few circumstances where a person would be exempt from paying child support.

A good thing for both parents to remember is, if they helped create the child. They must support the child regardless of if they see them. Or even if they want to have anything to do with them.

To find out what those circumstances are. That would exempt them from paying child support would be. Parents can feel free to contact divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to discuss the specifics about their circumstances.

Something else for parents to take into consideration. As they are going through a divorce. Is that they are going to be legally required to provide each other. With their income information.

So that they can calculate how much child support must be paid. And if a person decides to withhold that information. Instead of being expected to pay a smaller amount.

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The judge will be able to impute income. Which means they can decide whatever they think they should be able to pay. Based on the information that their ex-spouse provides to the judge.

Therefore, it is often in a person’s best interest to cooperate. Including giving each other income information says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

And even if they still decide they do not want to. They need to understand that the judge can actually order costs against them. So it will be far more costly to avoid providing income information.

Another thing that some parents do not realize about child support. Is that even if the custodial parent is on social assistance. They still must pay child support.

In this instance however, a divorce lawyer says. The child support will be paid to the government. Instead of their ex-spouse directly. But they still must pay child support.

And when it comes to extracurricular activities for their children. Such as sports or arts. The noncustodial parent must help their ex-spouse pay for those programs.

As long as they can afford to pay. Despite the fact that they may not be making the decision. On what program their child is being entered into.

Both parents are required to help pay for extracurricular activities. And that both expenses are going to be proportionally shared between parents. According to each of their income levels.

It is very important that parents understand how important it is to support their child even through divorce. And that they are going to be responsible to pay for that child. As long as they are dependent on the parents.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Knowing The Truth About Child Support

It is extremely important for parents to understand that divorce can be hard on their children says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Regardless of what happens between the parents. Both parents will remain responsible for the life that they created.

Despite the fact that many people try to do what they can. In order to get away with not having to pay child support. The law is on the side of the child. And it is the human right of the child. To receive what they need to thrive from the parents that created them.

And if people decide to refuse to pay the child support. That has been court ordered by a judge. The delinquent parent is going to be referred. To what is called the maintenance enforcement program.

Who actually have a lot of authority. And can do many things to parents who are refusing to pay child support that they owe. Not only can they suspend parents drivers licenses. They can also confiscate their passports. And garnish their wages.

The maintenance enforcement program is in Alberta agency. That can do all of these things. Therefore, if parents truly cannot afford to pay their court ordered child support.

They should contact a divorce lawyer. In order to find about getting it reduced legally. So that they do not have to face these serious consequences.

Another way that some parents tried to get away with not having to pay child support. Is if they skipped town. And either go to the United States of America. Or even flee to other countries.

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However, a divorce lawyer says these parents need to understand. That the United States of America and Canada have what is called reciprocating jurisdictions with each other.

What this means, is that any court order such as child support that is granted in Canada. Can legally be enforced within the United States of America. And actually vice versa.

And not only does this agreement exist for the United States and Canada. But there are other countries that have reciprocating jurisdictions with Canada as well.

Meaning it is not very likely for a parent. To completely get away with not having to pay child support. Even if they skipped town, or leave the country.

In fact, divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents need to keep in mind that if they refuse to pay child support to their ex-spouse. Even after they requested. The spouse can go after child support that they are owed in court.

What this will do, is have the court order. What is called retroactive child support payments. To require a parent to pay for the months that they missed.

Because of how important it is that both parents support the child that they created. Parents who are having difficulty with child support. Either with not wanting to pay. Or fighting with each other.

Can often see divorce lawyer Edmonton. To clarify things. And to pave the way to make it smoother than it was before.