Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | The Hard Truth About Child Support


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | The Truth About Child Support

Child support can be confusing admits divorce lawyer Edmonton. However the laws around it. Are very clear cut. While many parents have misconceptions. Or are unsure about child support payments.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

They can always make an appointment with divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to find out what they need to know. To pay child support properly. And avoid getting in trouble with the court system. If they make a mistake.

The first thing that both parents of a child. Need to understand if they are separating, or divorcing. Is that they are both going to be required by law. To disclose their finances to each other.

As well as to the courts. When they are going through their divorce or separation. They will receive notice in the mail. It will either say a request for financial documents. Or it will be a notice to disclose.

They must disclose their finances. To each other, and to the court. By date of their court appearance. That way, the court can figure out. Which parent makes more money. And how much child support they will owe.

A common scenario for parents. Who does not want to pay child support for any specific reason. Is they will simply refuse to provide. Not only their ex partner But the court. With their financial information.

Thinking that it will cause the judge. To be unable to figure out. Child support payments, making them. Unable to pay child support at all. Unfortunately, this is not true at all.

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And if a person does not disclose their finances. The judge will simply figure out. The child support that they think is accurate. The judge may use any means. To figure out the child support amount.

Such as asking the ex-spouse. How much money their ex partner is making. Typically, divorce lawyer Edmonton says a partner. Will overestimate the amount of money. That there partner is making.

Or, the judge could look at. An average salary for someone in the same line of work. Or, simply guess and amount. That they believe is fair. In almost all circumstances the judge will calculate.

Child support in a higher amount. Then a person would be required to pay. If they had simply disclosed their finances in the beginning. Therefore, parents should avoid this tactic to get out of paying child support.

If a parent stops paying child support for any reason. Most decent divorce lawyers in Edmonton says that this will trigger. What is called the maintenance enforcement program. This is an agency in Alberta.

Whose sole purpose is to enforce child support orders. They are able to do this by confiscating drivers licenses. Confiscating people’s passports, garnishing their wages. And even seizing assets.

If a person is tempted to stop paying child support. Because they can no longer afford the payments. They should go back to court. Providing new financial information to the courts and asking them.

To reduce the amounts, because their financial circumstances have changed. If they take matters into their own hands. They will typically get in trouble legally.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | The Hard Truth About Child Support

One of the most important things to do in a separation or divorce according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. If there are children involved, it is parents must pay. The child support that has been calculated.

Many parents have bad feelings. Towards their exes significant other. And often use child support payments. Or rather, a lack of child support payments. To get back at their spouse.

However, this is not something. That parents should engage in. Because child support is not considered. To be a payment to their ex spouse. But rather, a way for both parents. To financially contribute.

To the life they created together. And failure to pay, will land one parent. In trouble with the court system. It may be very tempting. Because they want to get under their ex partner’s skin.

However, it will usually lead to more trouble than it is worth. Another scenario says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that one parent will often. Withhold access to the other, for the same reason.

This is also not going to be tolerated. By the courts, and will have legal ramifications. And if a parent decides. To withhold child support. Because their ex partner is withholding access.

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The other parent should report that in court. And let the court system deal with the other parent. If both parents are in the wrong. That could significantly impact. Both parents, there access and child support.

Many parents believe. That if they skip out of the country. They can avoid paying child support. This is not a wise decision either. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says Canada has what is called.

A reciprocating jurisdiction. With many other countries around the world. This means in Canada, or that other country. If a person having a legal agreement. That they must adhere to.

And they are in a country. That has what called a reciprocating jurisdiction with Canada. That country will uphold that legal agreements. In this case if it is child support. A person must continue paying child support.

Or, they punishing according to that countries. Laws about what happens. If someone does not uphold their legal agreements. If people think that there only a few countries that have reciprocating jurisdictions.

People should understand, that there are literally dozens of countries. Including the United States, the United Kingdom. Australia, most of Europe. Including Austria, Germany, Poland for example.

As well as countries in South Africa, and as far away as Australia, New Zealand and Fiji. These are just a few of the countries. That will uphold child support agreements. And is not wise for people to flee to get out of paying it.

If parents have any questions whatsoever. About child support payments. And child support laws. The best thing to do. Would be book a free one hour consultation. With eLaw Alliance located in Edmonton.