Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | The Divorce Act In Alberta

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | The Divorce Act In Alberta

If two people are married legally, and are divorcing says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They can find the laws that govern this in the divorce act. Which can be found for free online.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Although act specifically deals with couples who are legally married. The family Law act deals with other relationships. Such as common-law partnerships.

What happens when they end. Especially when children are involved. Therefore, parents who are divorcing or even separating. Should read these acts for free online.

In order to find out what they are obligated to do. As well, understand what their rights are. So that they can govern themselves accordingly. Throughout the entire process.

One of the most important things that they are going to find. Is that the child actually has most of the rights. And the obligations that parents have. Be to the children of the relationship.

One of the most important obligations. That parents will have to their child. Is financially supporting them. Which is governed in the child support aspect of these laws.

It is legally mandatory for a parent to pay child support. And whoever has the most access. Will have a larger financial responsibility in caring for and raising that child.

And that the other parent is legally required to pay child support. Child support is calculated by looking at the income. Of the parent who must pay child support.

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It will end up being a percentage of their overall income. Which must be paid to the other parent. Regardless of their financial situation, Or if they are withholding visitation.

While it might be very difficult to continue to pay child support. While the parent is not being allowed to see their child. It is important that parents document everything.

And it is possible that if they are not able. To come to an agreement, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. That they will be able to take the parent to court. In order to gain access to their child.

However, if one parent is withholding child support payments. Because the other parent is not allowing them to see their child. They could get in trouble. With the court system as well says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Therefore, parents need to understand. That it is inescapable obligation to their child. To care for them financially. And to ensure that they do this at all times.

However, the court system does not view child support as a punishment. Therefore, they are very cooperative when a parent needs. To reduce their child support payments.

Either because they lost a job. Or they got a job where they are making less money. And there are several mechanisms where parents. Can decrease these payments as they need.

And while this can be very complex issue says divorce lawyer Edmonton. There are a lot of resources to help them. From reading the acts online. To hiring their own independent legal counsel.

By finding out the rights and obligations. Both to their partner, and their child. Can help ensure that parents are acting legally. In order to end their partnership. And take care of the children that came from their union.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About The Divorce Act In Alberta

Nobody gets into a relationship thinking they will need a divorce lawyer Edmonton. This is often the case, especially when there is a marital breakdown. When children are involved.

One of the most important things that they will have to cooperate and decide on. Is which parent is the child going to stay with, and how often they will switch. This is known as parenting time.

Often, there will be one parent that has more parenting time than the other. Then the other parent must pay child support. With the reason why they must pay child support.

Is because the parent that has more parenting time. Will be considered bearing the larger burden of financial responsibility in raising the child. And the other parent must pay child support to help.

However, parenting time has absolutely nothing to do with custody. Which specifically refers to decision making ability for the parent who has custody of the child.

And this is why the court system will typically recommend both parents having joint custody. So that they can share in the decision-making of the raising of that child.

However, some parents may decide that so custody is the right thing for their specific situation. Or, in certain cases where the parents are not able to get along. The court will award so custody for one parent.

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Regardless of who has custody. The types of decisions that they will be able to make include where the child lives, whose the child associates with. And what their cultural or religious upbringing will be.

Smaller, day-to-day decisions will be made by the parent who has the child at the time. Including what food the child eats, what activities they engage in. And things like what their bedtime is.

This means that parents that have sole custody cannot dictate to the other parent. Such as telling them when the child needs to be in bed by. Or what the child has to eat.

It is very important to understand this says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And unless one parent is found guilty of abusing or neglecting their child. Both parents will be able to parent their child in whatever manner they see fit.

This is true, even if they do not have similar parenting styles. And that is okay, because the court system in Alberta. Will support both parents raising their child the way they see fit when they have them.

And if there is ever a time, when parents are not able to agree says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They will have to try many different ways to resolve this issue.

Before they will be allowed to bring it before a judge and have them decide. And ultimately, this is in the best interest of the child. To avoid having a judge, was a stranger to that child. Make their decisions affecting how they are going to be raised.