Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Serious Child Welfare Laws

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Serious Child Welfare Laws

The reason parent who is not getting divorce may want to retain a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is because they are being investigated. By child and family services regarding a child who may be in danger.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

New matter how credible, or not the report that comes in is. The child and family services is legally obligated. To investigate every report that comes into their organization.

And they must investigate it to the best of their abilities. They have broad powers, granted by the government. In order to enter home, look around without providing morning.

And interviewing the child, parents and guardians. As well as any and all pertinent third-party witnesses. Such as siblings, aunts uncles and grandparents. Neighbours, friends, teachers and babysitters.

During their very thorough investigation, if they discover that the child. Is in need of intervention. That is to say that they are endangered, they have significant authority. To address situation with the parents and guardians.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says child that is in need of intervention. Or who is endangered, can be broadly described by the child youth family and enhancement act. As a situation where there is reasonable or probable grounds to believe.

That the safety, the security or the development of a child. Is in any way, shape or form in danger. Then, that can trigger a visit from child and family services. However, there also some specific ways outlined.

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In the child youth family and enhancement act according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Such as a child who has been abandoned, permanently or temporarily. For example, by a parent or guardian who leaves them alone.

While they are too young, for several hours, or days at a time. Or a parent or guardian who leaves them, with no intention of coming back. A child who runs away from home, or inadvertently gets lost.

For example, they board the wrong city bus. On their way home from school, and are in an unfamiliar neighbourhood. With no way of knowing how to get back home. As well, a child in danger is one whose parent or guardian has died.

And they have no other existing parent or guardian. And child and family services will have to determine. Who the next guardian will be for the child. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says there are also insidious ways.

The child can be considered in danger, or in need of intervention. Such as being subjected to physical abuse, sexual abuse, or emotional abuse. Either by the parent or guardian themselves. Or, parents or guardians are unable for some reason or unwilling.

Two protect the child against this abuse. In all situations, once child and family services gets involved. The best thing for the parent to do. Will be to hire a divorce lawyer in Edmonton. Because they are well-versed in child welfare law.

And can help advise the parent, on the best ways to proceed. Whether they should assign agreements. If they should go to court, and listening to their lawyer. They will be able to correct the situation in the best possible way.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Serious Child Welfare Laws To Know

It is very important that children are protected says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And there are many ways in which the law of Alberta protects the most vulnerable population.

Not only is there the child youth family and enhancement act. That works to protect children, and uphold the family unit. There is also the family Law act, that is most often used.

In cases of divorce, separation. And relating to child custody, and child payments. In fact, a divorce lawyer Edmonton is such a great resource. For any parent or guardian who is facing an investigation.

From child and family services, because they routinely deal with child welfare. As they uphold the rights of the child in many different divorce and separation cases. They will be able to help each parent understand what is happening.

And how to understand the various agreements that they might be presented with. Typically, if child and family services finds that a child is in danger. They might decide to handle things outside of court.

Because it can be handled more quickly. And without the long court weight, and expense of a trial. They may present the parent or guardian with one of three different written agreements.

Outlining the change they would like to see the parent to make. And the steps they need to see happen, to correct the situation. And remove the danger from the home, to the child.

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The three different agreements that they might present to the parent or guardian includes, a family enhancement agreement. A custody agreement, or a permanent Guardian agreement.

When they are presented this, they need to immediately contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And understand, that under no circumstances. Are they required to sign this document.

It is a voluntary form to sign, and once it is signed. It becomes legally binding according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Which means, even if the parents does not understand the content or the ramifications.

They will be legally required to uphold them, or face the penalties. That are written within the agreement. Since it is not required by law, most lawyers will recommend against signing this document.

And the reason why is quite simple. They can instead decline to sign. Which will trigger a court date, and for the several months up to a year. While waiting for the court date to come around. The parent can work towards.

Fulfilling all of the requirements, as outlined in the agreement. Whether it is taking parenting courses. Getting psychological counselling, getting help for addiction or domestic violence. Or even undergoing various assessments.

Such as neurological assessments, or psychological evaluations. By the time they go to court, the judge may see. That the parent has removed all conditions. And is now in line with the agreement.

Elaw family services can withdraw their application. And, the parent can remain in custody of their child. After having learned an important lesson. Parents who are facing an investigation, should contact the experts. Such as the ones at the law alliance, located in Edmonton.