Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Researching Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Researching Child Support

When parents are no longer together, their divorce lawyer Edmonton will tell them. How they must adhere to child support laws. One of the first things. That both parents need to take into consideration.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Is that child support is actually the right of the child. To have both of the parents that created them. Take responsibility for contributing to their life. Therefore, it is never appropriate for parents.

To not pay child support. Or to enter into an agreement. That will waive that responsibility from one of them. It is extremely important. That parents understand this. Because failure to pay child support.

Whether it is an agreement or not. Can end up with a parent in legal trouble. Or triggering the maintenance enforcement program. That can strip them of their license, passport and more.

One of the first things that parents are going to need to decide. When they split up, or are getting a divorce. Is figuring out where the children from the relationship. Are going to live, at least at first. The reason why this is so important, is because according to divorce lawyer Edmonton, where they live. Is going to factor in to the decision. Of who pays child support, and how much child support they must pay.

Whether they are going to pay attention. To the family Law act of Alberta. Or the divorce act of Alberta, section 3 is the same. Which specifies how to calculate child support. For the necessities of life.

Which include food, clothing and shelter. The first thing that parents need to do. Is figure out what percentage of time. The child is spending with each parent. When they spend more than 60% of the time. With one parent. It is the other that must pay child support.

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How they factor in the amount that gets paid is by looking at line 150. Of the parents notice of assessment. From their most recent tax filing. If their taxes are not up-to-date, this will be an outdated number.

But parents can always update this with the court. Once they file more current taxes. With the government, in order to claim. Exactly what their current income is. Another thing that parents need to know.

Is that according to the law, one parent who is paying child support. Cannot dictate how the other parent. Goes about spending that money. It is supposed to be used to offset the cost. Of things like food, clothing and shelter.

Therefore, if the parent takes that child support. And spends it on anything else. The court is completely fine with this. Because they will have already had to have paid for food, clothing and shelter.

That they are using to keep the child cared for. The only time that the courts will have a problem. With the money being spent on something else. Is if the child is known to be neglected or not cared for.

Therefore, the parent must pay child support. And not have any say. And how the other parent spends it. When it comes time for splitting up or divorcing. Parents should talk to a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Such as the experts at the Law alliance.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning All About Child Support Systems

When parents are no longer going to be together, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. Child support is going to inevitably have to be paid. This is true, and no parent can get out of paying it.

Even a parent who decides to give up. Their parental rights for any reason. They cannot get out of child support. Because it is a right of the child. To have both parents contribute to their well-being.

It is also very important to note. That the law does not look upon child support. As though it is a punitive measure. It is not a punishment or a penalty. For parents having children, and not staying together.

Because it is not punitive. Parents should keep in mind. That the court is only trying to get them. To pay the amount of money that they can afford. To contribute to their child’s well-being.

And if they have financial hardship. Or if their finances change for some reason. They should take their divorce lawyer Edmonton and go back to court. In order to prove that there financial circumstances have changed.

And have their child support reduced. However, the only time that not being able to afford child support. Will be looked upon kindly by the court. Is if a person is unable to pay child support.

Because they have too many child support orders against them. If they have so many child support orders. That they cannot possibly pay for all of their children. They are likely going to go into debt.

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Trying to pay for all of the children that they have created. One of the first steps when it comes to figuring out child support. Is that both parents are going to get a letter in the mail from the courthouse.

That will either say notice to disclose. Or request for financial documents. This is being requested by the court. And is not optional. This is how the courts will calculate child support moving forward.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says parents that think they can outsmart the system. By simply failing to disclose their finances. Will not be able to pay child support. Because the judge cannot figure out their payments, have it wrong.

The judge will simply come up with a figure. That they believe to be fair. Based on the information they have. Which might include asking the other parent how much the other parent is making.

Or, figuring it out. Based on their job description. Typically, parents who fail to disclose. Will end up paying more money for child support in the long run. And if they had disclosed in the first place.

Caring for one’s children is an extremely important task. And when faced with child support questions. Parents should hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton, such as the experts. At eLaw Alliance in Edmonton.

The find out their rights, their obligations. And care for the children that they brought into this world. Call today for your appointment.