Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Relevant Child Support Details For You


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Relevant Child Support Details For You

Understanding child support is of paramount importance says divorce lawyer Edmonton. If parents are separating, or if they are divorcing. The reason why it is so important to understand. Is because it is actually considered to be the right of the child.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The right of the child is to have both of the parents that brought them into the world. Financially contribute to their life, and child support is the legal mechanism. That ensures that parents can do this, once they are no longer living together.

Because it is the right of the child, under no circumstances can apparent agree to not pay. Or make arrangements to stop making payments. Even if they are no longer seeing the child for their own choice or otherwise.

A common scenario is that one parent, who is upset at their former spouse for any number of reasons. May withhold access, which many parents call visitation, but legally it is called access.

And while this is not legal, the appropriate response for parents. Would be to contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton in order to go to court. To inform them that they are being denied their legal access to their child.

However, some parents who are acting out of emotion. And up retaliating by withholding child support. If this happens, parents can end up in legal trouble because neither of those scenarios. Is allowed by the judge in divorce or separation cases.

As well, a parent might do the opposite scenario. Withhold child support. Which will end up with the other parent being punitive. And withholding access, and this is the sort of thing.

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That divorce lawyer Edmonton says must stop. It is not legal a by any stretch of the imagination. And both parents will end up in trouble when this happens.

It is far more appropriate for a parent to simply utilize their divorce lawyer. And go to court if one parent is not complying with what the judge orders. This might seem exhausting, and a big waste of time.

But it is the most appropriate way to ensure that parents. Are being very communicative with what is going on not only in their life. But the lives of their children from the relationship. If a parent does not pay child support.

It will trigger what is known as the maintenance enforcement program. Which is an agency within the province who is tasked with. Enforcing child support orders that are not being paid.

They have a broad authority to enforce it, such as being able to threaten as well as follow through on suspending a person’s drivers license, confiscating their passports. Garnishing their wages and even seizing their assets.

Instead of succumbing to this, parents who find themselves not receiving the access they are owed. Or who cannot make child support payments for a certain reason.

Should go to court with the help of their divorce lawyer Edmonton at eLaw Alliance. To be very transparent but what is going on. Rather than ending up in trouble with many organizations.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Relevant Child Support Details For Parents

Many parents misunderstand child support, and child support laws says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Therefore, it is important that parents find out the facts. If they are going through a divorce or separation and there are children involved.

A common misconception is that child support laws do not take action. If the parents were not legally married. This is not true, because whether marriage is involved or not. When two people bring life into the world. They are responsible for that life.

And child support is the mechanism to ensure. That both parents remain responsible for that life that they created together. Whether they are simply common-law, or never did live together. Or if they were legally married. Child support laws are going to be the same across the board.

Section 3 of the divorce act, as well as the family Law act of Alberta state. That child support will be paid to offset the cost of food, clothing and shelter. Otherwise known as the necessities of life for the child. It is assumed that the parent who has access the majority of the time.

Will have already paid for these things, and therefore child support. Is simply to pay the parent back for covering these expenses upfront. This is why neither parent can dictate to the other says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

How they are to spend child support payments. Because it is to offset the payments that a parent has already made. The other parent cannot complain, if they are not spending the money.

The way they think a parent should be spending it. However, it is important to note says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That if a parent takes other lawyer to go to court. In order to ask for more child support.

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They will be required to provide documentation. Of what they have spent the child support money on. And the judge may use their discretion. On whether more child support is necessary.

Or if the parent should be satisfied. The amount of child support they are currently receiving. It is also important to note. That this is not the only form of child support parent can gain access to.

Section 7 expenses cover extracurricular activities. As well as additional expenses like daycare or day homes. If a parent would like to get child support for these additional expenses.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton can help them do so. But both parents will be expected to contribute to these expenses. Based on a percentage of their total income. And only if they can financially manage this amount of money.

Therefore, it is not guaranteed that there going to be of the cover the entire expenses. Of the extracurricular activities or daycare for example. However, it can be a positive way.

That both parents can contribute to the additional expenses. To give their child a very rich life. And many different experiences. Parents who would like more information. Or need help navigating child support laws, can contact the experts at eLaw Alliance, located conveniently within Edmonton.