Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Receiving a Custody Agreement

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Receiving a Custody Agreement

Parents and guardians need to understand that the laws governing child welfare in Alberta are very thorough says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And that is there to protect their children ultimately.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

These laws legally obligated to anyone who believe that a child made in need of intervention. Needs to get reported to the government agencies that handle matters concerning child welfare.

However, many people may not know what a child who is in need of intervention is. Or what that looks like, and when they encounter a child. May not know if they should speak out or not.

One of the first things that any citizens of Alberta need to know. That a child who is in need of intervention. Is anyone who has reasonable or probable grounds to believe, that the safety, security or development of a child is in danger.

It could be because the child has been abandoned, lost, or their guardian has passed away. Or if the child has been neglected, physically injured, or has been sexually or emotionally abused.

It even means that if a child’s guardian or parent is unable or unwilling to protect that child from physical injury, sexual or emotional abuse. That could make them guilty in endangering their child.

Anyone who sees a child in need of intervention says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Or has reason to believe that the child may be in need of intervention. Is legally obligated to report this.

Otherwise they could be legally responsible if the child is getting abused. And they suspected something but did not speak up.

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This law is in existence in order to help ensure that people speak up for the most vulnerable members of society. Once a complaint has been made, child and family services will investigate.

This government agency will have extremely broad powers to investigate. In order to make the decision if a child is in fact in danger or not.

If it is determined that the child is in danger, the child and family services can either write up what is called a custody agreement. Or they can take the matter to court.

Child and family services is mandated to try to keep the family intact whenever possible. And that is the function of these custody agreements. These are legal documents. That become binding once signed.

That outline a list of conditions, and actions that they require the parent or guardian to take. In order to remove that child from danger.

And can include they always like going to addictions or domestic violence counselling. Or taking parenting courses. In order to make them more prepared to take care of the child.

However, because signing these agreements are voluntary. Divorce lawyer Edmonton suggests that any parent who has been given one to sign. And find out what their rights are. What is in their best legal interest to do.

Anyone who has been given a custody agreement, needs to understand that this is because they have been found to be endangering their child. But with the right to legal advice. They can find out what their next steps are to keep their child safe.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Received a Custody Agreement?

Since the laws concerning child welfare in Alberta are very thorough says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Parents and guardians should understand what their rights as well as what their obligations are. Especially if they are under investigation by child and family services.

If they are under investigation, divorce lawyer Edmonton says that they have the authority to draft up an agreement, called a custody agreement. That outlines what they would like to see the parent or guardian do. To fix the situation.

Often, it comes down to taking a parenting course, going to family counselling. Or even cleaning up the home. Or agreeing to buy nutritious food in the house.

Ultimately, these custody agreements will specify how much time a parent or guardian has to comply. And if they complete all of these steps within the agreed timeframe.

Once child and family services comes back to reinvestigate. They may find that there are no more issues endangering that child.

However, parents and guardians need to keep in mind. That these agreements are completely voluntary to sign. But once they sign them, become legally binding documents.

If they sign these, and are unable to complete the conditions in the specified timeframe. They can face serious ramifications. Such as having to sign another custody agreement. Or even being taken to court by child and family services.

This is why anyone who has been given a custody agreement by child and family services. Should contact a lawyer in order to get some advice on what to do next.

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And while many parents or guardians are unable to afford a lawyer. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says there are many lawyers and legal organizations across Alberta. That will give parents with custody agreements free legal advice.

A parent or guardian has three options on what to do when presented with this agreement. They can either sign it, and then adhere to the conditions within. Or, alongside their lawyer counter the agreement with their own. That once amended, they will agree to sign.

Or, under their lawyers advice, they may dispute the custody agreement completely. At which time, the investigation will go before a judge. And there will be a trial in order to determine the outcome.

If parents or guardians decide to not sign the custody agreement. Child and family services may apply for initial custody of their child. Which means they will want to have custody while waiting trial.

Because of how serious this can get very quickly. Parents should only engage in this step with help of the lawyer. So that they know what their rights and obligations are. Because that can often help them win initial custody of their child while awaiting trial.

While they are waiting trial, divorce lawyer Edmonton says that they should do their best to complete the requirements in the custody agreement. So that when they do hear from a judge. They will be able to present that they have completed the requirements.

Which will often have the judge rule in favour of the parent. Without having to adhere to any documents.

Because the child and family services are there to uphold the child welfare laws in Alberta. Any parent or guardian who is under investigation. Should contact a lawyer in order to find out what their rights are.