Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Reasonable Child Support Info

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Reasonable Child Support Info

Child support is the right of the child says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And parents who are separating or divorcing would do well to learn that. So that they do not use it as a weapon against the other.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

It is not always the case, but can turn into. A battle, when people are divorcing or separating. And their emotions are running high. He often want to get back at one parent. For hurting them, and come up with a plan.

To withhold child support. Or withhold access to the children. While it goes without saying says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That parents should never use their children as pawns in their emotional revenge.

This happens more often than people would realize. The appropriate response. If a parent withholds access. Or withholds child support, is to utilize their divorce lawyer Edmonton. To go to court and inform them. That one parent is not living up to their obligations.

The court views child support as a right of the child. And the way to ensure that both parents. Our contributing to the life that they created. Therefore, if a parent is not living up to that obligation.

There are legal ramifications that are going to fall upon them. As well, the court also views. Allowing the child as much access. To both parents as possible. To be in the child’s best interest.

That means, they also do not look kindly. Upon a parent who is deliberately withholding access. Therefore, parents should understand. That while denying access or child support is wrong.

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Two wrongs do not make a right, and can and is disastrous, legally. However, parents do have many other questions. As it relates to child support. And finding the accuracy in the situation can help everyone.

A common question that divorce lawyer Edmonton gets, is wondering. If child support can be stopped, once the child reaches eighteen years of age. While this is most commonly the case says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

There are provisions in both the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. Related to pay continuing to pay child support. Even after the child is of legal age. Which in Alberta, is eighteen says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

For example, a child who is enrolled. In post secondary institutions. Usually directly from high school, are still going to be eligible. For the parent that they live with to receive child support.

Since some post secondary institutions. Have courses that are seven or eight years long. It is not unreasonable to see. That child support will remain to be required. Until the child is twenty-five years of age.

If parents truly want to know. If they must continue paying child support, even if their child is over eighteen. The best thing to do, be to consult their divorce lawyer. And check with the court as well.

In addition to that, children who are economically or otherwise dependent. On one parent, for specific reasons such as disability. May also be required. To have child support paid to the parent they live with, indefinitely.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Reasonable Child Support Info For Parents

Child support does not need to be a contentious issue says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And while many people have a lot of misconceptions about its. When they learn the truth, it does not need to be difficult.

The misinformation often comes from the media people consume. Stories, television shows and movies. Are often brought in from other countries like the United States. Where child support information and laws are different.

Not only are child support laws in Canada different. The child support laws from the United States. But child support itself. Is different from one province to the next. Therefore, if parents truly want the correct answer.

The best thing to do, would either be to read the divorce act of Alberta. Or the family Law act of Alberta. Which are available for free online. Or better yet, retain a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Who can tell them in plain English.

Many people have questions such as, they still have to pay child support. If the other parent is receiving social assistance. And the answer is yes, because child support is actually the mechanism in which.

The law can verify both parents are contributing. To the life and well-being of their child. One parent being on social assistance does not negate. The other parents requirement to provide for their child.

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However it does change. How child support will get paid. While one parent is receiving social assistance. The other parent will pay child support. Directly to a government agency, that takes note of. And manages that money.

Another question that many people have for their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is wondering who pays for extracurricular activities. This is a very good question, because there are a lot of misconceptions about this.

For example, the parent who has access most. Is often seen as the one who must pay for extracurricular activities. While an another assumption is often. If the parent who pays child support is paying. They should be responsible for the extra bills as well.

While the accurate answer is both parents are responsible for extracurricular activities. It is based again, on the parents financial documentation. And a percentage that they both will pay based on their finances.

As well as their ability, if they cannot reasonably afford. To pay even a percentage of the extracurricular activities. The court will not require its. If this means that the other parent cannot afford to put their child into that program.

Then that is quite simply the answer that they must live with. Extracurricular activities can include things like lessons, such as dance or art. Or things like a sports team. But can also include things like daycare or afterschool care.

While nobody is expected to know the laws. Pertaining to child support off the top of their head. Any divorce lawyer Edmonton should able to answer questions. Each is why retaining one can be one of the best things. Both parents in this situation can do. To ensure that they are always acting within the law.