Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Questions About Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Questions About Child Support

Child support, is a right of the child says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And parents who are separating. Whether they have been legally married or not. Need to keep this in mind.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Therefore, there is no excuse. For a parent to not pay for their child. Even if they do not see them, or do not want to see them. It does not relieve them of this financial duty. To the life that they created.

As well, people might have questions. About if they have to continue to pay. Child support, if they have lost their job. The right thing to do. Would be to bring their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

With them to court, and make an application. To have child support reduced temporarily. Or, to not have to pay. For one or two months. Until they find a new job. The promise, that they will make those missed payments.

When they have more money again. Or, if they lost their job. And found another one. Making less money. What will happen, is that they should make an application. In the court system.

To permanently reduce their child support payments. Because child support is not considered punitive in nature. The courts want to work with all parents. To ensure that the amount that they pay is fair.

And the amount that they pay, will ensure. That they support their child. As a life, that they helped to create. Therefore, they are quite amicable. If a parent keeps open communication with them.

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To share with them, their new income. And to request, when it should be reduced. As well, both parents should also know. That both parents. Must share their financial information.

On a yearly basis. So that the courts can ensure. That the child support payments. Our fair, and accurate as well. If a parent fails to supply this information. The judge is free. To calculate child support payments.

In any way they see fit. Such as basing the amount. Off of their job description. As well as anecdotal information. From the former spouse. They often will end up getting a higher assessment.

Then they would have, if they simply. Provided their financial information. From the beginning. Divorce lawyer Edmonton also says. There is even a contingency plan. For people who have variable incomes.

Such as someone in the service industry. Who receives most of their income from tips. Like a server or a bartender for example. Or, someone who is in a sales position. And receives all of their income from commission.

A realtor for example, may have an extremely high income. In one month, and yet almost no income. In a different month. That is why, it is very important. That people disclose their finances.

And for variable finances. People can use. An automatic, monthly calculation system . So that they pay, based on what they have earned, from month-to-month.

Undoubtedly child support issues can be complex. But the law is very clear. Henceforth, parents can find the answers. By hiring eLaw alliance located in Edmonton.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Important Questions About Child Support

Child support is a mandatory payment says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However is not considered punitive in nature. Therefore is also not considered. A payment to the former spouse for example.

It is simply a way. That the court system ensures. That both parents ultimately pay. For the basic necessities of life. For the life that they created together. Moreover, child support is calculated very simply.

A percentage of the income. Of the parent who has less access. Will be made to the parent that has more access. And in the situations. Where parents share access the same amount. The child support is calculated.

By the parent, who is making more money. Will pay a percentage of their income. The total will be subtracted, by the percentage of the other parents income. If incomes change at all.

Child support payments will change. However, there are some circumstances. That are difficult to navigate. And this is where consulting with. A professional, such as divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Can provide some clarity. A question that they often get. Is can a parent claim. That they are unable to afford. To pay child support at any time? While the court does not consider child support to be punitive in nature.

They are more than agreeable. To reduce child support payments. Since it is calculated. As a percentage of income. If a parent has a decrease in their income. They are eligible for a decrease of child support payments.

However, there are some situations. Where a parent’s debt servicing. Is extraordinarily high. Such as they have consumer debt. Their rent, is extraordinarily high. Because of a difficult housing market.

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There are many reasons. Why a parent might have more bills. They can with their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Make an application through the court. To reduce child support payments.

Based on their debt servicing amount. A judge can use their discretion. To look at their income. Look at their bills. And decide to reduce child support or not. However, parents should be cautioned.

That they cannot use the excuse. That they are making too many other child support payments. To be able to afford this one. The courts typically have the opinion. That if parents can make children.

It can support those children as well. Another question that divorce lawyers often receive. Is can one parent stops paying child support. Because they do not like. How the other parent is spending the money?

However, this is a very common question. And the first thing. That parents need to understand. Is they cannot dictate rules. And the other parent’s house. And they cannot dictate how one parent spends child support money.

Ultimately, the money is designed. To offset the cost. Of food, clothing and shelter. And as long as the child’s basic needs are met. A parent can spend that money anyway they see fit.

However, for more questions, or for a consultation. People can contact the law alliance, located in Edmonton. They will ultimately have the correct answers. And moreover feel prepared. To do the right thing.