Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Protecting Vulnerable Children

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Protecting Vulnerable Children

It is extremely important says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That laws are in place to protect. The most vulnerable segment of our society. Which include our children. In fact, child and family services.Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

That is collectively known as. Is made up of many different municipal. And provincial agencies. Across Alberta, whose task is investigating. And helping children who are in need of help.

In fact, according to Alberta law. Children who need help, are children who need intervention. And the law that governs this. The name is the child youth family and enhancement act.

Not only does it protect. Children who are in need of intervention. The law also specifies. Anyone who witnesses. A child who is in of need. Is legally obligated to help that child. By alerting the authorities.

Failure to do so can result. In that individual getting a charge, with failing to protect. One of our most vulnerable citizens in society. There are many steps that people can take.

If they witness a child. Or, if they have reasons to believe. Or suspect that a child. Does need help. Such as a teacher, who may witness abuse. Or otherwise signs of abuse. But is in a position to know.

Certain things about the child, that alert them. To the fact that they may. Be in danger. People can contact either the child and family services branch directly. Which may be operating under different names.

According to the different cities, or talons that people live in. Such as family counselling and support services, also known as FCSS. Or, people can contact the police, or the RCMP.

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The place for RCMP will alert the child and family services branch. That will act upon those reports. The first step is investigating the claims. And this branch of government. Actually has extremely broad powers.

To investigate and protect the children. They can enter into a home. And investigat for any dangerous situations. They can talk to individual members of the family. Such as the parents or guardians.

The child in danger themselves says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And talk to other siblings. As well as interview other potential witnesses. Such as teachers, neighbours. And other family members.

Such as grandparents, aunts and uncles, or cousins. Who may have special insight. Into any abuse. That may be going on. Once they finish their investigation. They will know whether they simply request.

That the parents or guardians make changes. In order to restore safety. To the child. This can include things such as. Getting counselling for addictions, domestic violence. Or psychological problems.

They might ask the parents to take a parenting course. Or simply fix physical dangers. That may be present in the home. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says before any parent.

Agrees to sign any documents. Given to them by child and family services. They should talk to an independent lawyer. Simply so that they are completely aware. Of what the document is asking.

And what the document is legally binding them to as well. Most situations, can be resolved easily. And safety restores to the child. In conclusion, helping children is an act of bravery.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Protecting Vulnerable Kids

Divorce lawyer Edmonton does not want to see any child in danger. But unfortunately, this is all too common. Even throughout Alberta. Despite the fact that too many, it is a safe place to live.

The law that governs child safety. Is called the child youth family and enhancement act. And it specifies that any child. Who is in danger, must be protected. And the branch of government devoted to this.

Is known as child and family services. Outlined in this law, are all of the various ways. That a child might be in danger. Or, to use the exact verbiage of the law itself. A child who is in need of intervention.

This can be a child who has run away from home. A child who has been abandoned by their parents. Or a child that has had their parent or guardian pass away. Child and family services gets involved.

Two either bring that child home. Or place them with other guardians. Who will be responsible for the care of that child. And while this covers scenarios. That are not considered abusive.

These situations still require. A government agency to act. In order to make that child safe again. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says in other situations. Actual abuse is taking place.

Either directly from the parent or guardian. Or, because the parent or guardian is unable. Or unwilling to stop the abuse. The abuse can come in many different forms. From physical abuse, including things like.

Cruel and unusual punishment, emotional or mental abuse. As well as sexual abuse. And as terrible as this might sound. Child and family services often understands.

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That even in the most terrible abuse cases. Many parents are not intentionally harming their child. For example, they may be in an abusive relationship. With their drug dealer, who is perpetuating.

A lot of the abuse, and they feel powerless. To stop it, because of their dependency. On the drugs they provide. In these situations, child and family services are highly trained. To deal with a variety.

Of different scenarios. And have a lot of power says divorce lawyer Edmonton. To get the appropriate help. To the parents and guardians. So that they are better armed. And powerful to and the abuse.

For example, a parent may simply need. To get the counselling they need. For their addiction, and take a parenting course. To be able to feel strong enough. To kick out their abuser.

However, when a parent is not able. Or willing to comply. Then child a family services. Has the power to take the parent to court. And allow a judge. To decide on the fate of the parent and their child.

In all situations, divorce lawyer Edmonton says when it goes to court. The judge will always rule. And what they consider to be the child’s best interest. And not what is in the best interest of the parent. In conclusion, children’s welfare is of utmost importance.