Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Protecting Kids

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Protecting Kids

Many people do not think children need protecting says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Especially if they have parents or guardians. Unfortunately, in many cases. It is the parents or guardians who are putting the child in danger.Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

While there are extremely wide areas. Relating to child welfare. There is an extremely extensive set of laws. Under the umbrella of the child youth family and enhancement act.

This act is available for free online. Where people can read all about child welfare. Including what a child who is in need of intervention. It looks like, and their own obligations. As a citizen for reporting this.

To the authorities, and who those authorities are. Any time a complaint is lodged. It is up to the child and family services. To investigate the claim completely. In reality, there are dozens of different agencies.

Dealing with child welfare across Alberta. Each municipality has a different name for them. So collectively, they are simply referred to. As child and family services. A list of their phone numbers.

And how to get a hold of them, can be found. On the website for each municipality. As soon as they get notification. That there is a complaint, a concern. Or report of a child who needs help.

The child family services organization. Is automatically. And immediately obligated, legally. To investigate this complaint. To the fullest extent of their capabilities.

And they have significant power, when it comes to investigating the claims. Their power rivals that of the RCMP. For example, they are able to enter into a home. Completely unannounced, and without a warrant.

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In order to be able to thoroughly investigate. Whether a child is being abused or not. They will look into the child’s home. To see if there is adequate food. It is clean, and they have a place to sleep.

This will also enable. The child and family services workers. To talk to the child, in private. And interrogate the parents and guardians. As well as anyone else who may be living in the home.

And who has access to the child, who may be in a position. To abuse them. Put them in danger. They can also talk to other family members. Such as that child’s siblings. Grandparents, aunts and uncles.

But also, they have the ability. To talk to the child’s teachers, neighbours. Their babysitters, and anyone else. Who might have insight. Into what is going on with the child, and potential abuse or endangerment.

As well, divorce lawyer Edmonton says the act also outlines. What a child who is in need of intervention. Could potentially look like. A child who is in danger, may have been abandoned by their parent or guardian.

They may have run away from home, or been separated. Or furthermore have been separated. Clearly by an accident, such as while visiting the mall. Or during a camping trip. Indeed, in rare instances, when the parents or guardians have died unexpectedly.

However, more often than not. The child is endangered. Because of abuse perpetuated by the parent or guardian. Or, the parent or guardian is not keeping them safe from abuse says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Shielding Kids

There are many things that divorce lawyer Edmonton sees. And unfortunately, dealing with scenarios. Where children need help are some of them. Most people do not think many kids need protecting.

However, there is an entire series of laws. Collectively called the child youth family and enhancement act. That has been created. To protect the welfare of our societies. Most vulnerable members, our children.

Ultimately, for the most part, people think they understand. What a child who is definitely in danger looks like. But it is also outlined it very clearly. Importantly within the child youth family and enhancement act.

First of all, a child would be considered in danger. If they are on the receiving end of physical, emotional. Or sexual abuse by a parent or guardian. But secondly, if the parents or guardians are unwilling.

To obviously protect their child. For example, from physical, sexual or emotional abuse. From another person. Furthermore, it also covers off scenarios says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That is considered cruel and unusual punishment.

As well, a child who is separated from their parents. Either on purpose, by accident. Or by death, are also considered at risk. It is every citizen’s obligation. To report instances where they believe.

Children are in danger. Whether they contact the RCMP, the police. Or even tell any permit worker. They are then obligated to alert. Child and family services. Who are legally obligated. To investigate the complaint.

Once child and family services receives a report. They must investigate the claim thoroughly. And at the conclusion of their investigation. They can handle the matter. In one of two ways. First, if they believe.

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That the situation is therefore extremely serious. And will not be rectified. Through an agreement, they can escalated. Directly to court, and if they think. That the situation is indeed serious enough.

They can file an apprehension order. Which masks the court permission. To remove the children. From the parents or guardians care. Until the court date happens. Since court may take weeks or months.

This must be granted by a judge. And the parent gets an opportunity. To speak at the hearing. Once the apprehension order is filed. And either denied, or upheld.

The next step. Is for child and family services, says divorce lawyer Edmonton. To file what an order called a substantial application. This is application ultimately asks the judge. For a ruling in a specific way.

For example, the first substantive application is called a supervision order. Where the parents will have custody. Of the children while they make changes. To rectify the dangerous situation. Alternatively, the second is a temporary guardianship order.

Which has the children in the care of relatives. Or in foster care. While the parents are finally fixing the situation. This is alternatively used for scenarios that take 3 to 6 months to correct.

Additionally, they might have a permanent guardianship order. Which undoubtedly strips the parents of their rights. Completely, and permanently despite a parents efforts afterwards. And is usually resolved for the most dangerous, and repeat offenders.