Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Protecting Children

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Protecting Children

Most children do not need protection says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, the child and family services. As well as the law, the child youth family and enhancement act. Both exist to protect children.Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Who do need protecting, whether it is from their parents or guardians. Or, if their parents or guardians are unable. Or unwilling to protect them. In some situations. A child needs help for other reasons.

Such as they become lost. Such as wandering away from a campsite. When camping with their family, and that child or then becomes. A child in need of intervention. According to the child youth family and enhancement act.

Or, in another situation. A child’s parent or guardian. May have passed away. Leaving the child, in need of. A new guardian, to watch over them. And take care of them as they grow.

A child who may have been abandoned, may also be. A child in need of intervention. But for the most part says divorce lawyer Edmonton. The child and family services departments. As well as the child youth family and enhancement act.

Both exist to help children. Whether they are being abused. Or their parents are failing to protect them. From abuse. The abuse as outlined in the Alberta laws can include. Physical abuse, including cruel and unusual punishment.

But also, emotional or mental abuse. As well as sexual abuse, as outlined. In the laws of Alberta. Not only that, but according to the law. Any adult who either witnesses. A child in need of intervention.

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Or, receives information. That gives them any reason to suspect. That the child is being abused. Legally obligates that person. To alert the authorities, including the police. RCMP, and child and family services.

Once child and family services gets involved. They themselves. Are legally obligated. To use whatever powers they have. To investigate this claim. This includes being able to enter a home.

To have a look around, and interview. The parents and guardians. The child who is being abused. And their siblings. But also, to speak to any witnesses. That may have information or insight.

These witnesses can include. Other members of the family. Such as grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. But also can include that child’s friends. Classmates, teachers. And even neighbours.

At the conclusion of child and family services investigation. They will either have two options. One, provide a document. That can outline. All of the ways that a parent can rectify the situation.

Or, in cases of extreme abuse. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they can simply proceed to court. And fill out an apprehension order. That is asking to take custody. Of the child, while waiting for the trial.

Either way, parents should get independent legal advice. So that they understand their rights. They understand their obligations. So that they know what they are required to do as they proceed.

There are many different agencies across Alberta. That are happy to give parents. And guardians free legal advice. So that they understand what this document means. And how they can proceed.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Defending Kids

While nobody wants to think of an abused child says divorce lawyer Edmonton. There are laws. And government branches devoted. To protecting these, most vulnerable citizens of our society.

When child and family services has investigated. A claim of child endangerment. Or, as it is called in the child youth family and enhancement act. A child who is in need of intervention.

They can present the parents or guardians. With a written agreement. Outlining the changes they wish. The parent or guardian to make. In order to rectify what they consider a dangerous situation.

These forms can include. Changes such as asking the parent or guardian. To go to a parenting course. Undergo counselling that can help them. Such as psychological counselling.

They may be required. To go to addiction therapy. For example, a parent who is addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling. May not intentionally be harming their child. And once they get the help they need.

They can then, take the steps. To be protective parents once again. The agreements can also require. That a parent or guardian goes through an assessment. Like a parenting assessment.

A psychological assessments, or a neurological assessments. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. A child and family services worker. Cannot force, or coerce apparent. Into signing these documents.

Child and family services are simply not independent workers. They work for the government. And are not working. Towards the parent’s best interest. They are working for the government.

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Towards but they consider to be. The child’s best interest. In order to understand this. Lawyers very usually recommend. That parents who have received an agreement. To sign, from child and family services.

Get independent legal advice. Before they sign it. In many cases, divorce lawyer Edmonton says the lawyer. Will help them understand their obligations. And how quickly they must make changes.

However, in some situations. The lawyer can help the parents. Proposed changes into the agreement. To the child and family services worker. And when those changes are made. They will happily sign it.

And in other situations. The lawyer will tell the parent. That they are better off going to court. And arguing their case in front of a judge. In a scenario like this says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Parents are also told. That they should be making the changes. Outlined in the agreement that their child and family services worker. Gave to them, so that once the case. Is before a judge.

The parent can also make the claim. That they have been making the changes the child and family services worker suggests. So that the judge may simply rule in the parents favour.

Or, the child and family services worker, having completed. Their job adequately will simply. Remove their application to the court. Knowing that the child that was in danger. Is no longer in danger. And now court case had to happen.