Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Proper Conduct for Legal Proceedings

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Proper Conduct for Legal Proceedings

It is very important that people conduct themselves in an appropriate as well as respectful manner when going to court according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Not only because court is considered formal proceedings. But also, because improper behaviour could be seen as not only disruptive. But disrespectful as well to the entire court.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

And while being disruptive or disrespectful will not necessarily affect the judges ruling on a person’s case. It could cause a person to be asked to leave a courtroom. And therefore, missed their opportunity to have the judge here their case.

This is why it is incredibly important for people to understand what they should be doing not just when they get to the courthouse. But how they can prepare beforehand. So that they can conduct themselves appropriately at all times.

One of the first things that divorce lawyer Edmonton suggests is getting prepared for a couple weeks before their court date. This means getting their file together with all the information in it that the judge will need to make their ruling.

If they are showing up for a docket date. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says what this is, is dozens of people are going to be waiting to be heard by the judge at a single sitting. The time period might be two, three or four hours. And people are not sure what order they will be going up to the judge in.

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For cases like this, the judge will have no information about any of the cases in front of them prior to hearing it. Therefore, people need to understand that everything that the judge will need to make their ruling, should be contained in the folder that they bring.

This means all applications they file, affidavits, and all of their evidence. Needs to be within this folder, and organized. Also, a person should be extremely familiar and comfortable with what they are asking the judge for. So that they can articulate it easier when it comes to their turn.

One consequence that can happen if they do not bring their file, or do not have all of the information in it. Is that their case could be dismissed entirely for lack of information. Or, it could be cancelled for the day. Requiring a person to look another court date. Which may take several months.

In addition to being prepared ahead of time. People need to understand that they will not be permitted to use their cell phone while inside the courtroom. This does not just mean talking on it. But texting, using social media and even going on the Internet is not allowed.

If they bring their cell phone, it should be either turned silent, or completely off. And then tucked out of sight. If they fail to do this, this could be seen as disrespectful behaviour. Or even disruptive to the proceedings.

Understanding how to conduct themselves while in court is extremely important. And can help ensure that the proceedings go smoothly. And that the judge has all of the information they need. In order to make a ruling in their favour.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Proper Conduct for Legal Proceedings

Going to court is particularly nerve-racking even if people have been before says divorce lawyer Edmonton. But especially for those who have not experienced this. They may not know the dues or don’ts that they should follow when they arrive.

One of the most important things that they will do is arrive on time or even early. Since courts often only sits for specific periods of time. If people end up late, they may have missed their opportunity to appear entirely.

This is most common for things like a docket date or a chamber date. Where there is going to be a lot of people scheduled within the same frame of time. People are not going to know in advance what order they will be called to speak to the judge.

Therefore if they are late, they might have been called up already, and have the judge dismissed their case in their absence. If it is not dismissed. Then people will have to arrange a new court date. Which may take several months to achieve.

For a family law matter, in someone’s absence, the judge could have granted an order, or made a decision without a person’s input. Chances are quite good that the decision would not be in favour of the person who is absent.

Therefore, if people want to ensure that they get the best opportunity to have the family matter be resolved in the way that is most beneficial to them. They should show up on time to court.

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However, for criminal matters, regardless of if it is a preliminary date or a docket date. Or something far more serious such as entering a plea or trial date. Once a person in a criminal matter does not show up on time. The court will issue a warrant out for their arrest.

Not only can this make their current criminal matter much more complicated. But it will also result in more charges, and more court dates. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says it is not just punitive reasons.

Why people should avoid showing up late to a courtroom proceeding. If people show up on time, or early. There is the greater chance that they are going to be able to access a lot of the free services.

That can help them with their court case. For example, the Elizabeth Fry society will be available to help people with their court matters. Or even to help people find their court room, or find when their next court dates are.

There is even the availability of duty counsel says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Which are lawyers who are available to give free legal advice. And give it out on a first come first served basis.

This can give an important advantage to people who have not been able to retain legal counsel. And get advice that can help them get the ruling that they want. Many people may not understand.

That there are helping agencies available. As long as people arrive early or on time. Which makes this even more important why people should arrive to court on time. And give themselves the best chance at getting the ruling that they want.