Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Paying Child Support Is Imperative

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Paying Child Support Is Imperative

When a marriage breaks down, and children are involved, those parents should talk to a divorce lawyer Edmonton. So that they can be aware of what their rights are. But more importantly, what their obligations are.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The reason why, is because the laws that are designed to protect children. Say what needs to happen with child support. This is written in the Alberta family Law act as well as the divorce act.

These acts say that both parents remain financially responsible for providing for their child. No matter what happens with their relationship. Or if they see their child.

This is why child support is required. So that both parents can contribute to the basic necessities of life for the child that they brought into the world.

However, the reason why only one parent is required to pay child support. Is because the other parent will be considered the custodial parent. Because they have the child for more than 60% of the time.

And because they have the child more often. They bear a larger burden of providing the basic necessities of life. Which is why the noncustodial parent needs to pay.

And since it is a necessity, and a right of the child. Even if a parent does not see their child. Either by choice, or because the other parent is not allowing access.

The obligation to continue to pay child support remains. Because they brought that life into the world. And if a parent is not getting to see their child and wish to see them.

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They can contact of their divorce lawyer Edmonton in order to make a court application. In order to be able to see their child more often.

It is also very important to note. That child support will be paid. Even if it is not required by the custodial parent. Because they make enough money to financially provide for the child.

The amount of money that a parent pays for child support. Is based on their income, and is a percentage. Regardless of how much money your ex-spouse makes.

However, while the amount of money that a parent pays cannot be reduced below that minimum threshold. It can be increased. Especially if the custodial parent makes less money than the custodial parent does.

It is also very important to note. That paying child support is mandatory. Even if the custodial parent is receiving social assistance, also called welfare.

Even though the assumption often is that a parent does not need to pay when the custodial parent is on social assistance. However, the payments they make will change slightly.

If a parent is on social assistance, the child support payments should be made to the government office. So it is important for all parents to know. That child support payments do not stop. Even if the custodial parent is on social assistance.

By understanding their obligations to the child that they have created together. Can help both parents govern themselves accordingly. But if they have any questions, they should contact their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Paying Child Support Is Actually Mandatory

Many parents may not understand the consequences if they do not pay child support accurately says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And this is often due to a large amount of misinformation that people believe about child support.

For example, divorce lawyer Edmonton has seen instances. Where one spouse has refused to provide income information. So that the court can calculate child support payment amounts.

In this case, the parent was hoping that there would be no way to figure out how much child support they have to pay. Or, that they would end up only paying a minimal amount.

But instead, it went before a judge, who made a decision on how much money they need to make in child support payments. Based on the information provided by the ex-spouse.

In addition to receiving a child support payment amount higher than they would have if they had simply provided their income information. They were also awarded costs, which have them paying even more money as well.

In another instance, divorce lawyer Edmonton says that they saw a parent trying to get out of child support payments by fleeing to the United States.

However, this is not an effective way of avoiding their child support obligations. The reason why, is because the United States and Canada are what is called reciprocating jurisdictions.

Which means child support orders that are granted in Canada. Can and will be enforced in the United States. Which means fleeing the country to get out of paying child support. Is not successful.

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In fact, if parents refuse to pay child support. It can trigger the maintenance enforcement program. Which is an Alberta agency that enforces child support court orders.

They can confiscate people’s passports so they cannot leave the country. The program can suspend people’s drivers licenses so that they cannot drive. And they can also garnish wages.

These can all be very serious ramifications. Which is why parents should comply with the court to pay child support properly and on time. So that they do not face a large number of problems.

In fact, divorce lawyer Edmonton says that paying child support is not considered a punishment. And the courts are very cooperative. Helping reduce that payment. If a parent loses their job, or get the different job where they make less money.

By providing their income information as soon as possible. The court can grow to reduce child support payments effective immediately.

And in fact, if a person has a job where their income fluctuates significantly from year-to-year. They can even register with the recalculation program.

And what this program does, is readjust child support payments on an annual basis. Without requiring either parent to have to go back to court in order to reduce payments.

Ultimately, parents need to keep in mind. That paying child support is a way that they support life that they created. So that paying that amount should be extremely important.

By failing to comply with the court orders. Not only can end up with a parent in significant legal trouble. But it can also end up with them having their wages garnished until they are caught up as well.