Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | 3 Best Parenting Children After Divorce


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Parenting Children After Divorce

Separation and divorce can be traumatic says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, not having the right legal team on your side. Can make it even more difficult. There is no need for parents to fight it out in court.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

However, without the right lawyer in place. As exactly what is going to happen. Regardless of if parents are legally married. Or they are simply living common-law. If their relationship is ending and children are involved.

There is going to be a set of rights, as well as obligations. That they must legally live up to. According to the laws of Alberta. Parents can find these laws for free online any time they want.

Common-law parents should look at the family Law act of Alberta. And married couples can look at the divorce act of Alberta. However, both are extremely lengthy documents. That speak in legal terms.

Which is why many parents can benefit. From speaking to a great divorce lawyer Edmonton. Who can decipher the legal terms for the parents. And let them know in plain English. What the documents say.

But regardless of if they are common-law. Or if the parents are legally married. There are going to be identical acts. In both documents. Outlining how they must treat their children.

In fact, the province of Alberta takes. The welfare of children in its province very seriously. And parents need to understand. That their children have their own rights. That parents are obligated to.

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For example, a divorce lawyer says one obligation. That parents need to know about. Is that both parents are legally required. To contribute to the life of the children that they create.

No matter how often they may see the child. Or even if they are interested in maintaining a relationship with that child. For example, some parents have tried. To get out of paying child support.

Simply by saying. That they wish to relinquish their parental rights. And never see the child again. This is not going to work. In order to get them out of paying child support. With her they want to see the child or not.

They are going to be obligated to pay child support. Therefore, before anyone enters into a relationship. Or an act that can end up creating children. They need to understand. And ask themselves if they are willing to pay for that child.

For the rest of that child’s life. If the answer is no, people should think twice about entering into the act. Even if parents decide. That they are going to share access of the children equally.

They are still going to have to pay child support. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says how child support will be calculated. When both parents share access equally. Is that they will look at who makes more money out of the two parents.

The parent that makes more money. Will have the income of the lower earning parent. Subtracted from their own income. And the amount remaining, will be the amount. The child support is calculated on.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Parenting Children After Divorce Is Hard

When parents are getting divorced or separating, hiring a good divorce lawyer Edmonton. Can be one of the most beneficial things that they do. While parents can absolutely divorce or separate. Without the help of the lawyer.

The reason why hiring a lawyer is a good idea. Is simply because they will understand. The laws. As well as the parents rights, as well as obligations. Yes, parents will have obligations they must legally uphold.

Not just to the other parent. But to each other. For example, Divorce lawyer Edmonton parents cannot decide. To waive child support. They may both be well off. Or the parent who is going to have to pay child support.

Is not as well as financially. As the parent who will be receiving child support. So they think that they can. Be amicable and agree with each other. That child support does not need to get paid.

Unfortunately, divorce lawyer Edmonton says this is not a decision. That parents can make. In fact, the law will not favour this. In any way shape or form. Because receiving child support.

Is actually a right of the child. Both parents who create life. Are now legally required. To support that life until it is of legal age. Or until it no longer needs support. Therefore, parents cannot agree.

To not pay child support to each other. This is why child support must be handled. Very specifically. The Divorce lawyer Edmonton courts will look at where the children are living. And if the children are living with one parent for 60% of the time or more.

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That is considered the majority of the time. And child support must be paid. To the parent who has access to the children. The most, this is a calculation done. By the court system of Alberta.

Typically a percentage of a parents income. Represents the amount they must pay and child support. If they share access, it is a slightly different calculation. But regardless of how much child support as being paid.

Who is paying child support. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says no parent can dictate. How that child support can or cannot be spent. In fact, the courts look at child support. As a way to offset the cost.

Of food, clothing and shelter. Therefore, the child support money can literally be spent on just about anything. Because that is money that the parent had. If they did not have to pay for the food, clothing and shelter of the child.

Since the court assumes that the parent. Is caring for food, clothing and shelter of the child already. That money can be spent on anything else. As well, parents must also keep in mind.

That they cannot dictate the rules and the other parent’s home. Such as when the child goes to bed. What sports or extracurricular activities they can engage in. Or what the child’s curfew is for example.

Parents who are separating or divorcing with children. Would benefit from hiring a divorce lawyer Edmonton. That they can get at eLaw alliance, from a free consultation.