Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Parenting After Divorce

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Parenting After Divorce

It can be a large challenge for divorced parents to try to parent says divorce lawyer Edmonton. But it is very important that they figure out how to cooperate and communicate.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Because while taking matters before the court system in Alberta is the last case scenario. If they are unable to come to decisions together, and they do have their matter go before a judge.

They often may find that the outcome is something that neither party wants. And that they are essentially gambling, by letting a complete stranger make the parenting decisions regarding their children.

And the court system is designed to ensure that parents exhaust all of their resources first. About trying to communicate and come to decisions together. Before they will hear anything about their case.

This is why divorce lawyer Edmonton suggests that parents who are having a hard time cooperating. Communicate exclusively in writing, such as emails or text messages.

That way, if one parent is being unreasonable, or very difficult to get a hold of. They will be able to prove that in the court system. Because they have all of the communication in writing.

However, even before parents get to bring their matter before a judge. Even if they are having a difficult time communicating. There are tools that they can use in Alberta. To help them avoid going to court.

For example, there is something called the J D R. Which stands for judicial dispute resolution. Which is an informal meeting with one of the judges in the province.

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And the goal will be to give the judge all of the information they have about their case. And talk to that judge in order to help them form an opinion about their circumstances.

During the meeting, or slower Edmonton says the judge will share what they think about the case. And what they are likely going to decide if this case came before them in the court system.

That way, parents can make the decision if this is something that they truly want. Or if it is going to be in their best interest to continue to try and communicate and cooperate with their ex-spouse.

There is also something that is knew were in Alberta called the early intervention case conference. Which is very similar to the judicial dispute resolution.

However, both parties can be present, and are able to give their evidence. In order to find out how that judge would likely rule in this case. And this often inspires parents to try to cooperate.

Ultimately, many parents are simply disagreeing about decisions that they are making about the children. As well as visitation and child support.

And all of these things can be discussed ahead of time, when they sit down with their divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to draft up their separation, or divorce agreement.

By thinking things through with the lawyer first. And coming to an agreement ahead of time. Can often help both parties figure out what they need to do in order to govern themselves after their divorce.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Parenting After Divorce Requires Communication

There are many laws that parents need to understand says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They are divorcing, and there are children involved. The divorce act in Alberta refers to the laws that govern divorces in this province.

Even though there are a lot of laws regarding divorce, especially when there are children involved. Parents still often have questions for their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

When they sit down, in order to try and come up with the terms of their divorce together. They often want to know what the difference is between sole custody and joint custody.

While most people assume that custody refers to who has visitation of the child. With many people making the assumption that if one parent has sole custody, they are the only one that has visitation with the child.

Fortunately, this is not true, and custody simply refers to the decision making authority. And while the court system typically wants to see joint custody.

Which means both parents get to make decisions on a variety of topics as it relates to their child. Such as what their cultural or religious upbringing will be, where they live, and where they go to school.

However, in certain circumstances, sole custody will be given to a parent. Which means they will make all of those decisions themselves. But that does not mean they get to make all of the decisions about their children.

Parenting time refers to the amount of time that each parent gets to spend with their children. And unless they have supervised visitation. The parents that have parenting time can make decisions.

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These decisions are things like when his bedtime, what activities they will participate in when together. And what food the parent is going to feed their child.

Even if both parents have extremely different parenting styles. The other one cannot dictate what the parent will do when they have their parenting time with their child.

Therefore, divorce lawyer Edmonton says even if one parent has sole custody. they cannot tell the other parent what the child’s bedtime is going to be, or activities they can do when they spend time together.

And when it comes to supervised visitation. Something very serious needed to have happened. In order to require someone else being present. To supervise the time a parent spends with their child.

While this can be a friend, a relative, or someone else. Such as agencies who offer people to be hired in order to show up during a supervised visitation for a fee.

It is typically is very difficult for parents to prove that this needs to happen. Requiring a lots of substantial evidence. And often it will require a court case as well.

By helping parents understand custody, parenting time, and visitation. Can help ensure that they are making the right decisions, as it relates to the raising of their children.

However, if parents have any other questions regarding their divorce, or separation. And as it relates to their children. Can make an appointment will force lawyer Edmonton, to answer all of their specific questions.