Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Parenting After A Divorce

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Parenting After A Divorce

It can be difficult parenting after a divorce says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Mostly because each partner will already have had their feelings hurt. And trying to communicate with the other parent can be difficult after that.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

However, it is very important that parents do their best to communicate and cooperate. Because if they are not able to come to agreements. It can be difficult to get before a judge.

The reason why, is because going to court is often seen as the very last results. Especially because it will end up with a judge making important parenting decisions on behalf of the child.

And while they do their best to ensure that they are making the decision that is in the best interest of the child. The parents truly are the best ones to decide that.

However, if parents are having a difficult time communicating. They needs to be able to prove this to the court system. So that they can escalated to the next step.

This is why many parents insist on communicating in writing. Although that can include text messages and email. And more now than ever, divorcing couples are communicating through an app called family Wizard.

And this app is recommended by the courts and divorce lawyer Edmonton. As a way of communicating with parents. In a way that allows them to discuss their children.

communicating in writing can be very beneficial. Because it takes a lot of the emotion out of the heat of the moment. And allows people to think clearly about what they are saying.

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And, if they find that one parent is uncooperative, uncommunicative, or unresponsive. Having everything in writing can leave a paper trail. To help persuade the court system in Alberta.

That they have tried their best to communicate with their ex-spouse. But they need to escalated to the next scenario. Which will be mediation.

When parents have been ordered to go to mediation, this means that they have to find a different and impartial lawyer to act as the mediator. Which means it cannot be a lawyer in the same firm as either parents lawyers.

A divorce lawyer Edmonton may be a mediator, which can be very beneficial. Which will allow both parties to sit in the same room, and come to conclusions together, with someone helping guide the conversation.

If mediation does not work, the next steps include a judicial dispute resolution. Which is an informal meeting with a judge. That can help parents form an opinion about how a court case might unfold.

They often will hear directly from the judge what they are looking for, and how they make their decisions. And often is a very powerful tool in encouraging parents to cooperate.

However, it is not always possible for all of these methods to work. Which may result in parents having to take a situation before a judge anyway. But they need to have proven that they have done their best to communicate and cooperate ahead of time.

In this situation, people will need to have a divorce lawyer Edmonton that can help them navigate the court system. So that they can end up with the best possible outcome for their case.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Parenting Children After A Divorce

Parenting is difficult enough says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Without parents trying to do its best for their child, although they are no longer living together any longer.

And ultimately, parents need to learn how to set aside their differences. So that they can cooperate and communicates. In order to come to a consensus on what is in the best interest of their child.

However, there are many legal requirements as well as obligations. As outlined in the family Law act, and divorce act of Alberta. One of the first things that they will have to decide upon is custody.

However, custody simply refers to who holds the decision-making authority over the child. For large, life decisions such as where will the child live and go to school. Or what will their cultural upbringing be.

Therefore, parents can decide between sole custody, which means only one parent gets to make these large decisions on behalf of the child. Or joint custody, where they will both be allowed to have input.

Ultimately, the court system of Alberta will typically want to see both parents be as involved in their child’s life as possible. But there may be many reasons why a parent may want sole custody.

However, whichever decision they come to with their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Parents need to keep in mind that custody has nothing to do with how often they are going to see their children.

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Because of that, a parent might have sole custody, but see their child half the time. Because custody has nothing to do with parenting time.

When it comes to deciding parenting time if parents have joint custody. They will need to come to an agreement together. About where the child is going to stay at what time.

However, if one parent has sole custody. They will make this decision alone. But that does not mean they will get to deny visitation altogether.

In fact, even if one parent stops paying child support. Does not allow the other parent to withhold visitation from the other. And it is very important that both parents understand this very clearly.

In fact, the court looks at child support as the right of the child. Instead of paying one parent for raising the child that they both brought into this world.

Because of that, child support is mandatory, and even parents that do not wish to see their children are not able to get out of paying this. But also, visitation is also mandatory.

Unless someone has substantiated evidence that one parent should not have visitation. And even then, they are likely to have supervised visits. Instead of having all contact cut off.

The more that parents understand the requirements as outlined in the family Law act of Alberta. The more they will be able to make the right decisions says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That can help to what is in the best interest of their children.