Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Paramount Child Support Details

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Paramount Child Support Details

It is incredibly important that parents who are divorcing hire someone like a divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to navigate the sometimes difficult world of child support.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The first thing that all parents need to understand. Whether they are legally married, or just common-law. Is if their relationship is ending. And there is a child from their union. Child support is going to need to be paid.

The reason why is very simple explains divorce lawyer Edmonton. Child support is the legal mechanism, at least in Alberta. That ensures both parents are actually paying for. The financial well-being of the life they created together.

To ensure both parents are doing this, it is a monetary payments. From one parent to the other. To offset costs of things like food, clothing and shelter. Under no circumstances is this a payment that can be eliminated.

Because it is the right of the child. To have the two parents that created them. To be responsible, at least financially for them. Therefore, parents cannot waive this right. Or negotiated away.

It is extremely important that people understand this. Because if they decide to stop paying child support. For many different reasons. Such as their former partner is withholding access of the child to them.

Or they are withholding child support, because the parent. Is not spending the child support the way they feel it should be spent. Or if the parent is now receiving social assistance. So they think child support can be stopped.

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None of these reasons will be supported by the court. If people decide to stop paying child support for any reason. Therefore, people should understand this, before they start getting involved in the process. To avoid running into legal issues.

They can hire a great divorce lawyer Edmonton who will explain the situation. So that they can avoid not making child support payments. And ending up in a problem, that will take a long time to clean up.

One of the first things that parents need to decide. Is who is going to have the children, and what amount of time. Often, there will be one parent. Who has the child for 60% of the time or more.

And in this case, the parents that has the child less time. Will be paying child support to the other parent. Again, this is to offset the costs of food, clothing and shelter. Which the court assumes the parent.

Has already paid for, which means when they get child support. They do not necessarily have to spend. Directly on the child, as their necessities of life are cared for. And if they are not, that is an issue.

For child protective services. If the child is healthy and cared for, a parent simply cannot dictate. How the other parent spends that money. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton does say.

That if a parent petition the court for a higher child support payments. They are going to have to provide documentation of what they have spent the money on. And if it is not spent appropriately, they may deny the increase child support.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Paramount Child Support Details For Parents

Child support is often misunderstood says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Often because people believe. What they see on television or in the movies. But child support laws change not just from one province to the next.

But what the laws are in the United States, or a lot of our television and movies come out of. Is not necessarily what happens in Canada. Therefore, parents who base their actions on their assumptions.

May find out the hard way. That how they have acted is not appropriate. And now they are in trouble. However, all parents can avoid getting into legal trouble. By being proactive and hiring a great divorce lawyer Edmonton.

That way, they will be able to find out exactly what the laws say. The laws pertaining to child support include the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act of Alberta.

And it does not much matter, what laws people are looking at. What they say about child support will be identical. There are section 3 child support expenses. That pay for things like food, clothing and shelter.

There is section 9 expenses. Which are called set off child support. Which are the calculations that happen. When parents actually share access equally.

Of the children from their relationship. As well as section 7 expenses. Where parents contribute to the extracurricular activities and additional child care expenses like daycare.

Not only do parents have to pay for the necessities of life. But they can also with the help of their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Ask to have the extracurricular activities paid for under child support payments.

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However, parents should be advised. That both will have to contribute to these expenses. As they are able to afford. If a parent cannot afford to pay a portion of the extracurricular activities, they are not legally obligated to.

However, they are legally obligated to pay child support. For food, clothing and shelter. And failure to do so. Will trigger the maintenance enforcement program. Which is an agency exclusive to Alberta.

Whose entire existence is to enforce. Child support orders that have gone they link went. They have significant authority in order to encourage people to pay child support that they are owing.

Which includes suspending drivers licenses, confiscating passports. Garnishing wages, as well as seizing a person’s assets. They may be seized until a person pays not just child support payments once again.

But pay for everything that they owe retroactively. Dating back to the very first time that they started missing payments. This can be very difficult to dig oneself out from under says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

And it is far better to avoid falling into the situation. People can do so, simply by communicating with their ex spouse. And with the court. Especially if they cannot afford child support payments.

By communicating, and ensuring child support remains paid. Parents can do right by their children. Call eLaw alliance for your consultation today.