Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Obligations To Children

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Obligations To Children

Unfortunately, when parents are divorcing says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They often, do not remember. The obligations they have. To their children. Until reminded, by the court system. However, the two unfailing rights.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

That children undoubtedly have. Is to ensure that both of their parents. Are providing the necessities of life. And to certainly have as much access. To both parents as possible. Thus, these are rights, that the court system is designed to protect.

Child support is  the way. For the courts, to ensure. That both parents are certainly meeting. The obligations they have. To the children. When one parent, has more access. Child support is calculated.

By taking the total income. Of the parent, that has less access. And that percentage, is paid out. On a monthly basis. However, more often than ever before. Parents are sharing access equally.

However, this does not mean. That child support is waived. Instead, it is a calculation. Based on the income of both parents. Therefore, the difference, between the higher earner. And the parent who earns less. Is the payable amount.

This child support must absolutely. Be paid on a monthly basis. With absolutely no excuses why it cannot. Be paid by one parent. This means, that if a parent is having difficulties. They cannot make the choice themselves.

To stop paying child support. Or, that they will take a break for a while. Even if this is something that both parents agree to. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says it absolutely must. Go through the court system.

Because it is not up to the parents. To agree, to change. The legal rights that a child is entitled to. Therefore, the parent who is unable. To pay child support. Needs to make an application to the court system.

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In order to have their child support reduced. Or, therefore get legal permission. To be late on a payment or two. Therefore, as long as they promise to catch up. Within a specific period of time. The courts may in fact agree.

However, then, and only then. Will a parent be able. To reduce. Or stop their payments temporarily. However, parents should keep in mind. That the courts do not view child support. As a punitive measure. And as such.

They are more than happy. To work with parents. In order to get a child support payment. That is in their capabilities. Therefore, if a parent loses their job. Or, start earning less money. Then they did when.

The child support agreement was first created. Thus, all they have to do. Is make an application to the court. With their divorce lawyer Edmonton. To have that amount reduced. Therefore, because of this ability to. Reduce child support payments.

There is absolutely no excuse. Why a parent should take it upon themselves. To stop paying child support. However, if they do, they will certainly be pursued. By the maintenance enforcement program.

Which is an agency in Alberta. That has broad, sweeping powers. With the sole purpose. Of enforcing child support orders. They can seize licenses, passports and property. As well as garnish wages.

If parents would like help. Navigating their divorce, or separation as common law partners. As well as parents. All they need to do, is contact elaw alliance in Edmonton. For their free, one hour consultation.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Knowing The Obligations To Children

Parents should never forget their children says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Even though a divorce, or a separation. Are often destined to eventually get messy. They cannot forget their children’s rights in the mess. Certainly, both parents are legally required.

To ultimately provide the basic necessities of life. For the children that they created. And ultimately, even when the parents relationship with each other. Comes to an end through separation, for common law couples. Or the end of a legal marriage.

When the child surely is no longer living. Under the same roof. As both parents. Then, decidedly, child support is the way. To ensure, that both parents. Are still providing for those basic necessities of life.

When one parent has more access. Then the other parent. They will be seen. As bearing the burden. More heavily of providing those necessities of life. Therefore, the other parent pays child support.

As a way to equal, what both parents. Are inevitably are paying to support their child. However, it is becoming increasingly common. For parents to share access equally. Therefore,  in this case.

Child support is ultimately calculated slightly differently. While many parents assume says divorce lawyer Edmonton. That they simply do not have to pay child support. When they share access equally.

The parent that makes more money. Will end up paying the child support. And how that is calculated. Is by looking at the income. Of both parents, and a percentage of the difference, is the child support amount.

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As well, parents need to understand. That the issue of child support. And the issue of access. Are ultimately seen as to completely different entities. If a parent stops paying child support. It is absolutely not okay.

For one parent, to withhold access. Until child support continues. If child support stops. The appropriate response. Is to work with divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to make an application in the courts. In an effort get the parent.

To start paying child support again. And if a parent withholds access. The appropriate response. Is not to simply withhold child support. But to also make an application in the courts. Inevitably encouraging the parents.

To allow access once again. However, for the most part, when a relationship ends. And there are children involved. Both parents are quite happy. To cooperate, in order to give wet best for the children.

However, if parents do not agree. Not only can it get quite messy. But it will increase the number of court appearances they will make. And often, if parents still cannot agree. Then a judge is going to have to make the decisions.

And that usually ends up. With no parent being happy. On what is going to happen, especially when it comes to their children. If parents would like help. Navigating their divorce. Especially when it comes to what is right for their children.

All they ultimately have to do. Is contact divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because they offer free, one hour consultations. Certainly helping parents get the help as well as the information. That parents need. To provide for their children. And navigate access with their ex spouse.