Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Necessary Facts About Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Facts About Child Support

Whether people are divorcing, or separating says divorce lawyer Edmonton. If there are children involved, parents will need to deal with. Who pays child support, and how much.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

There is still a lot of misinformation. About child support. And parents should know the truth. So that they can make the right decision for their child. And for themselves, and check partner.

For example, a common misconception about child support. Is that child support does not need to be paid. If both parents have equal access to the children or the child. This is not true at all.

While a common scenario. Used to be that one parent had access more time. Then the other parent. Such as parents having access. During the week, and the other parent. Having access only on weekends.

It was very understandable to many. That the parent who had access. Only on the weekends, paid child support. To the parent who had access most of the time. However, this is no longer the most common arrangement.

In fact, it is more common. For parents to split access. Where parents would have the child one or two weeks at a time. And then they would switch off, with the other parent. Taking the child for one or two weeks.

Even though both parents are seeing the child. The same amount of time. This does not negate child support being paid. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says in this particular circumstance.

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The court will calculate who earns more money. The difference between the parent earning more money. Then the parent who earns less money. Will have a percentage of child support payments.

Calculated from that difference. The reason why child support still needs to be paid. When both parents have access to the children equally. Is because child support is considered to be the right of the child.

To have both parents contribute equally. To their financial stability, and their life. Therefore even though they have shared access. To equalize financial responsibility. The use what is called section 9 payments.

Which is also called set off child support. Another misconception about child support.according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that parents who are on social assistance. Not qualified to receive child support.

Again, this is completely untrue. Because it is not the parent that receives the money. It is money for the child. However, if a parent is on social assistance. It affects how the parent pays child support.

For example, if one parent who should be receiving. The child support is on social assistance. The parent who pays child support. Will actually send that money. To the government directly. Instead of directly to the other parent.

Which is how child support is typically paid. While there are many more things. That people should learn about child support. The best resource is actually a lawyer who knows child support laws.

Parents can contact any of the experts. At the law alliance in Edmonton. They do have a one hour free consultation. So that parents can get the right information the first time.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Discovering Facts About Child Support

Child support is mandatory to be paid says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And there are many different scenarios. That people should be aware of. When it comes to giving and receiving this financing.

The first thing that divorce lawyer Edmonton wants parents to know. Is that child support is actually considered. A right of the child. And not a payment to the other parent.

Many people withhold child support. Because they are very angry at their ex spouse. But they should not withhold child support. Because legally, it is how they contribute. Financially to the life that they created.

When parents are divorcing. Or they are common-law, and their relationship is ending. They must go to court. In order to figure out child access. As well as who pays child support. And how much should be paid.

Even before they get to court. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they will receive a notice to disclose. Or a request for financial documents. In the mail from the court system. This is required to disclose by law.

And what they are asked to disclose. Is there income, more specifically. The income as reported. Online one hundred and fifty. Of their Canadian tax return. So that the court can appropriately calculate child support payments.

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They must disclose that not just to the court. But to their ex spouse as well. However, some people think. That they are going to be able to skirt the obligation. To pay child support if they simply do not disclose their finances.

They think without sharing with the court. Or with their ex-spouse their finances. They will not be able to have their child support amount. Appropriately calculated, and they will not have to make these payments.

Unfortunately this is not true. And in court, the judge is able. To set child support payments. At whatever they feel is appropriate. They can use their own judgement. Or they can research.

The approximate salary of someone. Doing the job that the particular parent. That has failed to disclose their salary is making. And they can even ask the ex-spouse. How much they think their ex partner is making financially.

The judge can then set child support payments. At whatever they think is appropriate. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says in most cases. The judge and the ex spouse or partner. Ends up estimating higher.

Then what a person is actually making. Therefore, child support payments are usually. Calculated as higher than they would be. If the parent had simply disclosed their financial documents.

From the very beginning of the process. Therefore parents should not try. To avoid making child support payments. It is far easier. And better for their child if they cooperate with the system.

If people have any more questions about child support. About divorce proceedings in general. All they have to do is pick up the phone and contact the experts. At the law alliance, located conveniently in Edmonton.