Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Necessary Child Welfare Rules

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Necessary Child Welfare Rules

Parents are faced with the conundrum says divorce lawyer Edmonton. If child and family services has investigated the claim. That are children, or one of their children. Is in need of intervention.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

A child who is in need of intervention. Is one who is in danger, from any of the following threats. A child who is been abandoned by their parents or guardians. Or, who has become lost through no fault of anyone’s.

A child whose parent or guardian has died, and they do not have another parent or guardian. Or it could be that the parent or guardian is abusing their child in a certain way. Or they are failing to prevent the abuse.

The abuse can include, but is not limited to physical abuse, sexual abuse. Neglect, emotional abuse, cruel or unusual punishment. In fact, if anyone suspects that a child needs protecting.

They are obligated by law to report it either directly to child and family services. Or to the police or RCMP. The child and family services will be able to very thoroughly investigate the complaint.

And if they find out says divorce lawyer Edmonton, that the child is in danger. And needs intervention, they can choose several ways. To intervene in the matter. Every single way that they intervene, parents should get independent legal advice.

From their divorce lawyer Edmonton, in order to figure out. The best way to respond to it. The most likely scenario is that child and family services will give them one of three different agreements to sign, and adhere to.

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The agreements could be a custody agreement, a family enhancement agreement. Or a permanent Guardian agreement. And while signing any of these agreements is completely voluntary. Once they are signed, they become legally binding.

Which means parents must live up to the conditions. Set out in the agreement, or face the ramifications. Which might include losing custody of their children forever. This is why it is incredibly important.

That they consult their divorce lawyer Edmonton for signing anything. They can either agree to sign the form. And then, understand what that obligates them to. Or, they can refuse to sign it entirely.

In which case, child and family services will take the parent to court. And usually it will start with an apprehension order. Where they petition the court to take custody of the child temporarily.

Until the trial starts. A parent will have the opportunity, along with their lawyer. To argue that they should have custody of the child. Until the trial. But because they will be arguing in front of a judge.

Hiring a lawyer is going to be one of the best things that they do. Finally, the last way that they can respond to any of the three agreements given to them by child and family services. Is quite simply to agree to sign it.

Once amendments have been made. It is up to child and family services if they want to accept the amendments. Or if they then want to go to court. Parents who have been given an agreement by child and family services should contact the Law alliance today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Necessary Child Welfare Rules To Follow

Parents may not have any experience says divorce lawyer Edmonton. If child and family services until their divorce. When one parent complains to this organization. That they believe their child is in danger.

There are many things that they could suspect. Their child is in danger from, however any time child welfare group, child and family services receives a complaint. About a child who might be in danger.

They are legally obligated to investigate the claim. And they are legally obligated to investigate the claim, to the fullest extent of their capabilities. If they find out that the child does need help.

They can ask the parent. To sign an agreement, outlining the ways that they can fix the situation. However, in most cases it simply ends up going to court. Because the agreements handed out by child and family services.

Our completely voluntary to sign. And child and family services cannot force or coerce apparent. Or legal guardian into signing anything. However, they may be very pushy and act as though the parent must sign it.

Which is why if a parent is contacted by child and family services at any time. They should hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton to get independent legal advice. So that they know exactly how to respond. And what their rights, and obligations are in the situation.

If they go to court, the child and family services are likely going to file what is called an apprehension order. Which is a request to remove the children from the parents custody. Until the trial dates, where they will address the child endangerment charge.

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Apparent, along with their divorce lower Edmonton can argue. In front of the judge why temporary custody should be kept with the parents. While child and family services will state their case, using the evidence from their investigation.

Why they should have temporary custody. The reason why this is so important to decide. Is because the courts are so full, that it can take weeks, months or even a year or more. For the matter to go to court says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Therefore, parents will want to have custody of their child. For that year, leading up to the trial about the child endangerment charge. Once the apprehension order has been filed, child and family services has forty-two days.

To figure out how they want to proceed. Once custody has been determined, child and family services will have one of three options. Supervision order, which means someone will supervise. As the parents make the changes needed to rectify the situation.

A temporary guardianship order. Which is where child and family services will take custody of the children. Until the parents rectify the situation. Or, they will filed for a permanent guardianship order. Which effectively terminates the parents parental rights.

No matter what, having child and family services investigates any parent. Is very serious, and means that parents should hire their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Calling E law alliance today.