Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Necessary Child Support Facts


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Necessary Child Support Facts

No parent gets married, and has children in order to require a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because they are splitting up. This is often the worst-case scenario for everyone involved. And should be treated very carefully.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

One of the first things that both parents need to understand. Is if there are children from their relationship. Child support is going to need to be navigated. It is not something that parents can negotiate away.

Or agree to not pay. Whether or not both parents are well-off. And sharing access of the children equally. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says child support is the mechanism. That ensures both parents.

Are taking responsibility for the life they created. It is the right of the child for both parents to contribute to their life. Paying for food, clothing and shelter as a start.

Therefore, even if one parent. Is not very well-off. Or they both are quite wealthy. They cannot agree to not pay child support to the other. How child support is calculated is written in two separate Law act.

Divorce lawyer says they are both available for free online. For people to read at their leisure. One is the divorce act of Alberta. And the other is the family Law act of Alberta.

It is very important to note. That there are several different sections pertaining to child support. And if anyone has trouble reading or understanding. These Law act’s, that are often written in legal language. They can always hire.

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A divorce lawyer Edmonton, such as the experts at the Law alliance. To help them understand the laws. And act according to them.

According to section 3, these are the child support expenses that pay for. The necessities of life, such as food, clothing and shelter. It is calculated by looking at which parent has access to the children the least amount.

As they will be the one that pays child support to the other parent. They will look at line 150. Of their notice of assessments says divorce lawyer. And the court will assess.

A percentage of the income to be paid. Per child, for child support payments. If a parent is unable to afford this amount. They can apply their divorce lawyer to the court.

Providing proof of why they cannot afford this. Such as high bills, or other situations. That demand more money from a person. However, the court says it is reasonable, that is the amount to be paid.

If both parents share access to the children. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says child support still needs to be paid. However, it will be paid according to. Section 9 of the laws. Called set off child support.

If parents share access, the higher income earner. Will pay a percentage of child support based on. The difference in both parents income. If parents have more questions about child support.

Or wish to have an expert on their side. They can hire a great divorce lawyer from elaw alliance, call for your consultation today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Necessary Child Support Facts You Should Know

It is very important that if parents are divorcing, they hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton. They may think that it is not required. Especially if the breakup is amicable. Or they are understanding what they want to get out of the divorce.

It is still a great idea. To consult with a divorce lawyer. So that parents can understand their rights of their children. As well as their own obligations to their children.

Many parents may not realize. But they have an obligation. To continue to contribute to the life of their child. Even if they are no longer together with that child’s parent. It is important to understand this.

Because child support needs to be paid, no matter what. If parents share access equally. If one parent does not want to see their child. Or if one parent is withholding access to the other.

And of these situations are going to allow one parent. To not live up to their financial obligation. To care for the necessities of life. For the life that they created with their ex partner.

Therefore, if one parent withholds access. Or withholds child support. The best course of action would be to hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton. To go to court in order to rectify the situation.

Under no circumstances is it appropriate. For one parent to withhold access. Or withhold child support. Because the other parent is withholding the other. They will both and up in legal trouble if that is the case.

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As well, even the most amicable divorces. Can require a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because often, child support does not necessarily end. When the child reaches eighteen years of age, which is the age of majority in Alberta.

Also, according to the divorce act. And the family Law act of Alberta. Section 7 expenses state. That both parents must also contribute to extracurricular activities. Such as music, sports or art lessons.

As well, section 7 expenses can also pay for. Additional childcare, such as a day home, or a babysitter. For the child, if it is necessary. Because one of the parents is working. Therefore, understanding the laws.

Help both parents develop into the rights of their child. And do the appropriate thing. Something else that parents should know. Is that one parent can never dictate. What the other parent spends child support payments on.

According to the law, child support is simply to offset the cost. Of the food, clothing and shelter. That they have assumed the other parent has taken care of. Therefore, one parent has absolutely no obligation.

To pay for things for the child out of that money. They can spend it on anything they want. And the other parent has no say. If the food, clothing and shelter has not been taken care of however.

That is when the parent should bring their divorce lawyer Edmonton to court. To let the court know. That the money is being spent inappropriately. And the parent will have to provide receipts.