Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Necessary Child Support Details For You

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Necessary Child Support Details For You

Paying child support is a very serious matter according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. And whether parents have been legally married, or common-law. The laws pertaining to them, and their children will be the same.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Child support is actually considered the right of the child. It is the legal mechanism used to ensure both parents, our contributing to the life of the child they created. Child support is the way the court can ensure this happens.

A common misconception about child support, is that is only to pay. For things like the necessities of life, the food, clothing and shelter for the child. And while this is definitely one type of expenses that child support covers.

Under section 7 of both the divorce act, and the family Law act. Both parents are going to be required. To contribute to expenses for things like extracurricular activities, and child care.

Before figuring out the additional expenses. It is important that parents understand. How to calculate child support for the child’s basic necessities. The court will first take a look at where the children are living.

In most cases these days, parents share access equally. Which also is viewed as the most beneficial by the court. And in this case, child support is paid. By the parent who earns more money out of the two parents.

The child support will be a percentage of the difference in two parents income. Which is why it is important that parents. Disclose their finances to the court system before attending says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

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If a parent thinks that they can get away from a child support payment. By failing to disclose their financial information. What will happen, is that the judge will have the authority to assess child support.

At any amount that they deem valid. The judge can look at the type of career or job that the parent has. In order to figure out how much or they are likely making in income.

Or the judge can simply ask the other parent. How much they think their ex-spouse is making. Even if they do not have that information. The judge has the authority says divorce lawyer Edmonton. To assess child support at whatever they deem to be reasonable.

Therefore, it is not going to be in a parent’s best interest. To not claim their income that the court, upon request. However, if parents are not sharing access equally then child support is calculated slightly differently.

Looking at who has access the majority of the time, such as 60% of were more. The child support will be paid. By the parent who has the children less time than that. They will pay a percentage of their income.

As calculated on line 150. Of the parents last notice of assessment since they file their taxes. When the parents disclose their finances, they will get a percentage taken child support for each child that they have.

Under no circumstances will a parent be able to get out of paying child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Therefore, by doing so faithfully. Can help all parents avoid getting into legal trouble, see eLaw Alliance today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Necessary Child Support Details For All Parents

The most important things of a separating parent to do, says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is understand child support laws in Alberta. This is because it is something that is considered serious, and protected fiercely by the courts.

It is considered to be a legal right of the child. To have both of the parents who created them. To remain financially responsible to them for as long as possible. Therefore, parents are rarely ever able to get out of paying child support.

Even if they decide to relinquish their parental rights, they are likely going to still be required. To pay child support, until the court deems it no longer necessary. A common misconception of child support is that it ends when the child is eighteen.

This is not necessarily the case. Although many people assume it to be so, because eighteen is the age of majority in the province of Alberta. The reason why it is not necessarily the case. Is because sometimes, if children are enrolled.

In post secondary institutions, such as colleges, universities or trade school. Especially enrolled in those institutions straight out of high school. The court system may deem them. Dependent on one parent.

As long as they are enrolled in that institution. Which means that a child may necessitate. A child support payment continue to be paid. Until they are twenty-five years of age in some cases says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

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As well, if a child remains economically dependent on the parents. for a variety of reasons, it is going to be something that the court may require. Child support to be paid indefinitely, so no parent should make the assumption.

That child support does not need to be paid because if they make that assumption. Then they could end up in legal trouble, by not adhering to. The child support laws. Which carries some serious repercussions.

As well, child support is not considered punitive find. Therefore, parents can have the child support reduced. If circumstances dictate that it is necessary. They may have lost their job, or got a job where they are making less money.

If that is the case, they can contact with their divorce lawyer Edmonton the court system. And provide proof that there financial circumstances have changed. In order to reduce their child support payments.

There are even provisions that allow a parent to change their child support payments. On a month-to-month basis. If they are in a career their they make most of their money on tips for primarily commission.

The court system wants to make it. As easy as possible for parents to live up to the obligations of their child. And to contribute financially to their life. By using their divorce lawyer Edmonton, and keeping the lines of communication open.

All parents can make this possible. So that the child is the winner in the end. Contact the experts at eLaw Alliance today to get started today.