Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Navigating Child Support Issues

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Navigating Child Support Issues

The issue of child support, is not paying a parent to take care of the child says divorce lawyer Edmonton. But rather, a way. For both parents, to be financially supporting. The life that they both helped to create.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Therefore, it is not considered the right of the parent. But the right of the child to receive. All of the necessities of life, from both parents. When parents are separating, as in a common-law relationship.

Or, when they are divorcing. After being legally married. If there is a child from the union. They must adhere. To the legal acts of Alberta. On how to conduct themselves, and what they are obligated to.

There is the divorce act. Which is specifically for. Helping those who were in a legal marriage. Get divorced. And contains information. Related to child support and access.

And there is also the family Law act. Which also has information. Related to child support. As well as access, and all of the laws. Governing that within it.

While parents can read the acts for free. As they are online. So that if they have any questions. They will be able to find the answers. But also, it can be difficult. For parents to read and understand it.

Which is where hiring divorce lawyer Edmonton. Comes in incredibly handy. They can advise parents. On their rights and obligations. And help them make the decision. That is best for their family.

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Ultimately, no matter what happens in the relationship. When a relationship ends. And there are children involved. Two things need to be decided. Where the child is going to live.

And who is going to pay child support. As well as how much they must pay. The reason why where the child is going to live. Must be decided first says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is quite simply.

That is going to influence. The child support payments. That one of the parents is going to end up making. The decisions about where the child lives. Does not need to be permanent.

And if things change. About where the child lives. Or how much access both parents have. On a regular basis. The parents can inform the court. And then, they can reassess child support payments.

No matter which parent has what amount of access. It is either going to come to. Both parents sharing access equally. Or, one parent having the child or children. More than the other parent.

When they share access. Child support is going to be figured out. According to section 9 of the divorce acts. Or the family Law act. The parent who earns more money out of the two.

Will pay a percentage, of the difference. Between the two incomes. Each parent earns. When parents have unequal access. The parent who has access lasts. Will pay child support to the other parent.

Based on a percentage of their total income. Parents can even find out. Approximately how much child support. They are going to have to pay. Based on the online calculator. So that they can be prepared.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Help In Navigating Child Support Issues

One of the most important things to be considered in a divorce according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is what is going to happen, with the children in the relationship. They will have to live somewhere.

And child support is going to have to be paid. Many parents think that child support is optional, like alimony. This is actually not the case. Parents cannot negotiate a lower child support fee.

Or, opt out of it for any reason. Child support is considered. To be the right of the child. And therefore, something impossible. To negotiate away. Or to decrease, in any fashion.

However, parents should also understand. That it is decidedly not considered punishment. To have child support payments. And are certainly not meant to be a hardship. On one parent or the other.

Ultimately, if a parent is having trouble paying. They can use their divorce lawyer Edmonton. To make an application. Through the court system, to reduce payments. And this can indeed be reassessed any time.

Some parents may wonder, if the other parent. Is withholding access to their children. If that means. They no longer have to pay child support. And while this seems to make sense, this is not true.

Child support is not a payment. In order to gain access to the child. And whether a parent sees their child or not. Or even if they do not want to see their child. They still require to pay child support.

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If an parent is withholding access. That should be dealt with through the court system. Where they can have legal ramifications. For their actions, since it is considered the right of the child. To see both parents.

But withholding child support. Would also results. In the parent who does not pay. To see ramifications legally. That may be difficult to recover from. Another question that parents have.

Is do they stop paying child support. When their child reaches the age of majority? In Alberta, legal age is eighteen years. However, that does not necessarily mean. That a parent stops paying child support.

However if the child is enrolled. In a postsecondary institution. It may ultimately be legally mandated. That the parent continues to pay child support. And in some situations as an example. The child may be economically dependent on a parent.

Such as they have a disability for example. And they are unable to support themselves. At least at the current time. The parent will be required. To continue child support. And that can also be reassessed any time.

While there may be many questions. Such as did they still pay child support. When the parent that has more access. Is on social assistance. How paying for extracurricular activities undoubtedly works.

As well as what can a parent do however. If the other parent has fled the country. In order to avoid paying child support. Ultimately, all of these questions can be answered, with a consultation from divorce lawyer Edmonton.