Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Misconceptions About Child Support


Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Misconceptions About Child Support

Not only are there many things that parents do not understand about child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. But some parents try to get out of paying the child support that they are required.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

By spreading false information. In hopes that their significant other does not catch on. That they are not telling the truth. And in some cases, they simply tried to get out of paying through several dubious methods.

One thing that many people believe about child support. That is just simply untrue. Is that they can get away with not paying court ordered child support. If they skip town, and go to the United States of America.

Thankfully, divorce lawyer Edmonton says this is actually not true. For one, USA the United States of America and Canada are considered reciprocating jurisdictions. And what that means, is court orders that are granted in Canada.

Can be enforced in the United States. And vise versa. Which means people cannot get out of paying if they go to America. In fact, parents of children also need to keep in mind. That there are many other reciprocating jurisdictions throughout the world.

Other than America. Which means even going to a different country. Does not mean people can get out of paying the child support they owe. Something else that some parents believe about child support. Is that if they have fluctuating income as an employee. For example, people who are in the service industry. And do not have consistent hours.

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Must go to court every single year in order to readjust child support payment amounts. This also is not true. And instead, these people can register with the child support recalculation program.

This program has the authority to readjust child support payments annually. For people who have fluctuating income. To avoid people having to go back to court on an annual basis. Something else that people may not know about child support payments.

Is that if they refuse to pay their court ordered child support. They can be registered in the maintenance enforcement program. The maintenance enforcement program, or also called him he key for short. Has a lot of authority.

On what they can do to parents who refused to pay the court ordered child support. The M E P program can suspend people’s drivers licenses, confiscate their passports. And even have the government cut their wages.

With the percentage of their wages being taken by the government. And given directly to their ex-spouse. In order to pay child support. In fact, divorce lawyer Edmonton says many people claim that the maintenance enforcement program can be a living hell to be involved in.

Which should make many parents reconsider skipping their child support payments. However, if the reason why a parent is skipping out on their child support payment. Is because they have lost their job and can no longer make payments.

Or if they have a different job that has less pay. They can go to court or talk to a lawyer about what they need to do. In order to get their child support payments reduced legally. So they do not have to face these serious consequences.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Common Misconceptions About Child Support

There are many things that parents who are divorcing need to keep in mind says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And because of that, there can be a lot of confusion about child support payments. There is also a lot of misinformation floating around about this requirement.

And it is very important that both parents understand the truth behind child support. So that they can ensure that they are both helping take responsibility for the life that they created. And that they are following the law by doing so.

One important thing for people to keep in mind. Is regardless of if they see their children. And even if they do not want to see their children. They still have to pay child support. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says the reason why.

People who may not want to have anything to do with their children. Still must pay child support. Is because the child support has everything to do with the life that they created. And taking responsibility for supporting that life.

Then it is about supporting their ex. Which is why even if people do not have a desire to see their child. They are still required by law to pay child support to their exes significant other. Another misconception that many people have about child support.

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Is if there ex makes more money than they do. And they have the children more often than they do. They do not have to pay child support. This is absolutely not true. And regardless of income. The parent that has the children more often. Is the receiver of the child support.

And that the child support payments are going to be based on how much money the noncustodial parent makes in income. Therefore, even if their ex makes more money than they do. They will still be required to pay a certain amount of child support.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says that the amount of child support that they can be expected to pay. Can be calculated using an online child support calculator. In order to give people a general idea. About how much child support payments should expect to make.

Another misconception about child support. Is that they only have to pay until their child is eighteen years of age. And then they can stop payments. This is not true. And in fact, people can find out this information by reading the Alberta family Law act or the divorce act.

Which both specifies when support needs to continue to be paid for children over eighteen. Such as if a child attends post secondary institutions. Such as universities, colleges, or trade schools. Or, if they are still reliance on a parent for a specific reason.

And in some cases, parents will pay for their child until they are twenty-three years old. If parents are wondering if there is circumstance that applies to their child. They should contact to divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to get specific advice about their own circumstances.