Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Meaningful Child Support Details

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Meaningful Child Support Details

Parents never want to have to use a divorce lawyer Edmonton. They typically do not want to and their relationship. However, it is a sad reality for parents. And knowing how to govern themselves is important.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

They should hire an expert in order to help them. Through the sometimes difficult or confusing legal system. In order to ensure that they are not only. Getting their rights met. But the rights of their child.

Child support is the legal mechanism. Used by courts in Alberta. To ensure that children have both of the parents. Contribute, financially to their bringing. It is the right of the child to have both parents contribute to their life.

Another thing that parents need to keep in mind. Is that because it is the right of their child. To have both contribute to their child’s life. Under no circumstances can they ever waive their child support payments.

Even if parents agree with each other that it does not need to be paid. Or if they think that it is too much of a burden for one parent. They simply need to keep in mind. That this is how they can prove. To the court, and their child.

That they are both maintaining their parental responsibility. If one parent withholds access. It does not give the other the right to withhold child support. And the opposite is true.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says it is very important that parents keep in mind. That the court system looks at access. As well as child support as incredibly important. But also mutually exclusive issues.

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The court will defend the child’s right. To have both parents contribute to their life. As well as right of the child. To be in both parents lives as much as possible. This is why it is often viewed by the court.

As extremely positive for the child. To have as much access to both parents as possible. When parents are divorcing or separating. They must first decide where the children are going to be living. So that child support can be calculated.

Section 3 child support states that. When a parent has access 60% of the time or more. The other parent must pay child support. However, divorce lawyer Edmonton says it is increasingly common. For parents to share access.

And in this case, sharing access does not mean. That parents do not have to pay child support. It just gets paid a little bit differently. In regular child support, the parents that has access less.

Will pay a percentage of their total income in child support. But when parents share access equally. It will be a percentage of the difference between the two parents income. Paid by the higher income earner.

However, if where the children are living. Or income changes at any time. Parents can simply inform the courts with the help of their divorce lawyer Edmonton, eLaw Alliance.

In order to modify child support payments. As long as parents are communicating with each other in the court. Everything can be resolved very amicably for all.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Meaningful Child Support Details For All Parents

Parents should not depend on their memory but hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to understand and navigate child support issues. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about this important legal requirement.

One of the most important things for all parents to keep in mind. Is that child support is the legal function. To ensure both parents are contributing. To the life of their child. Another myth that many parents believe.

Is that if the parent who receives child support. Starts taking social assistance. They no longer receive child support. This is not true in any way shape or form says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

However, it does change how the child support is paid, and received. The parent who pays child support. Will give the money to a government agency. And hold it for the parent who is on social assistance.

Just because one parent is going through difficult times. Does not mean the other parent can be relieved. Of their responsibility to care for the life of their child.

Another misconception about child support according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that it only covers. The necessities of life, such as food, clothing and shelter. However, there are provisions in both law acts of Alberta.

That specifies that child support can be paid. To offset the cost of extracurricular activities. And additional childcare, such as daycare. If a parent wishes to go to court in order to collect but is called section 7 expenses.

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Both parents will be assessed, and will have to pay. A percentage of their income. To the extent that they are able to afford. If one parent cannot afford to pay. Then they are not legally required to.

This can be towards things such as sports teams, art classes, or can go towards. Things like a day home, or a daycare provider for the child. If parents are unable to pay for the entire cost through offset child support.

Then the child may simply not be able to be enrolled in that class. If parents cannot afford it. Under no circumstances will a parent be asked. To pay for the entire enrolment of that child in an activity.

Another misconception says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that child support is done. When the child turns eighteen years of age. This is not true, although the age of majority in Alberta is eighteen.

However, if the child is enrolled. In a postsecondary institution. Such as University, College or trade school. Then they might be entitled. To have the parent pay child support until they are twenty-five years of age.

And finally, if a child is economically. Or otherwise dependent on one parent. The other parent may in fact be required to pay. Child support, indefinitely as determined by the courts.

Parents who depend on myths, and what they have heard. Will make mistakes when it comes to paying child support. Parents can contact eLaw alliance in order to find the truth.