Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Marital Matters

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Marital Matters

Any family matter can be dealt with provincially says divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, a legal marriage. Or a division of marital property. Can only be handled by the highest court in Canada.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

This is known as federal court, or the Court of Queen’s bench. And while there are procedural differences. Between provincial courts and federal court. There is not a lot of difference, except their authority.

If people are getting a divorce, and there are children involved. That will change matters slightly. For example, for a couple can even apply for divorce. And submit the forms to the courthouse.

We must complete a course that is called. Parenting after separation course. It is available from the federal court. For free, and while it was once required. That people appear in person.

To complete the course, it is now available online. And can help both parents. Understand not only their rights in this situation. But their obligations. Especially, and specifically to their children.

Many people forget about the rights of the children says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And all children have an unalienable right to have both parents. Who created them, remain financially supporting them until they are of legal age.

Or, until the court determines. That they no longer need legal support from their parents. This could mean says divorce lawyer Edmonton that they receive support. As long as they are enrolled in any kind of post secondary institution.

Whether that is a university course, a college course. Or even trade school, and as long as they are enrolled. In school, or are doing a program. They can remain entitled to financial support from their parents.

Some courses can take five or seven years. Therefore, if a child is enrolled straight out of high school. They could be entitled to receive financial support. Until they are twenty-five years of age or older.

As well, some children remain financially dependent on a parent. Due to a disability, whether it is physical, or another type of disability. If they are determined to be financially dependent on a parent.

The other parent will be required to continue to pay child support. Indefinitely, or until the child no longer needs the help. Therefore, parents should understand very clearly. That supports is a right of the child.

Once they have completed the parenting after separation course. They can file their application and affidavits through the court system. Again, if they hire their own divorce lawyer, they will do this on the parents behalf.

However, parents do not need to have their own divorce lawyer Edmonton representation. They can fill out the forms. And create their own affidavit themselves. And appear in court themselves in order to obtain a divorce.

If they are representing themselves. They can access free legal help. Called duty counsel, where people will have access to a lawyer. On the day that they appear in court. This is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

And can help people who cannot afford a lawyer. Get what they need, and have a great argument. And know what their next steps are.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Marital Matters Pertaining To Divorce

Nobody wants to need a divorce lawyer Edmonton. And for many, it is a last resort. When their communication with their former spouse. Breaks down to the point where they cannot resolve issues.

Divorce is truly a last resort. And while marriage is a legal entity. That people enter into, it is granted. By Canada’s highest court, the court of Queen’s bench. And thus, can only be undone. By the same court.

While all other family matters, such as parenting matters, child support. And spousal support matters can be handled by either the provincial court or federal court. Legal marriage, and a division of marital property.

Can only be handled by the court of Queen’s bench. Typically, people will hire their own divorce lawyer Edmonton to help them obtain a divorce. However, this is not always necessary. It can be very beneficial.

Because lawyers will be able to do things like fill out forms. And appear in court, whether it is provincial court. Or a court of Queen’s bench. On behalf of their clients. In fact, if people have their own lawyers.

They typically will never need to see the inside of a courtroom. However, there are many reasons why people do not have their own divorce lawyer Edmonton. They cannot afford divorce lawyer.

Or, they believe that they have the knowledge necessary. And they have the time to fill out forms. And appear in court. When people fill out the forms, and a sworn affidavit. They are going to file in the court house.

And then, you will get a date to appear in court. People need to understand that they are not going to be having a decision made on this first day of court. This is literally the first appearance, while the judge will simply hear the matter.

People will get perhaps five or ten minutes with the judge. To listen to what they want. And are not going to have a decision granted on the first day. The judge will typically agree that this is something that should be dealt with by the court.

And progress it through the court system. Or, they will dismiss it entirely. This first court appearance should be considered more of a triage, figure out what people are looking for.

And then decide on the next appropriate steps. There are several procedures that need to happen after that first court appearance. In order to get the matter resolved, and the divorce final.

When the matter is not resolved after the first court date. People can look forward to additional court dates. Where they will be told what day and time they should appear in court.

However, people do have the option says divorce lawyer Edmonton. To resolve their matter outside of court. By simply agreeing on what they want to happen. This is called an uncontested divorce.

And it can help people get a divorce, without the expense of hiring lawyers. And without the hassle of appearing several times in court. This is most ideal, if both parties are in agreement. Of what should ultimately happen.