Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Your Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Your Child Support

Child support is not as complex as many people make it be according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. However, media, and particularly movies. And television shows from the United states.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Have a lot of people thinking incorrect information. About child support. The laws in Alberta are very clear. And people can read them for free online. There is the divorce act, in Alberta.

As well as the family Law act in Alberta. That while both specified. The same information about child support. In these documents, it is outlined that paying child support.

Is actually a right of the child. And parental obligation that parents make. When they bring life into this world with each other. Therefore, it is not something that they can get out of. Whether they negotiate with each other, or the law.

There divorce lawyer Edmonton will tell them that the only thing that they can influence. Is who pays child support. And they can influence that. By figuring out where the children from the relationship. Are going to live full time.

The parent who has access to the child. The majority of the time, which is considered by law. To be 60% of the time or more. Will be the parent that receives the child support payments.

The parent that has children for 40% of the time or less. Will be the parent that pays child support to the other spouse. The amount of child support that they will pay depends on the income that they are making.

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Through their divorce lawyer, parents will disclose. Their financial information to each other. As well as the courts. They will pay a percentage of their income. For each child that they had from the relationship.

And if their finances ever change. People can go back to court with the help of their divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to have their child support changed to a different amount.

However, the question that many parents have these days. Is how to handle the situation. If they share equal access to the children. This is far more common now than it ever has been before.

With children staying one or two weeks at one parent’s house. And then going to the other parent’s house the week later. In this case, some parents assume. That child support will not need to be paid.

This is also untrue. What will happen in this case. According to section 9 of the family Law act. Or the divorce act in Alberta. Which is also called set off child support. The parents will compare income.

And the parent who makes more money. Will pay child support. Based on a percentage of the difference of income between the two. Again, the court is more than agreeable to change child support payments.

If a person’s financial circumstances have changed at all. If parents have any more questions about child support. Or about divorce and separation in general. The experts at eLaw Alliance in Edmonton, would love to help.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Your Child Support Now

Child support does not need to be complex, especially if you have a divorce lawyer Edmonton. However there are many misconceptions about child support. Which often ends up with parents going to court.

One of the most common misconceptions. Is that visitation, commonly known nowadays as access. And child support are tied together. Which means that many people believe. That if one parent prevents access to the other.

By withholding their child. Then the parent that pays child support. No longer has to pay, because they are not seeing the child. This is categorically false says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Simply because access and child support. Our two separate legal issues. It is the parents legal obligation to their child. To contribute to their well-being. Which is the reason why child support was created.

Child support is simply the legal mechanism. To ensure both parents are contributing to the life. If a parent does not wish to see their child. Or is barred from seeing their child, they still must legally contribute to that child’s life.

The best thing to do, is if a parent is barred from seeing their child. Is that they hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton and go to court. They can inform the judge of what is going on. And have the court and legal system.

Handle the repercussions of that parents decision. If one parent decides to withhold payment. Then it is to people doing things illegally, which can result in larger problems for all. As well, the opposite is true.

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If a person stops paying child support. That does not give the other parent the right. To stop allowing access to the child. Both parents must allow equal access that was agreed-upon in court.

And continue to pay the child support that the judge required. Another misconception. Is that child support is only necessary. Until the child reaches eighteen years of age. Which is the age of majority in this province.

While a lot of people. Are able to stop paying child support at this time. If the child remains economically dependent on one parent. Or if the child is going to post secondary, and staying at home.

A person might be required to pay child support. Up to twenty-five years of age, or longer. Therefore, before a person decides. To stop paying child support, because their child is now of legal age.

They should hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton to find out. According to the divorce act as well as the family Law act. What provisions are related to them specifically. And if they must continue to pay child support.

It will do nobody any good. For someone to think that they are done, stop paying child support. And then getting called on by the maintenance enforcement program. Or having their drivers license suspended.

For more answers to child support questions. People can contact eLaw Alliance in Edmonton. For consultation, and learn their rights as well as their legal obligations in circumstances.