Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Your Child Support Payments

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Your Child Support Payments

Child support is required by law according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. And parents should be knowledgeable about it. So that they can act according to the law.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

One of the first two things that parents are going to have to do. When they are divorcing or separating. Is first decide where the children are going to live. This does not have to be a permanent decision.

But it will factor into who pays child support. The parent that has access the majority of the time. Will be the one that receives the child support payments. However, it is more common now than ever before.

For parents to share access. Therefore, all of this affects the child support payments that will be made. And so is something. For both parents to consider during this difficult time of their lives.

The next thing that they will have to do, is disclose their finances. They will get a notice from the court, or through their divorce lawyer Edmonton. That will either read notice to disclose.

Or request for financial documents. This request is coming directly from the courts. And is a legal obligation. To disclose their financial information. Not just to the court. But with the other parent.

This is so that the judge can calculate child support payments fairly. However, some people think they can outsmart the system. And avoid paying child support. By simply not disclosing their income.

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However, this will usually backfire on most parents. Simply because the judge is authorized. To come up with an amount of child support. That they think is fair. A stone the parents career.

Based on the input from the other parent, or simply making an estimate. Typically, the amount that the judge assesses. Will be higher then what they would have had to pay. If they simply disclosed the financial information from the beginning.

Another misconception according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that if a parent is on social assistance. The other parent does not need to pay child support. This is not true, nothing relieves a parent of their obligation.

They simply will change where they send it. Sending their child support. Directly to government agency. Instead of directly to the other parent. If a person does not make their child support payments during this time.

It will definitely trigger the maintenance enforcement program. Which is an organization in this province. Tasked with enforcing child support orders. That have gone unpaid.

As well, parents need to understand. That child support can be paid for extracurricular activities. Aced on their individual income. And the types of extracurricular activities that the child is enrolled in.

If the child cannot get the entire amount paid. Through both parents contributing. Then the child will not be able to enter into that activity. Parents who want to request extracurricular child support.

Can get their divorce lawyer to apply in the court system. For more help on child support, divorce and separation. People can contact the experts at the Law alliance today.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning All About Child Support Payments Properly

When parents are splitting up, they will need a divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to find out not only their rights. But their obligations, especially when it comes to the children that they have together.

Child support is the legal way. That the court system can ensure. That both parents are contributing. To the life of their child. Child support is not considered punitive in any way.

And they laws are constructed in such a way. To make it as fair and equitable as possible. So that parents can contribute to their child’s life. Without significantly impacting their finances negatively.

However, many parents want to avoid this obligation. And think they have a number of ways. In which they will be able to do so. Taking the advice from divorce lawyer Edmonton, parents should never shirk this important responsibility.

It will result in a lot of legal problems. And unnecessary court dates on all sides. One of the first things that some parents believe. Is that if they leave the country, there is virtually no way.

To enforce child support orders. This is absolutely untrue. Canada has what is known as a reciprocating jurisdiction. With many different countries throughout the world.

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What this means, is in reciprocating jurisdictions. Legal documents and agreements are upheld. No matter where the person is. A parent can move to the United States, the United Kingdom or Australia.

They can move to most places in Europe and Africa, and still be legally required. To pay their child support payments. Other countries that have reciprocating jurisdictions with Canada include Barbados, Fiji, Singapore, Papua New Guinea and many more.

Therefore, if a parent flees the country. And does not pay child support. They may find that they are being penalized. According to their own countries punishments. For failing to uphold their child support agreements.

If a parent does not pay child support. But the main in the country. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says it will trigger what is known as the maintenance enforcement program. It is a provincial agency tasked with enforcing.

Child support orders, with significant authority. The maintenance enforcement program has the ability to suspend drivers licenses. Confiscate a person’s passport, garnish their wage. And in some circumstances, seize a person’s assets.

This is why it is very important. That if people cannot pay their child support. They must utilize their divorce lawyer Edmonton and go to court. To inform them of what is going on.

If they do not pay child support for any amount of time. This is now called retroactive child support. And it can go back several years. To ensure that a parent pays all the child support that they owe.

This is a very serious topic. But if parents have questions. Or want to know more about their rights and obligations. They can set up a free one hour consultation. With the experts at eLaw Alliance, conveniently located in Edmonton today.