Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Divorce Proceedings

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Divorce Proceedings

A marriage, or common-law ending, is never a happy affair says divorce lawyer Edmonton. And emotions are even higher. When there are children involved in the relationship.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

There is going to be the issue of access. Who has the children. And where they are going to live. As well as child support needs to be calculated. Both of these issues, are related to each other.

Because who has the child. Or children more often. Is going to be the person. Who receives child support payments. And the parent who has the child or children less time. Will pay child support.

This is going to be based on a percentage. Of the parents income, who is paying child support. Which means, both parents will be obligated. To disclose their financial situation. To the courts.

However, it is becoming. Increasingly more common. For both parents, to have the children. The same amount of time. For example, the children stay with one parent for a week. And then the other parent for the next week.

In this situation, how child support is calculated. By looking at both parents income. And then taking a percentage of the total income. The difference between the higher and the lower income.

Is going to be the amount. That the parent who earns more money. Pay to the parent who earns less money. And while access. Is going to dictate child support. If a parent does not want access to the child.

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That does not get them out of paying child support. Child support is actually considered. A right of the child, to receive. The basic necessities of life, from both parents. When they live with one parent more.

That parent is considered. To provide more of the basic necessities of life. The clothing, the food. As well as the roof over their head. Which means the other parent, is responsible for helping with the cost.

Even if a parent does not see the child. Such as access is being withheld. Or, they do not want to see the child. It still does not relieve them. Of their obligation to the life that they created.

In fact, divorce lawyer Edmonton says there are almost no examples. Of when a court is going to excuse a parent. From paying child support. And failure to do so. Will cause legal problems.

For the parent who does not pay. However, parents that are withholding access. Of their children, to their ex-spouse. Should also understand. That it is also a right of the child.

To have as much access. To both parents as much as possible. So while withholding access. Does not mean they will stop receiving child support payments. It also means, that the spouse withholding access.

Can also end up in legal trouble as well. Navigating divorce, and relationship breakdown. Can be complex. Which is why, anyone in this situation. Especially with children. Should contact e law alliance.

Not only do they have a free one hour consultation. But they can help parents, no what is needed. So that they can avoid problems during their divorce says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Helping Parents Learn About Divorce Proceedings

Nobody enters into a relationship says divorce lawyer Edmonton. With the thought, that the relationship is going to end. However, this is unfortunately a common scenario.

And while there are two acts. In Alberta, dictating what must be done. One is the divorce act, which is used. When both people have been legally married. And then there is the family Law act.

Which is used, when the people separating. Our only common-law, and not legally married. As well, both Law act’s. Are going to cover scenarios. On what is required. When children are also involved.

One of the most important things. For parents who are ending their relationship. Should consider says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is that they will have to figure out. Where the children are going to live.

And that is going to influence, child support payments. Child support payments are typically paid. Until the child is of legal age. However, this is not always the case.

When a child starts going to post secondary institutions. The courts may consider. That the child should still be receiving child support. As well, if the child is financially. Or otherwise dependent on one parent.

Then the child support order. May be extended period to the age of twenty-four. Or, the age that the courts deem appropriate. For example, developmentally delayed children. May receive child support for years.

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And while child support is mandatory. To be paid, it is also not considered. To be a punishment. Therefore, the courts do not want. Any parent to be financially strained. By paying child support.

That is why, both parents will receive a notice to disclose. Which means they must hand over. There financial information to the court. Either yearly, or semi annually. To determine how much they make.

If a parent starts making less money. Their child support order will decrease. As well, if access changes. Then the parent, who was paying. May pay less. Or may start receiving money instead.

A common question that people ask divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is wondering, if one parent who receives child support payments. Starts receiving social assistance. Do they still get child support?

The answer to this question is yes, just because one parent. Is receiving social assistance. Does not mean the other parent is relieved. Of their obligations to the child. However, the only change that happens.

Is that the parent, who pays child support. Now pay it to the government. Instead of directly to the spouse. However, they still will need to meet. Their entire financial obligation.

While it might be complicated. Hiring the right professionals. Will help parents. Navigate the legal system. So that they do not end up in trouble. And both, can ensure happy, healthy lives for their children.

If parents would like help. All they have to do is contact e law alliance, created in Edmonton. They will be more than happy to help parents. Navigate their divorce within Alberta.