Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Child Welfare

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Child Welfare

Complaints about mistreated children, according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Will trigger an organization. Called child and family services to get involved. This is a blanket term, covering the hundreds of agencies.Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Across Alberta in different municipalities. Dealing with child welfare cases. Ultimately, whenever there is a complaint. For example to the police, or RCMP. Even any other government agency.

Automatically, child and family services become involved. Indeed, they are legally obligated to then investigate. To discover if the complaint is valid. And if so, how they must proceed. If there is no reason for concern.

They will simply make a report. Saying that the child is not in danger. In addition to any other findings. Their investigation discovered. Regarding their investigation. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says.

Child and family services ultimately have. Extremely broad powers. To research everything completely. They may interview the child directly. The child’s parents and guardians. And interview all other important witnesses.

Witnesses might be other members of the family. Such as the child’s siblings for example. Or it could be other members of the family such as grandparents, cousins. Even aunts, and uncles for example.

As well, child and family services will interview. Neighbours, teachers, Babysitters and even friends of the family. In order to discover exactly what is going on. Such as the mistreatment of the child

Or, why friends, family or neighbors complain in the first place. They may also enter a home. To witness how the child is living. And the living conditions of the home.

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If they discover that the child. Or indeed any children in the home. Are in danger in any way. The child needs help, divorce lawyer Edmonton says. And how to proceed, is available for review.

In the statute, or the grouping of laws. That actually cover child welfare in Alberta. This statute is called. The child youth family and enhancement act. The child and family services, according to this act.

Have two options on how to proceed. If the child needs an intervention. They can handle it outside of court. Or, within the court system. If they decide to handle it out of court.

The child and family services worker. Can propose a written agreement. Called a custody agreement. Or otherwise called family enhancement agreements. And finally called permanent Guardian agreements.

The most important thing to keep in mind. Is that these agreements are completely voluntary. Parents or guardians. Must not sign them. Under coercion, threats, or any undue persuasion. Once a parent signs them however.

That means that they are now legally binding. Lawyers adamantly recommend that before signing anything. Parents or guardians should first discuss the agreement. With independent legal counsel, such as a lawyer.

Even if it is in their best interest to sign. Parents should understand completely. Not only their rights. But their obligations, as outlined in this agreement.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Children’s Welfare

Many people often wonder says divorce lawyer Edmonton. What the agency is that protects children. While there are hundreds of small organizations. Across the various Alberta municipalities.

Collectively, these organizations are referred to. As child and family services. They are the government branch. That is actually tasked with protecting children. And overseeing any complaints of child abuse.

According to the child youth family and enhancement act. A child who is abused, in any way. Is a child who needs intervention. And a child who needs intervention is one who. Is abandoned. Either temporarily, or permanently.

A temporary abandonment includes leaving the child at home. Alone, or with siblings, or even a babysitter. While the parent or guardian goes out. To the bar, for an evening. If they are gone later than they said they would.

Or they may have left for the entire weekend. Even if they leave the child. With a babysitter, if they are gone longer than expected. This is considered abandonment. In some rare cases, a parent or guardian leaves the child permanently. But also, a child who has not been abandoned. But instead becomes lost for example.

Is also considered a child who needs intervention. Perhaps they became lost during a family hiking trip. Or if they are lost in the woods for example. These children also need help from child and family services.

Another example of a child who needs intervention. Is one whose parent or guardian. Is dead, and there needs to be in agency. To decide who can take custody of the child next.

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Other examples of children. Who need intervention says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Include children who are abused by their parent, or guardian. Or their parent or guardian is unwilling or unable.

To stop the abuse from somebody else. The abuse is categorized as physical. It is also considered mental, emotional or sexual abuse. It clearly describes in the child youth family and enhancement act.

Anything that is cruel and unusual punishment. Either from the parent or guardian. Or that the parent or guardian is unwilling or unable to stop. an Is considered a child in need of intervention.

Once child and family services gets involved. They will either propose changes. In a written document. Or, they escalate it directly to court. And parents or guardians who receive an agreement.

Have three options says divorce lawyer Edmonton. They can either sign the agreement. Or importantly ask for changes to the agreement. Or, refuse to sign it at all. And at that point, a court date is triggered.

Before the court date. There are things to decide. For example, if the parents have custody of the child. Before the court date. Child and family services will file an application. Which will specify if.

If they therefore feel the child. Should not be. In the parents care until the court date. If anyone has questions about child welfare in Alberta. Divorce lawyer Edmonton will very happy to help answer questions.