Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Child Support

Whether parents are ending their marriage, or simply separating and children are involved, they need to talk to a divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because there are several obligations on behalf of both parents. To their child that they have created.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

That if they do not adhere to the letter of the law. Can end up with one or both parents in trouble. Which is why it is very important for both parents to understand what the goal of child support is.

Child support is the right of the child. And both parents must pay for the life that they created. In fact, there are extremely few circumstances. Where a person would be exempt from paying child support.

Therefore, when parents are no longer going to live together. And there are children involved. They will need to decide who is the custodial parent and who is not.

What a custodial parent is, is a parent who will have the child or children for 60% of the time or more. Since there is a greater burden on the parent who has the child for more time.

The parent that has the child for 40% of the time or less. Will be required to pay child support. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says many parents think that this is paying the other parent to raise the child.

And this is not true at all. It is a payment because both parents are obligated to contribute to the health and wellness of the life that they created.

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Therefore, if a parent does not see their child at all. Either because that is their choice, or because there ex-spouse will let them see their child. They are still obligated to pay child support.

It is very important that both parents understand this. Because one misconception that the noncustodial parent often makes. His since they do not see the child they do not have to pay child support.

By understanding why they are still required to pay child support. Can help that parent avoid getting into trouble with the court. Over not paying for the life that they created.

Also, it is very important for parents to understand. That the amount of money that they pay for child support. Has nothing to do with if the other parent makes more money than they do.

One common assumption that some parents have. Is that when the custodial parent makes more money than the noncustodial parent. That they noncustodial parent does not need to pay child support.

This is not true at all. Because child support is to support the life that they created. And not supporting this spouse. Therefore, even if a parent can only pay a little bit of child support. They are still required to do so.

If any parent has any questions about their rights or obligations. They should contact divorce lawyer Edmonton in order to get a free consultation and ask all of their questions. So that they can do the right thing for their child.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Learning About Child Support In Alberta

There are many things that both parents need to understand about child support when they are separating according to divorce lawyer Edmonton. Because this can be a very complex issue.

And while the acts that govern this area of law are available for free online. And they are called the Alberta family Law act and the divorce act. This might be complex for some people to review.

Which is why they can always contact their divorce lawyer. In order to ask all of the questions that they have about this situation.

Ultimately, it is important that both parents contribute to the life of the child that they created. Until they are old enough to care for themselves.

One misconception that some people have. Is that once their child reaches eighteen years of age. They no longer have to pay child support. This is not true for a number of different reasons.

If a child is attending a postsecondary institution such as a college, university, or technical school. The noncustodial parent must continue to pay child support.

And if the child is still reliant on the custodial parent, support may actually be required until the age of twenty-three. Therefore, parents should not make assumptions when it comes to when child support ends.

How child support in Alberta is calculated. By each parent giving their income information to the court. And having a percentage applied to their income. That shows how much child support they need to pay.

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If one parent refuses to give the courts that information. In an effort to avoid a child support payment calculation. They can end up paying far more than they would have.

If they gave their financial information initially says divorce lawyer. Because in this circumstance, a judge can decide child support payments. Based on hearsay from the other parent.

As well as order costs against the parent that refuses to provide income information. Which can result in a parent paying far more than they would have if they cooperated.

If a parent has circumstances that have changed. Such as getting a different job, or getting laid off or losing their job. The best thing that they can do is go see their divorce lawyer Edmonton.

In order to go back to court. To have their child support payments reassessed. This way, they can legally reduce the amount of child support that they pay. Without running into legal problems.

Because if a parent just stops paying child support. Or starts paying less child support than they are mandated by the court system. They can end up in a lot of trouble.

Which can have them using their passport and license. As well as having their wages garnished. Which is why it is important that they always inform the court if something happens to their income level.

Ultimately, divorce lawyer Edmonton says child support is not a punishment to either parent. But a way to ensure that both parents are contributing to the life that they created in their relationship.