Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Laws That Protect Children

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Laws That Protect Children

While most children do not need protection says divorce lawyer Edmonton. In some situations. Children do need protection. And according to the laws, this is called children who are in need of intervention.Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The law in Alberta that governs child welfare. Is called the child youth family and enhancement act. It is a very robust law. That can be read by anybody. For free, online.

However, if anyone has any serious questions. Such as what should they do. If they suspect there is a child. Who is in need of intervention. Or, if a parent has been contacted. By child and family services.

The recommendation by divorce lawyer Edmonton would be for these people. To all get independent, legal advice. And in the matter of child welfare. There are dozens of agencies.

Throughout Alberta that are more than happy. To offer free legal advice. To people who are wondering about the welfare. Of children, according to this law. Any citizen of Alberta. That sees a child.

Who they believe is in need of intervention. Or, they have reason to believe. That a child is in need of intervention. It is actually their legal obligation. To alert the authorities. In order for an investigation to happen.

If it is found that a person fails. To alert the authorities to a child welfare situation. That person can be held legally culpable. For any damages. Or abuse that child experiences. That could have been avoided.

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According to the child youth family and enhancement act. A child who is in need of intervention. Can look like a lot of different things. Including a child who has been abandoned. And while an abandoned child seems very serious.

This can include a parent who has left their child. With babysitter, and is not back. By the time that they have specified. Or, a parent who is left their child alone. In order to go out for the evening.

Even a parent who has left their child alone for the weekend. But plans on coming back, is considered legally. To have abandoned their child. And child and family services can get involved.

Divorce lawyer Edmonton says another situation. Where child and family services can get involved. Because a child is in need of intervention. Is if the child runs away from home.

Or, is separated or lost. Such as wandering into the woods while family is camping. Again, becomes lost while shopping with their family at the mall. While nobody would be considered abusive in these situations.

This demonstrates the depth of the law. Designed to help. Society’s most vulnerable people, our children. However, the law also covers children. Who are victims of abuse. Whether they are victims.

Of abuse, being perpetuated by their parents or guardians. Or, if their parents or guardians are failing to protect. Furthermore, stop the abuse, being perpetuated by another. And according to the child youth family and enhancement act.

Abuse can come in the form of physical abuse, such as injury or cruel and unusual punishment. As well as mental and emotional abuse. Finally well as sexual abuse, in its many forms.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Rules Protecting Kids

Anytime child and family services receives a complaint says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Of child endangerment, or a child who is in need. Also intervention, they are legally obligated to investigate.

They therefore have extremely broad powers. Not only to investigate. But to rectify the situation. Or, do whatever is necessary. Again, to get that child out of danger. However, including removing the child from the parents care temporarily.

However, or removing the child permanently from their care. And stripping that parents rights, completely. And permanently. Also while child and family services. Have a lot of power. Almost any decision that they make.

Needs to be approved by a judge. And the judge, before making any decisions. Will henceforth listen. To both sides, including child and family services. The parents, and guardians of the child. And if the child is over twelve years old.

They will hear directly from the child. And their own, independent. Legal representation says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Parents who are either being investigated. Or are in talks with child and family services.

Need to therefore take the matter very seriously. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says they should absolutely cooperate. At least outside of court with this branch of government. And conversely do their best. To indeed correct all problems.

That child and family services have brought up. Also, are a danger to the children in their household. However, inside the court room. Their own lawyer. Both fight tooth and nail. To get what is in the best interest.

Of the family. However, in most situations. The law, child and family services. And the court system all work together. To rectify the situation. In addition, ensure that the child is no longer in danger.

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But that they can keep the family. As intact as possible. Especially since the law considers. What is in the best interest of the child. To be as much access. To the parents and guardians as possible.

Regardless of exactly what the situation is. Parents need to understand. That this is serious. And getting legal advice. Will be of paramount importance. Even if their desire. Is to cooperate with child and family services.

They will need to completely understand. Not only their rights. But their obligations. For any scenario that they agree to. While most people work diligently. In the interest of the children.

The reason why laws, and government branches. Designed to protect the children exist. Is because they need to be protected. Children deserve to feel safe. Because some scenarios. And some parents, or legal guardians. Do not always safeguard their safety.

And do not do their best job. Protecting these precious children. Anyone with important questions. About child welfare. And about the laws governing them. Can always contact divorce lawyer Edmonton. In order to get free legal advice.

If people are definitely concerned. About the welfare of another child. They subsequently should bring this to the attention of the authorities. And also call, the police. Called the RCMP, or child and family services.