Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | It Is Essential to Pay Child Support

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | It Is Essential to Pay Child Support

When parents are divorcing, they often make inaccurate statements about their assumption regarding child support, which is why it is important they hear from a divorce lawyer Edmonton. About what they actually are obligated to do when it comes to their children.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

According to the law, both parents are legally obligated to care, financially for the children that they brought into the world together. Which is why the child support laws exist.

Parents can read up about these laws by going online and searching the Alberta family Law act. As well as the divorce act, because they are available to read for free online.

However, there also complex, and may be difficult to understand. And if parents seek out help from a divorce lawyer Edmonton. They will be able to ask questions about their specific circumstances as well.

Not only are the laws surrounding the rights of the child complex. But there are also a lot of misconceptions and untruths about child support. And if parents do not get the right information.

They can end up in a lot of legal trouble, because they believed what they heard. Instead of understanding what they were required to do I law.

When parents split up, they must make a decision on who is going to be the custodial parent. Which is the parent that has the child for 60% of the time or more.

The other parent will be the noncustodial parent. And because they care for their child less frequently. They are obligated to pay child support to the custodial parent.

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Even if parents are splitting up and are very applicable with each other. And decide that they do not require child support payments. That is not something that they are legally allowed to do.

The reason why says divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is because receiving financial support is the right of the child. And parents cannot negotiate that away themselves.

In fact, there are extremely few occasions where a court would allow a parent to be exempt from this financial obligation. So it is a good thing to keep in mind, that parents will almost always be required to pay child support.

This is also true if the custodial parent makes a significantly larger amount of money than the noncustodial parent. This does not allow the noncustodial parent to stop making payments.

However, a divorce lawyer says parents may actually be asked to increase child support payments. If the custodial parent makes significantly less money than the noncustodial parent.

Although it is typically just a percentage of the noncustodial parents income that they will be required to pay. And when parents are divorcing each other. They need to provide each other and the court with their income information.

By understanding what their obligations are. And what the rights of their children are. Can help parents understand why they must pay child support.

So that they can continue making these payments. So that they can support the child that they both brought into the world together.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | It Is Essential to Pay Child Support In Alberta

Because of the large number of misconceptions regarding child support, divorcing parents should talk to a divorce lawyer Edmonton. To find out what they are required when it comes to child support payments.

A common misconception is that child support payments will end. Once the child reaches the age of eighteen. Which is the legal age in Alberta.

However, according to the Alberta family Law act, this is not true. Because there are several circumstances. That will require a parent to continue making payments. Even if their child is over the legal age.

An example of this, is if the child is pursuing higher education. And is going to school in a postsecondary institution. Such as a University, College, or even a technical or trade school.

As well, if the child is dependent on the parent due to certain limitations they have. A court may order child support to continue past the age of eighteen. And sometimes up to the age of twenty-three years.

Something else that many parents may not be aware of. Is that both parents are obligated to pay for extracurricular activities. Such as if a parent enrols the child in a sports team, or its them in a music class.

This is governed by the Alberta family Law act. And is considered a section 7 expense. Which states that as long as the fees are in a parent’s ability to pay. They both must contribute to the fees.

However, it is also a percentage of parents income. And is paid proportionally. Which means the less money parent makes, the less they will be obligated to pay.

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Since many parents make the assumption. That the custodial parent is required to pay for all extracurricular activities.

Talking to a divorce lawyer Edmonton ahead of time. Can help people understand what the truth is. And why it is important for both parents to provide income information to the court.

And while it is true, a parent may reduce their child support payments. If they are make less money. Then when they initially received their child support requirement.

However, they are not authorized to do that themselves. And they need to speak to their divorce lawyer Edmonton in order to reduce payments legally.

If a parent produces payments without court approval. Or if they stop making payments altogether. Even if they have lost their job. They could end up in a lot of legal trouble.

Not only can they be taken to court by their ex-spouse. But they can also lose their license, lose their passport. And even have their wages garnished.

Which is why it is very important that parents maintain good communication. And speak to a divorce lawyer. In order to be able to apply to the court appropriately. If their income changes.

Because the laws surrounding child welfare are complex. And are designed to protect the rights of the child. Anyone who is divorcing or separating. And there are children involved. Needs to clearly understand the law so that they can adhere to it.