Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Great Info About Child Support To Know

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Info About Child Support To Know

When parents are divorcing or separating and have children, their divorce lawyer Edmonton. Is going to be an invaluable resource they will need. In order to understand the laws as they pertain to children and child support.
Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

Parents can read up on the laws, by looking up. Both the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. That are available for free, online. However, the acts may be written in legal terms that are hard to decipher.

Which means retaining a divorce lawyer Edmonton. May be an invaluable service. One of the first things that they will learn. Is that child support is actually the right of the child. To have both parents financially provide for them.

Child support is then the mechanism used. To ensure that both parents. Our living up to that child’s rights. And while the court is designed. To care for people’s rights. Rights of the children are considered most important.

Therefore, parents need to understand. That ensuring the children can be cared for. Is one of the first issues. That needs to be decided upon. By the courts, when parents are divorcing or separating.

As well, there are many misconceptions that parents have about child support. And learning the truth, is going to be an important way. That they avoid running into legal troubles. By assuming the wrong thing.

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Something else for parents to keep in mind. Is that the court is going to be hearing from them a lot. Whenever there is a change. They should never take it upon themselves. To agree not pay child support.

Or to not inform the court of any changes. As child support is calculated. By percentage of income. As well as figuring out who has the most access to the child. Any time this changes, parents should inform their divorce lawyer Edmonton. So that they can inform the court.

And have child support reflected accurately in those changes. As well, some parents can get very punitive with each other. For some reason, wanting to get back at one parent for hurting them.

And often use the child as well as child support to do so. The court system is never approving of this. And it is childish behaviour. That actually should be abolished as quickly as possible.

One parent will be angry at the other. So they will withhold access to the child. And in retaliation, the other parent will withhold child support payments. The first angry parent will then inform the court they are not making child support payments.

And then, the parent who did not pay child support. Will be the one in the most legal trouble. If a parent either withholds access. Or withholds child support. The appropriate response.

It is in fact contacting their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And informing the court of the situation. By learning child support is a right of the child. And how not to interfere without. Most divorces and separations. Can go a lot smoother than they are already doing.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Info About Child Support For Parents To Know

The sooner parents can learn the truth about child support says divorce lawyer Edmonton. The sooner it can stop being abused. As well, many people have a lot of misconceptions about child support.

That they have learned from their friends anecdotes. Or they have learned from television, which not only is rarely accurate. But often discusses child support. As it is legal in the place where it comes from.

Which may are may not be similar to the laws of child support. In the province of Alberta in Canada. Therefore, by learning the misconceptions surrounding child support. Can help parents avoid getting into legal trouble.

Because they will not do the thing that is illegal. A common misconception is that child support only needs to be paid. Until the child is of legal age. Which in Alberta, is eighteen years says divorce lawyer Edmonton.

While it is often the case. It is not always the case. And there are several provisions. In both the divorce act of Alberta. As well as the family Law act of Alberta. That specifies when child support will continue to be paid.

Even when the child is no longer under the age of eighteen. An example of this, is if a child is enrolled. In postsecondary education. Whether it is trade school, college or university. Especially when they are enrolled straight from high school.

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With no gap year in between, it can obligate. The parent who pays child support. To continue to pay child support, until their program is done. Since some programs are as long as seven or eight years.

Some parents will continue paying child support. Until the child is twenty-five years old. And in other circumstances, if a child is economically or otherwise dependent. Upon one parent, for specific reasons. Which may or may not include a certain type of disability.

This can also obligate the parent. Who pays child support to continue paying child support indefinitely. Therefore, if parents want to avoid getting into trouble legally. They should talk to their divorce lawyer Edmonton. And ask permission from the court. To be done paying child support.

So that they do not end up with legal problems, if their former spouse. Decides to take legal action when they stop paying child support. Another misconception is that a parent should not have to pay child support.

The other parent is receiving social assistance. Under no circumstance will a parent ever be approved. To stop paying child support. And if the other parent is on social assistance. That simply means that the parent who pays child support.

Will paid to a government agency. And not directly to the parent until they are no longer. Receiving social assistance. It does not mean the other parent does not have to pay.

While there are many misconceptions. Divorce lawyer Edmonton will be more than happy to clear them up. People can contact the Law alliance for a free consultation. And find out the truth says divorce lawyer Edmonton.