Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Influential Child Support Details

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Influential Child Support Details

Many parents do not want to have to pay child support if they do not have to says divorce lawyer Edmonton. But all parents need to understand. That child support is always going to be mandatory.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton

The only thing that changes is who will pay it. And how much child support is owed. The reason why child support is always going to be mandatory. Is because legally, it is considered the right of the child.

To have both parents contribute. To their financial upbringing. Even if they are no longer involved in the child’s life. For a wide variety of reasons, they are and will continue to be. Responsible, financially to them.

Therefore, a parent cannot negotiate or stop. Paying child support for any reasons. Even if they relinquish their parental rights. The sooner that parents can understand this, the better.

Again, the only thing that changes. Is who pays child support. And how much child support has to be paid. This is calculate in both the family Law act of Alberta. As well as the divorce act of Alberta.

However, the sections pertaining to child support. Will be the same for both. One of the first things that will need to be decided. When parents are separating or divorcing, is where the children will be living.

The only reason why this needs to be decided upon. Is because it will influence who pays child support. As well as how much child support will be paid. This can always change at any point in the future.

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And parents should not feel panicked says divorce lawyer Edmonton. To figure out their forever living arrangements. It is likely going to change on a somewhat regular basis. And people can always inform the court.

And have child support changed. Based on who is living with what parent. Once they have figured out where the children are living. At least in the interim. Then both parents will disclose their finances to the court.

If the parent has access to the child. 40% of the time or less. They are going to be the ones who pay child support to the other parent. It will be based on a percentage of the income that they disclosed to court.

However, more parents are sharing access to both children. Now more than ever before. And have equal access, therefore child support. Is calculated slightly differently. Child support will be paid by.

The parent who makes more money. And they will pay a percentage of the difference between both parents income. That way, both parents can always prove to the courts. That they are both should bidding to their child’s life.

In order to navigate this world. As well as to apply to the court in order to make changes. Such as income changes. For living arrangement changes. Parents can hire a divorce lawyer Edmonton.

From eLaw Alliance, in order to help navigate the system. As precisely, and fairly for all as possible according to divorce lawyer Edmonton.

Divorce Lawyer Edmonton | Influential Child Support Details For Parents

Child support is very misunderstood admits divorce lawyer Edmonton. A lot of people believe what they see on TV or in the movies. However, this information is usually from the United States. Which has different child support laws.

It is imperative that parents understand. Child support law in Alberta. Because not only is it different from the United States of America. But it is also different from each of the provinces across Canada.

One of the most important things that parents should keep in mind. Is that it is the right of the child. To have child support paid. In order to prove that both parents are can should bidding financially to the child’s life.

It is the right of the child also to see both parents. As much as possible. And both parents should avoid this scenario. Where one parent withholds access. For punitive reasons, or they withhold child support.

For the same reasons. Divorce lawyer Edmonton says it can get there he petty, the parents withholding access or child support. Because the other parent is withholding the other. This is a situation for the courts.

And both are going to be considered incorrect and. Parents will end up with Eagle trouble. If they are withholding either child support. Or access, it is considered mutually exclusive. That a child should have access to both.

Unfortunately, some parents feel that. The only way that they can handle it, is by not going through the courts. They may try to get out of their child support payments. By simply stopping making the payments.

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In divorce lawyer Edmonton wants all parents to understand. That if they stop their child support payments. It will trigger what is known as the maintenance enforcement program. This is a program in the province of Alberta.

In order to enforce and collect. Delinquent child support orders. They have significant authority in order to do this. And can do things like seize a person’s drivers license or passport.

Garnish a person’s wages, and sees their assets just to name a few things. Parents should avoid missing their child support payments. And if they simply cannot afford it. For various reasons, they should appeal to the court.

The help of their divorce lawyer Edmonton. In fact, if they had a lawyer in the first place. They would probably learn why missing their child support payments is a bad idea.

Once the maintenance enforcement program is triggered. They will lose one of those things. Until they can get completely caught up in their child support payments.

If they leave the country without having their child support caught up. Canada has what is known as. A reciprocating jurisdiction with other countries. Each means those other countries will uphold legal agreements from Canada.

Not only will they not get out of paying child support. But the regal ramifications of their actions. Will be up to the country that they are in. And not necessarily up to Canada, which may be a more severe penalty than many people realize.